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How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Know What You Want

As a bride-to-be, you’re weeks into wedding planning and as you confirm more selections for your wedding day your budget begins to close in on you. And so comes the most basic floral question - How much are wedding flowers going to cost me!? It seems like a pretty simple question, expected to be followed by a pretty simple response. But not so much so! Determining the cost of wedding flowers varies greatly from Bride to Bride. Many by rule of thumb budget 8% of their total wedding budget to flowers, but that rule is one easily broken by various factors and considerations.  

By way of example, let’s walk through a few of those considerations... Are you using fresh flowers or open to premium silks? Are your flowers of choice in season or out of season? Because let's face it, if you're looking for fresh peonies or ranunculus in your bridal bouquet during a winter wedding, that’s going to cost a pretty penny! Will fresh flowers be used for the ceremony and reception - how many pieces in total for each? Will the florist need to install flowers on the day of the wedding or beforehand... The list of questions goes on, and with all of these variables and other considerations comes the dreaded price point. 

Know Your Budget

According to our friends at Wedding Wire, the average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is around $1,500 for small to medium size weddings and up to $5,000+ for large weddings. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is safe to start with 8-10% of your total budget dedicated to the florals. From there, you can work your budget up or down based on your needs.

If spending thousands of dollars on flowers that will die, makes you weak in the knees… we have a great alternative option for you. Something Borrowed Blooms offers gorgeous, premium silk flowers all at a fraction of traditional costs. Our premium silk wedding flowers look real, smell amazing, and are always in season! We are our constantly expanding options of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, flower combs and crowns, aisle markers, and more to rent for your wedding day. Take a look at the potential savings associated with Something Borrowed Blooms’ silk wedding flower rentals compared to the average cost of real flowers:


Average Wedding Flowers

SBBlooms Wedding Flower Rentals

Bridal Bouquet



Bridesmaid Bouquet






Flower Crowns









Flower Girl



The difference in cost is J A W  D R O P P I N G right?

For many of our Brides, saving thousands of dollars on wedding flowers is a sure YES! But for others, we see a thoughtful compromise. If fresh flowers are REALLY important to you, but so is your budget, consider mixing fresh and silk flowers. We’ve seen countless Brides pull off a beautiful look by mixing fresh and silk. And to be quite honest, silk florals complement fresh flowers so well and it’s a great way to cut down on overall costs!

Fresh Bridal Bouquet paired with Silk Bridesmaid Bouquets

Reception Flowers

Switching to silk florals for the reception can also rake in big savings! Every Bride falls in love with elaborate floral installs and lush fresh floral garlands… until they see the price tag. These elements are very labor intensive for fresh florists, so the cost reflects just that! We’ve compared side by side the potential savings on reception flowers and it’s substantial! 


Average Wedding Flowers

SBBlooms Wedding Flower Rentals

Archway Garland 



Greenery Garland



Reception table centerpieces




At Something Borrowed Blooms we’re proud to offer ceremony and reception flowers that rival the rest! Our product line includes a variety of centerpiece collections and greenery garland, AND our newest line of custom garland. 

floral garland

Our custom garland coordinates perfectly with each of the fourteen floral collections, so you are sure to find one that matches your wedding colors. Designed especially for ceremony arches, railings, welcome signs, and other key focal areas and the set-up is as easy as it gets. Simply remove the garland from the box, gently fluff and attach using zip ties. Attach multiple strands together with zip ties for larger areas as needed. Our custom garland line has proven to provide major saving within the wedding flower budget and our Brides are LOVING this new addition. For current Brides interested in adding custom garland to an existing order, simply email info@sbblooms.com and we’ll be happy to assist!

Whew… who would have thought such a long response would be needed for such a simple question! We’re glad you stuck around to learn all the tips and tricks for saving on florals, while learning why floral budgets vary so drastically. And hopefully we provided you with the insight needed to finalize your wedding floral expenses while staying in a budget that fits YOU just right!


Lauren + Laken

05 July, 2020

Summer Wedding Trends We LOVE

2020 Summer Inspiration

Summer will soon be in full swing and we are so excited for a new season! A season that we hope will blossom into positivity and new beginnings for all of us!

Millions of engaged couples have had to make the stressful decision to postpone or cancel weddings this spring (no thanks to the pandemic) and are now looking forward to rescheduled summer and fall weddings. With this downtime, many were able to gain inspiration from the very things they love most... home and family. For us, this downtime at home with our family has inspired us and brought new light to Summer 2020.

And our minds have been racing with countless summer wedding trends we absolutely love and are too good not to share!

1: Backyard Weddings

We hope backyard weddings are here to stay! The stay at home orders may have forced this on many, but it’s been a great validation that an intimate backyard ceremony can be just as beautiful and even more special than any banquet hall. And, most of us have really sharpened up our gardening skills this spring, so why not show that backyard off! 

Bring the inside outdoors, by moving some of your inside furniture outside to create beautiful lounge areas and open up your inside space for traffic to flow through. We make decor simple with affordable floral and greenery and flower rentals sure to make any space beautiful. Use our lush garland to wrap around your pergola and create the perfect archway for you and your soulmate to say “I do”. And when the sun goes down, our lanterns and votive holders will create a moody and romantic ambiance while guests roast marshmallows! 

2: Short Wedding Dresses and Jumpsuits

Okay let’s face it, Summer is H O T and who wants to wear a heavy bustled gown in the heat? Dare to trade tradition for a chic with a jumpsuit or tea-length dress. Our friends at Watters and Brideside have the most stunning dresses and flowy jumpsuits. Our top picks are below!

3: Summer Blooms

Summer is the BEST season for the most vibrant blooms. Take advantage of your backyard blooms and greenery to accent your space and cut down on your floral budget. Renting your bridal party flowers and bouquets will also save you thousands of dollars while providing an extensive selection of florals.

This summer, we are particularly loving bright, bold color palettes and our NEWEST collection, The Gemma. With pops of color from the Bougainvillea and realistic blackberries this collection is what summer weddings are made for! 

But if you're more comfortable with a neutral color palette, Magnolias and camellias are a classic white summer bloom that will bring elegance and a more traditional style to your wedding. Our Shelbie Collection offers just that.


4: Cold Treats

When you’re from Southern Louisiana like we are, snowballs and ice cream are a part of an everyday summer diet. Incorporate a D-I-Y snowball stand or rent out an ice cream truck for a fun way to keep your guests entertained and cool. You can even create your own custom flavor and make it a part of the menu. Add garland and aisle markers for cohesive elements to match your wedding colors and theme!


Best wishes to all of our Summer 2020 Brides. We can’t wait to be part of your special day. For more wedding inspiration browse our collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspo!


Lauren & Laken

09 June, 2020

Just Bloomed Premiere

Top 4 Reasons to Rent Your Wedding Flowers

something borrowed blooms

It's finally here... the long-anticipated blog of Something Borrowed Blooms. It may have taken a global pandemic and a lot of unforeseen downtime to get us here, but we're super excited to launch this floral blog with the hopes of sharing industry best wedding flower advice. From floral planning, budgeting, styling, and real wedding inspiration, we have so much in store for the Bride to Be!

Naturally, our first blog topic addresses the most basic consideration of many Brides after discovering our Blooms - "Should I rent my wedding flowers?" 

At Something Borrowed Blooms, a rent & return floral boutique specializing in premium silk wedding flowers, renting wedding flowers is such an easy Y-E-S for us! We can think of a thousand reasons renting your wedding flowers makes perfect sense, but for now we'll consolidate our thoughts into our top FOUR reasons to rent.

1. It’s Budget Friendly. Traditionally, wedding flowers can be one of the most expensive aspects of a wedding. From bouquets to centerpieces and ceremony arches, a lot of blooms are needed and your favorite flowers often cost a pretty penny. If fresh flowers aren’t a major priority, consider allocating more of your wedding budget to what’s really important to you: photography and videography or even your honeymoon! Receiving your wedding flowers through Something Borrowed Blooms costs a fraction of what you can expect to spend with a traditional florist. Most Brides save up to 70%, which could be thousands of dollars in savings for you. So if you’re on a tight budget, renting is a cost-effective alternative.

Wedding flowers for rent

2. It’s Sustainable. Today's modern couples are wanting more eco-friendly wedding choices. By renting your wedding flowers through Something Borrowed Blooms, you can reduce waste without sacrificing style. Good for the environment and absolutely stunning? That's a double win in our book!

3. You Know Exactly What You’re Getting. Our bouquets and centerpieces come exactly as you see them on the website: beautifully realistic and crafted from premium silk. You don’t have to worry about a florist replacing the peonies you paid for with roses at the last minute; you receive exactly what you expect. This means, no surprises on your Wedding Day!

4. You'll save time! Planning a wedding can be stressful and time-consuming. From setting up appointments and meeting with vendors to ensure your vision is met, planning a wedding can sometimes feel like a full-time job. By renting your wedding flowers online, the process is super easy and can be done on your own timeline! Simply browse the collections that fit your wedding theme, build your cart to fit your wedding party size and décor needs, enter your wedding date, and make a 50% deposit - DONE! It is as simple and as easy as that. Just sit back and relax, we'll ship your florals to you two days prior to your wedding date.

We pride ourselves on our quality and design. Countless hours go into designing each collection. From hand-selecting each and every stem to multiple design rounds and revisions, we pour our hearts into each collection we deliver. Whether your wedding style is elegant and timeless, bold and fashion-forward, or bohemian and natural, there’s a floral collection perfect for YOU.

rent your wedding flowers

We look forward to bringing you helpful resources and tips throughout your wedding planning and we'd love to hear from you along the way! Drop us a comment and let us know what we can help you with! And be sure to browse our collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspo!


Lauren & Laken

20 May, 2020