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Wedding Planner to SBBlooms Bride: Planning a Wedding During COVID-19

A brand new year is here and we are so thrilled for what’s to come! Did you know that on average, 2.4 million weddings happen each year? But, with the recent pandemic and countless cancellations and postponements, the wedding industry is about to soar in 2021. With a prediction of 3 million weddings, the new year will be full of love and happily ever afters, no matter how you choose to celebrate.

In one of our recent LIVE styling sessions, Sophie (SBBlooms’ lead designer) and I, got the chance to meet a very special SBBlooms Bride. Christina Owczarek is not only a bride to be, but also the founder of Blue Mae Events. From bespoke event rentals, onsite design styling, to full-service planning, they offer a variety of packages that fit your specific needs. Christina has helped countless brides plan the wedding of their dreams and now she is getting married herself!  We asked Christina to give us some insight on planning during a pandemic. Here are some of Christina’s thoughts and advice as we start 2021, with lots of hope for the world of weddings! 

“As a wedding planner, my job is to keep my clients as calm and as stress-free as possible... but as a bride planning her own wedding during a pandemic, it is A LOT harder to take my own advice! During these unprecedented times, I've asked myself what I always ask my brides during the planning process: What's most important to YOU? What are the top 3 most important elements of your wedding day? Once we identify those things, we can explore what it looks like to scale down, postpone, or perhaps go in an entirely different direction.

For me personally, we scaled down our guest count to fit the size that was working in June 2020, in the hopes it'll be similar in June 2021 when we are set to wed. It was actually somewhat a relief to go from around 170 to just under 115 guests, especially knowing we could invite even more to watch our Zoom ceremony, which we've opted into doing. The biggest challenge we are facing is the concept of no dancing. For me and my fiancé, the band and ability to dance the night away is our number one wedding detail priority. We have a killer band and we LOVE to dance. Not to mention, our crowd is definitely an on-the-dance-floor-all-night kind of group! Our plan is to keep the band and have the dancing outdoors under a separate tent for those who feel comfortable letting loose!

In addition to dancing up a storm, I personally wanted touches of who we are to come alive in the details. Finding Something Borrowed Blooms has relieved so much anxiety I had around finding the perfect flowers. From the simple process and cleanup to the sustainability aspect (not to mention chopping the budget in HALF!), going with SBBlooms was probably the easiest decision I had to make. Our vintage coastal surfer vibe will come together nicely with the Millie collection!

Check out Christina’s Mood-board for her “Vintage-Inspired On the Coast” wedding…

It's hard (like, really hard!) to listen to your gut when there's so much noise and uncertainty around the events industry these days. But I am a firm believer that whether you are superset on all of the details or have no idea where to begin, try to take a step back and think about what it is you want to remember ten or twenty years down the road. What's going to mean the most when you're old and gray together looking back on your wedding day? Try to use that as your North Star. Once identified, stick to it! Be clear and communicate it to loved ones that might be involved in the planning process. Hopefully, that can be their North Star too, giving you space to really focus on what matters. Don't let the fluff or what's "hot" on social media right now get in your way. As cheesy as it sounds, seeing the love between you and your soon-to-be husband or wife on your wedding day should be the most beautiful detail of all.”

We couldn’t have said it any better, Christina! We hope all of this advice will help all of our SBBlooms Brides solidify their wedding details, and focus on what is truly important; marrying the one you love!

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19 January, 2021

How Much do Wedding Flowers Cost in 2021?

What is Your Vision?

For those of you who are planning a wedding in the coming year, 2020 has probably opened your eyes to how much time and money goes into a wedding. Use the first couple of weeks of your engagement to really consider what is truly important to you and your fiancé. If getting married at the city courthouse is what you want, GO for it! If having a grand wedding with all of your closest family and friends is what you dream of, we LOVE to see it. Either way, florals are almost a no-brainer when it comes to any type of wedding ceremony. 

And so comes the most basic question - How much do wedding flowers cost? It seems like a pretty simple question, expected to be followed by a pretty simple response. But not so much! Determining the cost of wedding flowers varies greatly from Bride to Bride. Many by the rule of thumb budget 8% of their total wedding budget to flowers, but that rule is easily broken by various factors and considerations. 

So let’s walk through some of those considerations... Are you using fresh flowers or open to Premium Silks? Are your flowers of choice in season or out of season? Because let's face it, if you're looking for fresh peonies or ranunculus in your bridal bouquet during a winter wedding, that’s going to cost you a pretty penny! Will fresh flowers be used for the ceremony and reception - if so, how many pieces in total for each? Will the florist need to install flowers on the day of the wedding or beforehand... The list of questions goes on and on and becomes more overwhelming when you see the dreaded price point.

Know Your Budget

According to our friends at Weddingwire.com, the average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is around $1,500 for small to medium size weddings and up to $5,000+ for large weddings. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is safe to start with 8-10% of your total budget dedicated to the florals. From there, you can work your budget up or down based on your needs.

If spending thousands of dollars on flowers that will end up being thrown out at the end of the night, makes you weak in the knees… we have a great alternative option for you! Something Borrowed Blooms offers gorgeous, premium silk flowers all at a fraction of traditional costs. Our premium silk wedding flowers look real, smell amazing, and are always in season! We are constantly expanding our options of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, floral garlands, aisle markers, and more to rent for your wedding day. Take a look at the potential savings associated with Something Borrowed Blooms’ silk wedding flower rentals compared to the average cost of real flowers:

The difference in cost is  I N S A N E, right?

For many of our Brides, saving thousands of dollars on wedding flowers is a sure YES! But for others, we see a thoughtful compromise. If fresh flowers are REALLY important to you, but so is your budget, consider mixing fresh and silk flowers. We’ve seen countless Brides pull off a beautiful look by mixing fresh and silk. Below, one of our SBBlooms Brides used our Jane Custom Garland to complement her fresh white and green bridal bouquet. The possibilities are endless when mix and matching real and silk.  And to be quite honest, silk florals complement fresh flowers so well and it’s a great way to cut down on overall costs!

Reception Flowers

Switching to silk florals for the reception can also rake in big savings! Every Bride falls in love with elaborate floral installs and lush fresh floral garlands… until they see the price tag. These elements are very labor-intensive for fresh florists, so the cost reflects just that! We’ve compared side by side the potential savings on reception flowers and it’s substantial! 

At Something Borrowed Blooms we’re proud to offer ceremony and reception flowers that rival the rest! Our product line includes a variety of centerpiece collections, decor pieces, greenery garland, AND custom garland!

Our custom garland coordinates perfectly with each of the fifteen floral collections, so you are sure to find one that matches your wedding colors. Designed especially for ceremony arches, railings, welcome signs, and other key focus areas and the set-up is as easy as it gets. Simply remove the garland from the box, gently fluff, and attach using zip ties. Attach multiple strands together with zip ties for larger areas as needed. Our custom garland line has proven to provide major savings within the wedding flower budget and our Brides are LOVING rent and return option. For current Brides interested in adding custom garland to an existing order, simply email info@sbblooms.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

Whew… who would have thought such a long response would be needed for such a simple question! We’re glad you stuck around to learn all the tips and tricks for saving on florals while learning why floral budgets vary so drastically. And hopefully, we provided you with the insight needed to finalize your wedding floral expenses while staying on a budget that fits YOU just right!

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10 January, 2021

How to Preserve your Wedding Blooms

Keep a special memory of your wedding flowers to last a lifetime!

Point of view: You’ve received your pretty blue box of wedding flowers and your wedding day is approaching! You’re overwhelmed with excitement and head over heels in love with the wedding flowers that you never want to return them. Trust us when we say, we get it!  The best part about renting premium silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms is that they will never die and the beauty will last a lifetime. So what if we told you, you could KEEP your wedding blooms! Keep reading to find out how you can preserve your beloved blooms for years to come. 

There are a couple of ways you can preserve your silk blooms. The first option is to purchase your Bridal bouquet. Purchasing your bouquet is easy, simply opt for the purchase option instead of the rental price at checkout. When you purchase your Bridal bouquet from Something Borrowed Blooms, our professional floral team hand creates an all-new silk bouquet, never before used, just for YOU! You can have your Bridal bouquet to have and to hold forever… Unlike fresh blooms, our silk rentals will stand the test of time. Some of our past SBBlooms Brides have showcased their Bridal bouquets as decor in their bedroom or entryway. Not only a great conversation starter, but the perfect floral element to add to your new home!

But, if purchasing your silk bouquet isn’t for you, we have another great way to preserve the beauty and memories of your wedding flowers. Introducing our newest product, Watercolor Keepsake Prints! We’ve teamed up with a local artist Hannah Mason, who beautifully captures the delicate details of Something Borrowed Blooms’ Bridal bouquets in original watercolor paintings. Purchase or gift these prints as a special keepsake of your blooms and to display as art within your home. As of right now, we have four of our stunning collections to choose from. Don’t see your collection? Don’t fret, more paintings are on their way! Sign up for our waitlist and we will notify you as soon as your collection is available to purchase. In the midst of the holiday season, it’s the perfect gift for someone you love...or to treat yourself!

If you’ve opted for a fresh flower wedding bouquet we have ideas on preserving real bridal bouquets too! Take a look at DIY preservation techniques or research local floral preservation artists in your area. We’re obsessing over these pieces by Lafayette artist, Arrie Broussard of Petal Press Decor. She has multiple collections to choose from, whether you want your Bridal bouquet on a wooden canvas, a minimal glass frame, or a beautiful pendant necklace. Simply send your fresh floral bouquet to her and she will create a gorgeous piece to commemorate the best day of your life! 

How are you keeping your Bridal bouquet alive after your special day? Tell us in the comments!

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07 December, 2020

4 Tips for a Festive Winter Wedding


A winter wedding is generally considered an off-season event. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing! The overwhelming numbers of ceremonies in Spring and Summer mean you’d be competing for your favorite venue, wedding decor rentals, bakery availability for cake, and even your beloved guests.

Winter weddings come with many advantages, not just limited to more available choices in your vendor selection. Everyone is better able to attend, for one thing. People are ready to spread merrymakings and focus on what is truly important in their lives; family and friends. As far as honeymoons go, a tropical getaway is much more enticing (and cost-efficient) when you're leaving brisk temperatures. The best thing about a winter wedding? The built-in magical atmosphere of the season, making your design options much easier to finalize! 

We’ve created the perfect outline for things to consider when planning your romantic winter wedding!

1. Choose Color with Care

There are two avenues you can take when choosing your winter wedding color scheme. Some couples dream of a snow-filled white Christmas wedding (cue the Bing Crosby classic), while others love the bright and festive vibe to coincide with the holiday cheer. Either way, there are countless elegant ways to implement both of these visions. 

For those of you who fantasize about a classic white color scheme, pairing neutrals like beige, ivory, a very light blue, and a touch of greenery, will really give your white elements the ability to stand out on their own. Have your groom and groomsmen wear a classic black tux like the one above from The Groomsman Suit, for a formal look to compliment the bridesmaids. Styling our all-white Audrey Collection or Sophia Collection with light blue bridesmaid dresses is the perfect finishing touch.

If you’re looking for a more festive vibe on your big day, lean towards a vibrant and bold color choice to bring your vision to life. Vivid jewel tones like plums and lilacs, chocolates, bright berry, rich wines and burgundies, deep forest greens, and sparkling golds and citrine are just a few to consider. Pair with brilliant colored wedding flowers, such as our Kimpton Collection or the Stella Collection for a bold statement. If you’re still unsure about which silk flowers for rent are the best for your vision, contact us and we’ll help you decide on your style!

2. Food and Drink

Guests will rave about your wedding food for years to come, but only if you do it right! Because it’s winter, your guests will be looking forward to a warm hearty meal to fill their bellies before hitting the dance floor. Choose festive foods like a delicious roast, featured on a carving station with appetizers and roasted vegetables that are in season. Baked puff pastries with brie and cranberries will make even the pickiest of eater's mouths water!

When it comes to drinks, champagne is a given, but including a fun holiday cocktail will really get your guests in the spirit. Try recreating this Sparkling Pomegranate Punch from Half Baked Harvest.  ‘Tis also the season for sugarplums to go waltzing through people’s heads, so a holiday dessert bar is a MUST! Include cookies of all kinds and make sure to include holiday favorites like spiked egg-nog and hot chocolate. 

3. Decorations

There's a very fine line between tacky holiday decorations and decorations that fit just right in your environment. Having red and green Christmas decorations everywhere may confuse guests into thinking it is a Christmas themed wedding. This is YOUR day, not Santa’s. Use various sizes of real Christmas trees to create a stunning woodsy ceremony backdrop. We are swooning over the set-up by Availed Wedding and Event Planning.

Don’t have access to real Christmas trees? Having pre-lit and flocked Christmas trees throughout your venue will make your guests feel like they are walking into a winter wonderland...literally. Sticking with greenery and snow like decorations will keep the romantic feel without the Christmas overload. Add in some texture with wooden elements to keep the mood warm, along with different styled candles and lanterns.

4. Lighting and Finishing Touches

Don’t forget to add that warm holiday ambiance! Keeping the lighting low and moody will keep the romantic vibe going throughout the night. Utilizing string lights, fairy lights, and charming votives will make a huge difference around your food and dessert tables. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll find a venue with a real wood-burning fireplace. It will add that ‘home for the holidays’ feel to your reception. If you’re worried about the cold, see if you can borrow an electric fireplace if it goes well with your decor. Also, make sure to have other sources of heat, such as patio heaters, if your venue can be on the cold side. Having a basket of cozy blankets will entice your guests to get comfortable and enjoy the event. You don’t want your guests shivering through the ceremony and reception! End the night with a magical lightning ceremony of paper lanterns. This is the perfect time for you and your now-husband to bask in the presence of your family and friends and enjoy the ending of your wedding day.

What does your dream winter wedding look like? Tell us in the comments! 

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19 November, 2020

Stop Overspending on Your Bridesmaids

Helpful tips to save money on your wedding day, even with a large bridal party!


Your girlfriends are the heart and soul of who you are and you couldn’t get married without them by your side. But if you find yourself cutting down your bridesmaid list to better fit your budget, we’re here to tell you that’s not necessary! You can have ALL your best girlfriends by your side at any budget.

If the recent trend of elaborate bridesmaid gifts have you stressing, just keep reading! While showing your bridesmaids that you appreciate and value their friendship with a little gift is very thoughtful, don’t let this Pinterest inspired trend spiral your budget out of control!  Because let's face it, your true girlfriends will be by your side under any circumstances. Stress no more! We’ve created a few budget-friendly ways you and your bridesmaids can save money during your wedding planning journey. 


Asking your girlfriends to be your bridesmaids is the perfect time to reflect on your friendship, and why you chose them to be a part of your special day! With that being said, DIY personalized bridesmaid gift boxes are the easiest and most cost-effective way to go. Purchase personalized gift boxes like the one below from ModParty on Etsy for just $10 (your girls will keep these forever). Drop-in a cute little champagne bottle, wedding necessities such as bobby pins and stain removing wipes, an inexpensive candle, and you’re all set! Including a sweet hand-written note will give the gift that personal touch and they will appreciate for years to come. 

Pro-tip: Getting all of your bridesmaids together for a girl’s night, is a foolproof way to ask them all at the same time!

@ModParty -- Etsy


If you’ve been a bridesmaid before, you may understand the anxiety of waiting to hear how much your dress is going to cost. As much as we all love a stunning designer dress, it may take months to save up for this one-time-wear. Luckily, there are cost-effective alternatives that can be just as lovely. David’s Bridal offers countless on-trend bridesmaid dresses for every budget. Try selecting coordinating bridesmaids dresses in different colors and style options so that your girls select the dress that they will feel most beautiful and comfortable in while staying within a budget that is reasonable for them. This gives your girls the freedom to choose the dress they like the best, and the one they can comfortably afford too. Don’t forget to take into consideration alterations, undergarments, and matching jewelry, which can also add up quickly!

Cut hair and makeup costs by having your bridesmaids do their own or each other's hair. Odds are, someone in your bridal party is a hair and makeup guru, and would love nothing more than to give all your girls a makeover. Hiring professional hair and makeup artists can cost hundreds of dollars, and it’s nice to give your bridesmaid the option to opt-out of it. 



If you’ve received quotes from your local florists, you know that florals will take up thousands of dollars in your wedding budget, roughly 20% to be exact. The average cost of a fresh bridesmaid bouquet can run between $50-$125. You can imagine how quickly that adds up for a large bride tribe. Something Borrowed Blooms’ wide variety of silk wedding flower collections, each includes bridesmaid bouquets handcrafted with premium silk blooms by our professional florists and rent for just $32! Opting for silk florals for your bridesmaid bouquets or all your wedding flowers could free up thousands of dollars in your budget. 

Wondering which collection is best for you? Rent a Preview Pack to sample your bridesmaid bouquets to help you finalize your decision. Choose between two centerpieces or two bridesmaid bouquets from your top collections to sample at home. By ordering a preview pack, you’ll receive $20 in rewards points to use on your wedding order. 

Pro-tip: Ask a family member or reception staff to collect the rented blooms at the end of the night to ensure that they don't walk off with any of your guests.


Tell us, how are you saving money with your bridesmaids? Comment below with your best tips and tricks.

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09 November, 2020

Crush-Worthy Blue & Periwinkle Wedding Inspiration

Let the newest wedding flower collection from Something Borrowed Blooms inspire your wedding planning.

The newest collection from Something Borrowed Blooms is finally here! Meet Millie, a collection of garden-inspired florals, perfect for small intimate gatherings and backyard weddings. With a delicate color palette of soft blue, periwinkle, and creamy white, our design team had so much fun pulling together a dreamy photoshoot to launch the new collection. The final photos are definitely “pin-worthy.” And so, we’re sharing all the little details with you to inspire your wedding planning (and pinning). Follow along to shop the look!


Of course, our inspiration started with the blooms - The Millie Collection! Straight from your secret garden dreams, the featured silk wedding flower collection includes all of spring’s most beautiful florals. Complete with creamy white English roses, soft blue lilac, periwinkle delphinium, and the effervescent butterfly hydrangeas that move so effortlessly with even the slightest breeze.

The full collection includes a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, posies, a pomander ball, garland, hair accessories, and coordinating florals for fur family. Each piece is delicately designed with fresh florist techniques to create the most life-like arrangements for rent.

The Bridal Bouquet is a true statement piece in itself with an organic shape, loosely hand-tied, and right on trend this season. Coordinating bridesmaid bouquets are a scaled-down version of the bridal bouquet featuring more white florals, allowing the Bride to standout with her “something blue”. The posy is a delicately sized arrangement, most often used by the Mother of the bride or groom, or even the junior bridesmaid in your wedding party. We especially love options available in the boutonnieres designs, allowing you to choose a design that best suits your aesthetics. Shop the full Millie Collection here


For this photoshoot, we knew it was important to find simple, on-trend dresses, to avoid overpowering the color scheme brought in through the wedding flowers. For the bridesmaid’s, we chose Show Me Your Mumu’s Verona Cowl dress in champagne luxe satin. A feminine slip dress that hugs every curve in the best way with a neutral color that’s to-die-for when paired with the soft blue and periwinkle color palette. 

For the Bride, we chose a fun and flirty tulle ruffle dress to keep the energy light and whimsical. Show Me Your Mumu’s Fairytale Maxi Dress was a no-brainer; after all, it looks like it was MADE for this floral collection! Models were styled with the most dainty and dazzling jewelry from 302 Jewelry and bridal rings were provided by our friends at Ever and Ever


One word, Flatlays! We know your Pinterest is full of them, so here’s how to create one. Find the perfect stationery suite, drop your wedding ring in a cute little box like this one from The Mrs. Box, add your groom’s boutonniere, and snap away! You can also add some textured elements like buttons, pearl beads, an heirloom perfume bottle, or your own veil to add a little extra touch of creativity and captivate the viewer.

If you are looking for designer invitation sets for your wedding, look no further than our friends at InvitoBella. This heirloom wedding stationery set was custom designed to replicate the breathtaking essence of our Millie Collection.


Our setting for the photoshoot was in-studio, however, any backyard backdrop would be the perfect setting to recreate this dreamy look. And creating a charming and inviting ceremony location has never been easier with our custom garlands. Our garlands can be used as arch decor and later transform into a beautiful tablescape for the reception, saving you time and money. If you read our last blog post, you know how simple it is to create a stunning ceremony backdrop!

Here we used our copper pipe arch and attached the Millie garland with zip ties. From there, we hung a few of our new Gold Mesh Lanterns with clear fishing wire to create a floating effect. When you’re done saying your ‘I do’s’, simply have someone move the garland to your sweetheart table, lay it straight across, and let the excess hang off the edge for a beautiful drape of florals.

These two Bennet high boy tables from Pure Vintage Rentals were pushed together to create a longer high boy table look. We incorporated our marble taper holders and marble bullet taper holders to add texture and height, along with Target’s Melamine dinner plates in Bamboo to add contrast. We also pulled in blue-tinted glassware to compliment the glass-look of the chairs and accented the tablescape with butterflies to really bring in the English garden feel. 

We hope our newest collection has inspired your wedding planning. For a more in-depth guide on everything we used for this shoot, check out our Millie Pinterest board. Visit our Youtube Channel for a Millie Collection review as well! And for more inspiration, browse all of our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration!

13 October, 2020

How to Create a Picture-Perfect Ceremony Backdrop

Photo: @theresaelizabethphoto

Budget-friendly wedding ceremony backdrops for the alter or any ceremony location

If you’ve selected your ceremony location, it’s time to start thinking of how you will decorate the space. The ceremony location is the focal point of the wedding, and it’s also one of the most photographed locations of your day. Whether you're planning an intimate backyard wedding or an elaborate formal affair, you’ll want to ensure you have a picture-perfect ceremony backdrop as you say your ‘I do’s'.

But by now, you’re probably far enough into the wedding planning process to feel your budget caving in on you, and there are still a few final touches needed to bring your full vision to life. Good news -- We’re here to tell you that beautiful ceremony backdrops can be affordable and simple too... Let us share a few ideas with you!


If you're having an outdoor ceremony, it’s easy to get by with a simple understated backdrop and rely on nature to bring the rest of the beauty. But, you’ll still want a focal point to mark the ceremony location.

To create a simple, low budget arch that fits perfectly in the great outdoors, you’ll need just a few pieces of 2x4 wood, a hammer, and nails from your local hardware store. Create a triangle formed arch to the height of your liking and attach additional 2X4  legs on each end to support the structure from toppling over. Supplies will run you no more than $50. Then dress up the wooden structure with a few florals to coordinate with your wedding party flowers and your all set! 

Take a look at this inspiration from past Something Borrowed Blooms Bride. She used our Taylor Collection Aisle markers and pampas grass from her local craft store to bring her vision to life. To get this look, you can rent two Taylor Aisle Markers for just $15 each and attach to your wooden arch structure using clear zip ties. 


Many Brides that choose an indoor ceremony have an existing structure in place that simply needs a little dressing up. Using flowers and decor can add to the beauty that’s already in place. You can choose to work with a local florist for a full fresh flower install that’s sure to be stunning! But if you’re looking for something equally as beautiful but more practical in the budget, consider renting silk floral garland!

Photo: @theresaelizabethphoto

Our line of custom silk floral garlands start at just $45 and are effortless to install. They arrive to you in one piece and are ready to be hung wherever you wish with the help of zip-ties. They look PERFECT on church alters like this one above, fireplace mantles, spiral staircases, and so much more! Let your imagination wander with these simple yet stunning garlands that coordinate with each of our 14 collections.


You can essentially turn any space into a ceremony backdrop with piping and drapes! Using a pipe and drape background will provide the framework and focal point needed for a ceremony, even if the space is non-traditional or undefined. 

If a pipe and drape ceremony background fits your needs, we recommend renting from our friends at Rent My Wedding. Arch rentals start at just $119 for a 5-day rental and include everything you need - frame and drapes! These arches are adjustable up to 12ft wide and 10ft tall and include drapes that are wrinkle-free. Set-up is simple and easy and can be completed in 10 minutes or less. Simply pop up 2 tripods, attach a crossbar, and add the drapes. Slide the tripod up to your desired height and you’re all set!

You can also enhance the look by adding floral garlands around the perimeter of your frame or draped within the curtain. Pictured you’ll see two Charlotte Garland strands draped with the curtains to create a beautiful ceremony space. 

For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration


The SBBlooms Team

29 September, 2020

5 Ways to Save Money and Still Get Your Dream Wedding

With COVID-19 still lingering, it's hard to plan that perfect wedding day you've always imagined. Brides are trying on wedding dresses with family members attending via Zoom, going to cake tastings while juggling masks and hand sanitizer, and making deposits on venues they hope won't be closed down by the time their special day arrives. 

It’s been a STRESSFUL season, to say the least! No wonder a lot of couples are choosing the double wedding experience. They’re getting married now in a smaller ceremony and opting for the big reception later on. Double weddings, though, can up the cost even more than you might think, even if you keep the first one relatively simple. If you’re already on a budget, COVID can make it even tougher.

But you can still have your dream wedding if you remember what you want most of all. Write down everything you want at your wedding, noting which items are on the top of the list. If you long to splurge on a massive cake, then be prepared to streamline somewhere else. If you can't get your dream dress out of your mind, then look for ways to cut corners in other places. However, there are lots of inexpensive options if you look for them, and you won’t feel deprived.

There’s a surprising number of ways to cut costs and still have that dazzling day you deserve! We think you know where we’ll start…


With Something Borrowed Blooms, own your memories but rent the flowers for your wedding day. Our beautiful bouquets look real and have a delightful, delicate scent... Instead of settling for expensive fresh flowers that aren't even close to what you envisioned, borrow on-trend silk arrangements that create stunning photographs and will satisfy your wedding daydreams. Then return the flowers in the pre-paid box we provide for you. It's that easy!

Centerpieces, garlands, bouquets, boutonnieres - we have EVERYTHING you need. Review our collections and order your own preview pack to see for yourself!


A traditional sit-down dinner can be lovely, but there are other, less pricey options equally as charming. A buffet is generally less expensive and requires little staff on hand. You can provide a full dinner, an array of fancy salads, or an elegant line of hor d'oeuvres. 

Another super-popular option right now is food stations. They can fit with any theme or decor, depending on what you choose, and they also can make adorable backdrops for pictures. We've seen pretzel bars with various dipping sauces, donuts, savory pies, candy stations, and charcuterie grazing tables. 

Another bonus is you won't need quite so many tables and you'll have more time for mingling, dancing, or other activities that are important to you. 

Whatever food you love and want to share with friends and family will be a good choice. You can also gear the food bar to your story as a couple. Did you meet in a class learning to speak Italian? Then, by all means, go with an Italian theme. Are you having a beach wedding? Then seafood salads and hors d'oeuvres might be ideal, though a few non-seafood options would be a nice gesture for those who are allergic. 


Now, be careful skimping too much here. If you have a friend who is a fantastic photographer and has all the equipment, absolutely accept that amazing deal they have to offer you! But don't go with anyone you're not sure can deliver the stellar photos you need to complement your treasured memories. If someone does offer, you can ask if they would please be the second photographer so you can get more coverage, but you can still have your pro. 

Something you can also do to bring down the price is to hire a photographer for a few hours rather than the whole day. This can save you a considerable amount of money, and you still get professional pictures. Here are some guidelines to go by when hiring a photographer. 

Make sure you know exactly what package you purchase will include. You don't want to be surprised on the wedding day or, worse, have to cough up extra money afterward to actually get all the photos you thought were yours. 


Don't be afraid to try on a few different styles. Have an idea of what you want, but be willing to try on a few just for fun. You never know if a style you didn't consider will end up making you look even more fabulous than you imagined. 

To fit in your budget, check out some sample sales and some off the rack options. If a princess wedding gown is not your style, look into wearing a white or ivory bridesmaid dress! Check out our friends at Brideside for some gorgeous inspiration and budget-friendly dresses that are sure to turn heads while you walk down the aisle. 

But! Do not buy a wedding dress from an online source that ends up rarely looking like the pictures. Do some research. Sizing issues are also a problem from foreign countries that don't use similar measurements to where you're from. 

You'll also be happier if you go somewhere where you can actually try on a dress and see if it suits you. Be wary of buying online at all, but if you do--triple check the source and make sure they're someone you trust. 


Instead of renting a tuxedo or suit, you could buy the groom's ensemble for a decent price. If you go for a suit with or without a vest, rather than with the satin accents you find on a traditional tux, the groom can wear the outfit more often. Accessorizing with cufflinks and a satin bow tie will definitely give him that tux look, but he can also dress down for a less formal occasion. 

But if you want to fo full tux, here's a guide to choosing one. 

For a source of quality, well-priced tuxedos and suits, check out The Groomsman's Suit. You will find a great selection and they can help your groom find the suit that fits him, his groomsmen, and their personality. 

Best wishes for your special day and more for your new life together. However you end up spending the day, may it be a memorable one!


The SBBlooms Team 

13 September, 2020

Our Favorite Fall & Winter Color Palettes

A new season is upon us and with that comes fresh new wedding inspiration.

Fall Bridal Bouquet

Fall is one of our favorite seasons for weddings and this year, that’s especially true! So many spring couples were pushed to wed this fall, making for the longest anticipated wedding season ever. But wait no longer, it will soon be time to embrace the wedding season once again with chilly nights and warm ambiance. And so, we couldn’t resist sharing some of our favorite color palettes for the coming fall and winter season.

Mauve Meadows


A perfect transition palette from Summer to Fall, these colors are soft and dreamy, just right for the modern bride. An authentic vintage feel, combined with soft greens and greys with vanilla roses and delicate hues of lavender and mauve. Our Taylor Collection embodies all of these perfectly paired hues and works best with light and neutral bridesmaid dresses, such as Brideside’s Toasted Sugar and Crepe Taupe.

View more Mauve Meadows inspiration here!



A full-toned romantic palette of all our Fall favorites including deep burgundy, coupled with emerald green, muted mauve, and delicate light pink. This color scheme screams passion and warmth with a hint of delicacy. Emerald dresses are high on our trend radar this season, and pair flawlessly with our Stella Collection. To recreate this dramatic look, check out Brideside's budget-friendly dresses in Evergreen and our Premium Gold Candlesticks for a breathtaking ambiance. 

View more Moody Marsala inspiration here!



Vibrance and glimmer are the only two words to describe this stunning color arrangement. The sophisticated mix of radiant magenta and zesty citrine is perfect for a glamorous fall ceremony. Be on the lookout for citrine this season, because it's a trend that's sure to make a statement. All good of course!

The bougainvillea in our Gemma Collection is the perfect pair for this bold and vibrant look. For the perfect shade of gold, look no further than Aura's Citrine. Have your man and his groomsman wear navy suits like these from The Groomsman Suit, and the two colors together are a match made in heaven!

View the full jewel-tone inspiration here!



A breath of fresh air and a cold winter chill, this cool color palette is complete with shades of white and ivory, accented with the most stunning shades of soft blue and caramel. Our Audrey Collection is a classic white collection with peonies, hydrangeas, and roses. We love Brideside's blue haze and soft blue dress colors paired with this collection for a beautiful winter look. Add some warmth with your favorite winter fur and cue the first snowfall...you'll feel the pure bliss of a winter wonderland.

View our full Fall/Winter lookbook HERE!

Tell us, what color combinations are at the top of your list? Comment below. For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.


The SBBlooms Team

31 August, 2020

Heather & Jerrod's Colorado Elopement

A COVID Wedding Cancelation Leads to the Most Intimate & Beautiful Mountain-side Ceremony

After six months of planning and organizing the wedding of their dreams, Heather and Jerrod were forced to make a difficult decision amid the pandemic. Although canceling their wedding was not ideal, the end result was better than they could have ever imagined. In the time of uncertainty, the love they share and the willingness to elope at such great heights was true!

Heather was frantically searching for the best places to elope and came across Sean Oblizalo’s one-of-a-kind Vows and Peaks. A full-service guide, taking couples on a unique journey through some of the most amazing destinations to start the beginning of their life together. Sean takes couples through the entire day and is invested in his craft, “to capture authentic, candid shots paired with gorgeous portraits that highlight the relationship and the landscape equally.”


As a couple who loves everything outdoors - bowhunting, 3D archery, hiking, and camping, Vows and Peaks was a perfect fit. Heather and Jerrod settled on a 2-day, 12-mile backpacking route in the front range of beautiful Colorado.


“6.5 miles, 2,800 feet elevation gain, and almost 5 hours later, we made it to the top. We both carried in a backpack full of gear - mine obviously carried my dress, flowers, shoes, and camping gear. We had about an hour until sunset (exhausted, sore, and hungry), so we put on our wedding attire (Jerrod got dressed outside down by the lake, and I wiggled my way into my dress inside a two-man tent ((not recommended lol)). We had our first look down by the lake just as the sun started to set.”

(LOOK at that stunning JANE Bridal Bouquet!)


“...We woke up around 5 am to obtain alpenglow shots for our vow exchange. It was a quiet, pristine, gorgeous morning for our ceremony surrounded by the most beautiful landscape and you guessed it, our wedding guests, the mountain goats. Without hesitation, we continued our picture taking regardless of them photobombing us. It was us in nature, just as we love to be. At one point we counted over 3 dozen goats including the tiniest, cutest babies who kept running all around us. After our ceremony, we walked back to camp to make pancakes for breakfast and we performed our unity which included the chord of three strands that we built together using branches from a spruce tree to make a cross. After breakfast, we packed up camp and headed back down another 6.5 miles to the trailhead - another grueling hike. This is when we ran into many hikers along the trail who complimented on how pretty my bouquet was - one lady even asked where I picked those wildflowers because she couldn’t tell they were silk.”


“When I first started my initial wedding planning last year, I researched the cost of wedding florals and was stunned by how big of an investment they were. I almost had to decide between florals or having a DJ. Fortunately, I did some more digging and researched other floral options where I read about Something Borrowed Blooms (SBBlooms). When I read about SBBlooms, I instantly said Y E S, this is perfect! And it fit right in my budget which was a huge lifesaver! I knew at the time I wanted a lot of greenery, with white florals and a mixture of texture. When I came across the Jane collection I knew that would fit with my original “country/outdoor” theme. Luckily the Jane fit perfect for our mountain elopement as the colors fit perfectly with our setting.”

“Even with having to cancel my original wedding plans, which included having to cancel the majority of my SBBlooms order, I had nothing but the best experience. They were timely on their follow up emails and assured me that I would get my blooms in time even with having an address change. I have been recommending SBBlooms to all of my friends or future brides who are hung up on the cost of florals for their wedding day. It was the best decision I made and am so happy I chose SBBlooms to be a part of our special day!”

Heather and Jerrod’s wedding elopement is certainly a breath of fresh air. It reminds us to focus on the positive and make the best of what we’re given each and every day. Although their original wedding plans were sure to be beautiful and special, the magical elopement between the two was more than perfect in every way. We hope that all of our COVID affected couples can find this much joy, happiness, and love on their wedding day and always.

Congratulations, Heather and Jerrod!

We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides. Share your favorite wedding details and memories with us below.


The SBBlooms Team

Photos: @Vows_and_peaks


16 August, 2020