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Silk vs. The Rest

Premium silk wedding flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms stand against the rest when it comes to cost, convenience, and sustainability.


If you are open to fresh flower alternatives for your wedding date, you might be surprised to learn that there are many options on the market. Most all offer savings compared to a traditional wedding florist, but you might be wondering where to start or what’s right for you. From silk flower purchase or rentals, foam flowers, farm-to-door fresh, wood flowers, or even dried there are so many options! When making your decisions there are four areas to consider 1) Quality 2) Cost 3) Convenience 4) Sustainability.  Premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms shine when ranking quality, cost, convenience, and sustainability, and here’s why!


Silk flowers are the closest comparison to the real thing, but it’s important to note that not every silk flower is the same. The quality of silks varies greatly from retailer to retailer. For example, if you purchase a peony from your local craft store vs. a premium retailer like Pottery Barn or Front Gate there's going to be a noticeable difference. One will likely trick the eye, while the other will probably stand out as being artificial. Other artificial floral options, such as wood, foam, or even dried flowers, have a harsh texture and color which results in a less natural look. It’s often easier to know these are flower alternatives in photos and IRL. If ranking the quality of all faux floral options from most realistic to least, premium silk would be at the top of the list followed by foam, dried and wooden in that order.

At Something Borrowed Blooms, one of our top priorities is to provide the highest quality silk flowers for rent, at a fraction of the cost of traditional fresh flowers. Each one of our stems is hand selected and designed by a professional fresh florist to ensure the most natural color, shape, and design of each of our wedding bouquets and arrangements. When held side by side with wood, foam, or dried, the difference in life-like resemblance is jaw-dropping!


According to our friends at Weddingwire.com, the average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is around $1,500 for small to medium size weddings and up to $5,000+ for large weddings. Typically, farm-to-door-fresh flowers will offer savings compared to the average wedding flower cost, however, this option is still significantly more than fresh alternatives such as silk, foam, or wooden. For example, an average wedding order with Something Borrowed Blooms is just around $500. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is safe to start with 8-10% of your total budget dedicated to the florals. From there, you can work your budget up or down based on your needs.


Many fresh floral alternatives boast cost savings, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into! Be sure to understand if the faux wedding flowers you are considering include design and assembly. Unless floristry is a hidden skill set of yours, you’ll want to ensure your wedding flowers arrive done for you to ensure your bouquets are beautiful and you’re stress-free!

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of our ordering process! All of our products come as they are photographed on our website, so there's no guessing or DIY involved. Know exactly what you’ll receive on your wedding day, no day of surprises here! For extra peace of mind, sample our products before ordering for your wedding with a preview pack! With the option to choose between two bridesmaid bouquets, two centerpieces, or one of each, you can preview our products in the convenience of your own home. If you want to see a bridal bouquet in person, visit our ‘Find Blooms Near Me’ page to find a sample bouquet near you.

Our customer portal allows for edits to your order up until 30 days of your event, which means if you decide to completely change your collection or add and remove a few items all you have to do is log in and make your changes. How much easier can it get?


Any fresh wedding flower options produce a lot of wedding waste. Used for just a few hours and then left to die, wedding flowers are typically discarded at the end of the night. Artificial flowers eliminate the wedding waste, but renting over purchasing is the most sustainable choice of all.

Our arrangements are rented out an average of 26 times per year! Our design team replaces stems as needed to ensure the highest quality standards. Being eco-conscious is the foundation of our brand, so even our packaging and supplies are sourced with sustainability in mind. Case in point, our packaging is sourced from SFI certified suppliers, which means our boxes are corrugated,100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

When compared to foam, wood, and fresh, our products are the most environmentally friendly simply from the waste reduction. Choosing your wedding flowers is a big decision, but we’re here to help. Schedule a complimentary styling session with a member of our team to learn more. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to say YES to premium silk flowers!

26 January, 2022


From Lauren’s Desk | Co-Founder & CEO

Hello and Happy New Year! Lauren here, co-founder and CEO of Something Borrowed Blooms. It’s been a while since I’ve popped in on Just Bloomed The Blog and I’m so glad you’re here too. As we’ve grown over the last few years my role has changed… A LOT! From the early days of picking and packing orders to today, stepping back on the day-to-day as our amazingly talented team leads content creation and order fulfillment and I steer the ship into the future. But one thing has remained consistent; my passion and dedication to revolutionizing the wedding flower industry. We’re still following the original mission to modernize the industry; making wedding flowers more affordable, stress-free, and sustainable than ever before!

This past year has been an exciting year for us as we raised our Series A investment last spring which allowed us to invest in the future of the wedding flower industry. While we’ve been hard at work to deliver on our mission, I wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed for the new year.


We’ve tripled in size this year, expanding our warehouse and headquarter location to 15,000 square feet! With a larger facility, our capacity to serve the growing demand from couples across the country increases. This past fall was a record month for us, serving over 900 orders a month. Looking forward, we’re well equipped and positioned to provide the same great service to over 2,500 couples monthly.

Last month, we shared our new warehouse and office space with investors, partners, family and friends at our Grand Opening event and the energy in that room was high! It’s always heartwarming to have others share in the excitement and see the future as we do. 


Our e-commerce platform is one of our top priorities. It provides our customers with an industry-leading online wedding flower planning experience. We’ve made several releases this past year that continue to enhance the overall experience – 1) Our Bloom Styler, providing a perfectly curated shopping cart based on your specific needs and vision 2) The Customer Portal, allowing for each customer to be in complete control of their order at all times and providing the freedom and flexibility to change and edit their order in real time 3) Extended Rental Options for couples wanting a longer rental period for destination weddings and so much more. But we’re not stopping there! We have many more enhancements underway to provide you with the best planning experience.


We continue to invest in our team by hiring the most talented workforce that shares our company’s vision and mission. We’re proud to be a team of ALL females, supporting one another through teamwork, connection and empowerment. Through our hard work, creative freedom, and pursuing our passions we hope to inspire others through our female-led company.

I probably don’t have to tell you how amazing our team is, because if you’ve interacted with us on social or reached out to customer service, you likely already know this. If you’d like to get to know our team better, join us on the SBBlooms Brides Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @sbblooms. We all love to interact directly with our Brides, providing recommendations and affirmation pre and post wedding day.


There are some big plans in store for our brand and we can’t wait to share more. This year be on the lookout for exciting brand extensions, providing our customers even more to love. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in photoshoots, video assets and content over the past year and we’re committed to investing even more in 2022 in order to deliver the best inspiration and imagery to aid in the planning process.

Customer Service

There’s always a common theme in post-wedding reviews – “customer service is amazing!” And it’s our goal to continue to innovate on the customer service front, by providing more visibility to order status, more convenient interactions with our customer service team, and self-service tools to provide the most stress-free floral offering on the market.  But we’ve also listened very carefully to the constructive feedback received and have used the feedback to enhance our quality control measures and web experience. We’re always listening, so keep the suggestions coming or take our current survey here to provide us with more insight. 

This past year we also rolled out complimentary virtual styling sessions and so many Brides have provided feedback on how it’s aided in the ordering process. If you haven’t scheduled your 1x1 styling session, you should do it… like now! We’ll take the time to meet you one on one, virtually of course, to show you all the up-close details, side by side comparisons and so much more.  

We’re excited to watch 2022 unfold as “The Year of the Weddings.” And we’re ready to take on the challenge as the industry experiences the biggest boom in weddings since 1984. If this year is your wedding year, cheers to you! We can’t wait to be part of your special day!  

10 January, 2022

2022 Wedding Flower Trends

Top 4 floral trends of the new year

2022 is upon us and it’s going to be the biggest year for weddings in decades! With every new year comes new inspiration and trends and we’re here to share with you our top floral trends for 2022. Keep these four trends in mind to achieve this year's most sought-after floral looks as you start the wedding planning process.

1. Color is here to stay - Last year, bold colors started a comeback and it’s here to stay for a while. More and more couples are opting for bolder color pallets so expect to see lots of bright pinks, purples, reds, and oranges this year.

The Nina, Gemma, and Kimpton Collections are at the top of our colorful floral picks this year, but hands down the number one showstopper for bold florals has to be the Gemma Bougainvillea Bridal Bouquet.  Make a modern and edgy statement walking down the aisle carrying a premium silk floral bouquet with lush hot pink blooms.

2. Earthy Neutrals are a close second - Muted hues are running for a close second in the color trend predictions. Perhaps a compromise between the neutrals of the past and the bold of the future. Sunset, mauve, rust, and amber tones will make an appearance as a safe alternative to full color. 

We’re not surprised to see the sunset color pallet again in 2022. The Nina and WTOO Collections are our favorite muted neutral selections. Looking for something a little more subtle? The Taylor Collection will not disappoint. With antique beiges, creamy roses, and soft greenery, this collection is a perfect match for any colour palette.

3. Texture on Texture - Wedding and rental trends tend to follow interior design and with that, it should be no surprise that rattan, pampas, and dried floral elements will be a popular choice this year. You’ll see this trend pulled into florals, along with ceremony and reception decor as well. Don’t be afraid to add texture to your decor.

We can’t wait to share our newest collection, debuting early spring. We’ll leave the color palette as a surprise, but know that it will include all the texture and dried elements creating a beautiful on-trend arrangement! Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group for a sneak peek of the new collection debuting soon. In the meantime, explore our NEW loose stem inventory with select stems available for purchase! Get creative with adding to your collection and creating gorgeous ceremony and reception set-ups.

4. Larger than Life Florals - We’ve seen over the top florals on the celebrity front this year. You may recall Paris Hilton’s ceremony floral install, which included over $100K worth of fresh flowers to serve as the ceremony backdrop. Expect full-floral arches and larger than life ceremony installs to be the focus in 2022. 

You too can achieve Paris’ floral look at a fraction of the cost with The Audrey Collection. Create a luxurious floral install with the Audrey Grand Centerpieces and Garlands for your ceremony and reuse them at your reception to save on cost! 

We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides! Tell us what floral trends you’re waiting to see this year.

For more inspiration browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips and collection reviews.


The SBBlooms Team

27 December, 2021

How to Plan a Wedding Under $10K

Six helpful wedding tips to keep your wedding under budget. 

Although the cost of weddings have decreased over the past two years (thanks, but no thanks COVID), the average wedding is still well over $20K. But your wedding doesn’t have to be! There are so many ways to have a beautiful and memorable wedding day without going into debt or overextending you and your family. 

Before setting your budget, we always recommend making a list of your top priorities - your non-negotiables that you know will make your day just as you’ve dreamed. Once your list is defined, then you can start to shift your budget in other areas to ensure your top priorities get the appropriate share of the budget for your wedding. For every couple, those non-negotiables look different. If you’re set on the perfect venue, then scale back on your guest list to make it happen. Or if having a large guest list is what your heart desires, then get creative with the catering and bar set up. 

We’ve outlined a few of our favorite tips for keeping a wedding within a $10K budget, but give yourself permission to splurge in some areas and save where you can. It’s all about the balance.

Tip No. 1 

Opt for a small backyard ceremony

This is by far the most effective way to drastically reduce your spend since the venue is always the biggest ticket item for the wedding day. Think about unconventional venues, like the home of a family member or friend or a unique AirBnB. COVID has definitely shown us all how special and absolutely beautiful a well-planned backyard wedding can be. If your guest list is already on the small side, this might be a great option for you.

wedding flowers

Reserve the backyard for a beautiful ceremony space. Guests can transition inside for cocktail hour as the backyard is transformed into a reception space. Be sure to hire a caterer and day of coordinator that can accommodate the flipping of the space, while you and your guests enjoy. 

Tip No. 2 

Trade fresh flowers for faux rentals 

We may be a little biassed on this one, but premium silk floral rentals are another great way to pull in major savings in the wedding budget. And it just makes perfect sense, because fresh flowers die... DIE! Used for just a few hours or sometimes even minutes and never touched again for the rest of the reception. By renting silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms for the ceremony and reception you’ll save thousands of dollars in your overall wedding budget without having to sacrifice on quality or style. Our premium silk flowers are guaranteed to be picture perfect and most wedding guests don’t know the difference!

Wedding flowers

Choose from over 15 floral collections that include bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, aisle markers, garland, floral hair accessories, even decor! Select only the items that you need; no need to stick to predetermined packages or minimums. Your beautiful silk blooms will arrive three days before your event date, giving you time to set up and decorate your venue.

Tip No. 3 

Get smart with the dress

Selecting a wedding dress can be overwhelming - so many styles, materials, designers and the list goes on. If you’re wanting to narrow down your options and your investment, stick to reputable online retailers that offer well-made, affordable little white dresses or even full gowns. ByWatters is one of our favorite brands of little white dresses with a FAST turnaround time. The brand offers high-quality designs from Watters, but quicker and more affordable than ever! They have options for just about any type of celebration - ballroom, courtyard, backyard, or whatever!


Tip No. 4

Narrow down your photographer's focus

Photos and memories are some of the only keepsakes from the wedding day, so instead of skimping on talent, we suggest you narrow down the time with your photographer. Instead of opting for a full 10-12 hour day, stick to 6-8 hours and really maximize their time with you. While shortening the window, your photographer will be most focused on capturing the best images from the most meaningful part of the day. What happens before and after their time with you is typically best caught on camera phones anyway! 

Tip No. 5

Scale down your cake

A cake from your local bakery always seems reasonably priced for most celebrations, but tack the word wedding onto it and the price increases exponentially! Cut down on the expense with a smaller cake for the statement piece and pictures, and have a sheet cake or cupcakes in the background to feed the majority of your guests. Dessert bars have also become increasingly popular over the years and can also offer savings compared to a traditional wedding cake. Enhance your cake or dessert bar with cake florals that coordinate with your wedding flowers for a cohesive look!

Something Borrowed Blooms Wedding Cake Flowers

Tip No. 6

Choose eco-friendly invites

Evites eliminates the waste associated with mailed invitations and pulls double duty in the savings category, eliminating the cost of print and postage! Your guests will appreciate less paper waste and the convenience of electronically adding the date to their calendar. Support your evites with a beautiful wedding website and your guests and you will have everything centrally located, including the responses! 

There are so many ways to save on the wedding day, but sometimes you just need to give yourself permission to think outside of tradition. Hopefully, these tips have helped to ease some stress and inspire your wedding planning. We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides, so please share your favorite wedding savings tips with us below! 

For more inspiration browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips and collection reviews.

24 October, 2021

Erin & Harrison’s Fairytale Garden Wedding

College sweethearts tie the knot at an intimate northwestern estate, adorned in beautiful flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

Newlyweds, Erin and Harrison met in the early days of college with dorm rooms just steps away from each other and studying the same major. The two instantly began a friendship that would soon blossom into love after just one date. When planning for their wedding, COVID-19, like many other couples, steered their plans in a different direction but ultimately for the better!

Keep reading to learn how SBBlooms Bride; Erin, styled the wedding of her dreams using the Millie Collection!

Erin’s original plans shifted not only from COVID-19, like so many other brides in 2020. But interestingly enough, the delayed wedding allowed for the wedding flowers of her dreams with a new collection release from Something Borrowed Blooms! She originally planned to use the Audrey or Olivia Collection but instantly fell in love with our Fall 2020 release, the Mille Collection.

“...The Millie Collection was the perfect collection for us - she is elegant but has enough variety to be interesting. I love the hydrangeas and the colors of her! I actually was able to pick out the fabric for our custom napkins based on the colors Millie used, so everything coordinated so well. The centerpieces for Millie are gorgeous and can stand on their own as a feature piece.  As a last-minute decision, we even used the centerpieces to line the aisle, before moving them to the table.”

(LOOK at that beautiful Millie Bridal Bouquet!)


As Erin was searching for a wedding flower vendor, convenience, transparency, and design were top of mind! In comes Something Borrowed Blooms...

“... No surprises the day of, and you can easily coordinate decorating without worrying about real flowers wilting, etc. I was doing all of the wedding planning myself, so I loved being able to know what the color palette was, what kind of flowers were included and the final "look" I was going to be getting.”

“The team at SBBlooms is amazing! Via the SBBlooms Brides Facebook group and Instagram, I saw how attentive and accommodating they are. I could email, direct message, comment, and someone would always get back to me. They also have so many different collections to choose from to cater to every type of bride. I think a big benefit to brides considering SBBlooms is that they have built a large community of customers, so you can see real photos and ask questions. You never feel alone in the process!”

Erin and Harrison’s wedding was definitely a romantic garden dream. Elegant, intimate, and stunningly simple. The Millie Collection fit perfectly into their vision not only as a breathtaking floral collection but doubled as a convenient, stress-free, and cost-effective wedding decision.

Congratulations Erin and Harrison!

We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides. Share your favorite wedding details and memories with us below.

For more inspiration browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips and collection reviews.

04 October, 2021

Best Wedding Flower Collections to Mix & Match

Create your dream wedding florals with endless options from SBBlooms

When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, you probably have a specific vision and budget in mind. Whether you’re hoping to have your blooms all match perfectly or a variety of different styles throughout the ceremony and reception, it’s never been easier to make your dream wedding flowers a reality.

With Something Borrowed Blooms’ rent and return wedding flowers, the options are truly endless. Couples can choose from sixteen different collections and styles and mix and match products to fit their needs. For some couples, pairing premium silk flowers with fresh flowers provides a great solution for a maxed-out budget. Others love to take advantage of ALL the savings by opting for silk florals for the entire wedding day. Offering full flexibility and unlimited pairing options from different premium silk floral collections, there are no packages or minimums. You’re in charge! Pick and choose your wedding flowers to perfectly fit your individual needs.

There are so many combinations that work beautifully together. We’ve pulled together some of our favorite combinations here!

Audrey & WTOO

Our traditional all-white Audrey Collection pairs beautifully with almost ALL of our premium silk floral collections. With luscious white florals including ranunculus, peonies, and hydrangeas, it’s hard to find a collection that doesn’t pair well. Our favorite combination of all is paired with the WTOO Collection.

SBBlooms Bride; Kaylee, mixed both of these collections for a stunning luxe look for her special day. By using the WTOO for most of her ceremony arrangements and subtle hints of Audrey, the neutral pops of color complimented her gold decor perfectly. She completed this romantically lit reception area with our Classic Gold candlesticks, small and large gold votive holders, small WTOO centerpieces, along with our WTOO and Audrey garland

Want to see these two collections together? Order a preview pack or sign up for a LIVE styling session here!

Nina & Laurel

The perfect pairing DOES exist! Two of our most bohemian-inspired collections used together can create an irresistible, natural look. So much so, that we often encourage all of our SBBlooms Brides renting the Nina Collection for their special day, to incorporate products from the Laurel Collection to enhance the organic vibe. With the Nina Collection having this season’s most sought-after color palette of rust, light lavender, and deep plum, the coleus leaf and lavender sprigs of the Laurel collection peak through to match ever so perfectly.

SBBlooms Bride; Mady, incorporated both of these collections for her wedding reception and we couldn’t be more impressed with how it all turned out! Pictured below, is the gorgeous Nina garland used for her sweetheart table with the Laurel garland placed on both sides with Nina cake cluster stems placed throughout.

Want to see these two collections together? Order a preview pack or sign up for a LIVE styling session here!  

Jane & Stella

A tried and true pairing that’s been a favorite for years! Our beloved Jane and Stella Collection will always be a gorgeous pairing. With the neutral green and white color palette of the Jane Collection, much like the Audrey collection, she goes with almost all of our other 16 collections. But, when paired with the moody marsala color palette of the Stella Collection, it brings to light a whole new romantic wedding flower collection. 

SBBlooms Bride; Angel, used the Stella Bridal bouquet for herself and paired her red bridesmaid dresses with the Jane bridesmaid bouquets. With her bridesmaids carrying a soft neutral bouquet, her bridal bouquet allows her to stand out more with pops of color. 

Want to see these two collections together? Order a preview pack or sign up for a LIVE styling session here!

Which collections are you mixing for your special day? Tell us in the comments below!

Questions about live styling sessions, our SBBlooms Facebook, or preview packs? Reach out to us on our website or send us an email at info@sbblooms.com.

For more inspiration browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips and collection reviews.

19 September, 2021

3 Ways to Get Your Family Onboard with Silk Wedding Flowers

Helpful tips to convince your loved one to go faux over fresh 

We know all too well the stress of planning a wedding. There are so many decisions to make and oftentimes many stakeholders. For many couples, parents and grandparents (sometimes footing the bill) want to provide say-so in major wedding decisions. Let’s imagine the wedding planning has commenced and you're faced with the tough decision of which wedding flower vendor to select. Although fresh flowers are the traditional selection, the budget or waste might not be something that feels right for you. And that’s OK!  Premium silk flowers are just as beautiful and provide so many advantages over fresh flowers. But if your family and friends have different options on fresh vs. faux,  how will you open the minds of your loved ones to what premium silk flowers have to offer?

A lot of people won’t believe it until they see it, but trust us when we say, our blooms are so close to the real deal that even wedding photographers and guests have a hard time believing our blooms don’t need to be kept from wilting. Just take a look at our real bride reviews! And there are many ways to introduce silk flowers to your family to increase their comfort level and support your decision to go faux.

1. Live Styling Session

Couples are commonly in disbelief when they hear about Something Borrowed Blooms, and understandably so! Premium silk floral arrangements that are convenient and sustainable at an affordable rental price? It sounds way too good to be true. 

With our Live Styling Sessions, a bloom stylist is able to show you any product you want to see and help you bring our wedding vision to life. From seeing entire collections to table set-ups with decor products, our team is here and ready to help! Invite your friends and family to join so they can chime in on the conversation and get answers to all the questions they’ve been itching to ask.

Sign up for a LIVE Styling Session here.

2. SBBlooms Brides Facebook

Our exclusive Facebook group; SBBlooms Brides, has thousands of members. It’s a community of past, future and present brides who are always sharing professional wedding photos and thoughts on their overall experience. If you’re looking for honest opinions, just ask and a past Bride will always be willing to share. It’s a great place to invite your mom to gain trust! Not to mention, we’re constantly sharing sneak peeks of new products and collections, giving a front-row seat to all things NEW at Something Borrowed Blooms. 

Join SBBlooms Brides here.

3. Preview Packs

Won't believe it until you see it in person? No worries, we offer that too. You have the option to preview our blooms in the comfort of your home with your family and friends! Our preview packs are a flat $40 and come with two centerpieces, two bridesmaid bouquets, or one of each. Your preview pack is yours to keep for a 5-day rental period and you’ll receive $20 in rewards points to put towards your wedding order of $65 or more. Want to preview more blooms? Order another preview pack and receive $40 in rewards points!

Gather your friends and family so they can share the experience of sampling our blooms too. This experience is sure to get your mom on board with your selections and make her feel included in the decision. After all, your special day is about bringing together those special people in your life to celebrate the future of you and your significant other.  

Order a preview pack here.

Questions about live styling sessions, our SBBlooms Facebook, or preview packs? Reach out to us on our website or send us an email at info@sbblooms.com.

For more inspiration browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips and collection reviews.


The SBBlooms Team

22 August, 2021

Traditional Modernized - The NEW Kimpton Collection

Red and blush wedding flower inspiration, perfect for fall and winter weddings. 

Every so often, our team at Something Borrowed Blooms catches a strong desire to give a little extra love to a collection that may not be receiving the same attention as others. This time around, the beloved Kimpton collection was lucky enough to receive a much-needed makeover.

For this Something Borrowed Blooms original, updating a traditional color palette into a modern, romantic, rouge and blush wedding flower collection was just the inspiration we needed to get this fall/winter wedding season started!

Keep reading to find out all the new details of Kimptons NEW look.

The new and upgraded Kimpton Collection features the same rich red and pink color palette, perfect for the fall and winter months. This premium silk wedding flower collection is composed of lush burgundy hydrangea, red, pink, and two-toned spray roses. Complemented with magnolia leaves and an abundance of seeded eucalyptus, giving it a natural look.

With this refresh, we’ve decided to offer two styles of bridal bouquets. The Kimpton Bridal bouquet (round) is a traditional nosegay shape with added seeded eucalyptus. The Kimpton Bridal bouquet (cascading) is a true modern descending bridal bouquet, perfect for the bride looking for a dramatic overflowing bouquet of flowers.

Noteworthy Kimpton Collection product updates also include the Kimpton Bridesmaid bouquet, centerpiece, aisle marker, and posy. We’ve even added two NEW products to the collection - A delicate Kimpton floral hairpin and a second Kimpton garland, filled with lush magnolia leaves.

Kimpton can be paired with an array of beautiful colors, but our design team fell in love with pairing her with soft lace and blush for a truly romantic vibe. Colors such as soft champagne and blush from Revelry’s satin collection were an excellent choice for the bridesmaids. For the bride, the gorgeous Bradley gown from Watters. A slight mermaid-style gown accented with a lace bodice, crepe skirt, and button detail along the back.

For finishing touches, each model was styled in jewelry from our friends at Embark. Silver necklaces, bracelets, and earrings embellished with opal stones to enhance the overall color palette.

We hope you love our updated Kimpton Collection as much as we do! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.

12 August, 2021

4 Trending Fall and Winter Wedding Color Palettes

Something Borrowed Blooms’ favorite fall wedding flowers paired with the best color trends of 2021.

As the heat of summer wraps up, the cooler months of fall and winter will soon be here and we are READY! With 2021 bringing a wedding boom, it’s no surprise that we’re overflowing with wedding flower and color palette combinations. So much so, that we just released our newest lookbook to inspire our SBBlooms Bride’s dream weddings.

Take a look at our top four color palettes for Fall and Winter 2021. 

A sophisticated palette for weddings in the passing months of summer to fall. With the neutral base of rosemary and olive bushes, the Olivia Collection pairs beautifully with Revelry’s delicate eucalyptus paired with shades of rust. Achieve a beautiful vintage look with the Olivia Garland draping your ceremony arch as you say ‘I do’, then simply move it to your sweetheart table for a grand display. Pair with our Premium gold lanterns and Wooden candlesticks for the finishing touches on this rustic look.

View more Rustic Sunset inspiration here!

A color palette inspired by a desert sunset, our Nina Collection consists of a wide range of coral and purple tone roses, accented with beige pampas grass for texture. We paired this wedding flower collection with colors like Rose Quartz and Desert Rose from Revelry. Complete this collection with rattan, gold accents, and fun macrame panels for a natural, bohemian vibe. 

View more Terracotta Dreams inspiration here! 

An overgrown field of bountiful greenery and a free spirit’s utopia! The Laurel Collection was made to impress with varying types of greenery and hints of dark burgundy. Paired best with rich, velvet textures like these terracotta dresses from Revelry and iron decor, create a truly organic vibe fit for any Fall or Winter wedding. 

View more Whimsical Flora inspiration here!

Tradition modernized describes this rosy combination best. We’re obsessing over shades of rouge and blush with this traditional rose bouquet accented with eucalyptus. For the perfect winter look, pair the Kimpton Collection with delicate lace and satin in soft shades of nude, blush or champagne for a soft and magical feel. 

View more Sensual Rose inspiration here!

Tell us, what color palettes are you swooning over this season? Comment below. View our full Fall/Winter lookbook here! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.

29 July, 2021

Wedding Flowers that Travel

Wedding flowers for your destination wedding or elopement just got easier with Something Borrowed Blooms!

After what feels like an endless year of being cooped up, we are seeing more and more couples with a sense of adventure, and rightfully so! Destination weddings and elopements are the perfect way to reflect your fun-loving spirit and venturesome heart as a couple. But, how will your wedding flowers follow where your feet may bring you? No need to worry,  Something Borrowed Blooms makes traveling with wedding flowers simple and stress-free. And great news, we’ve just added an extended rental option to give couples the freedom to bring their blooms wherever they may roam. Spend less time worrying about sourcing fresh flowers in a city you don’t know and more time making memories to own, with our rent and return silk wedding flowers that are always picture perfect! 


Our new 10-day rental period allows couples to receive their blooms domestically and travel with them wherever they wish to exchange their vows. How cool? Couples can receive their wedding flowers in the comfort of their home with a 10 day period to travel freely across the country, or internationally, and back before returning your blooms. The convenience of a 10-day rental takes the stress of finding a local FedEx away when you’re in an unfamiliar city.


Something Borrowed Blooms ships anywhere in the continental United States and Canada, but what if you and your love decided to elope to a place like Cabo San Lucas? We have a solution! Start your wedding order or quote, by creating an account through our website and selecting your wedding date. Below the wedding date box, there’s a toggle button with ‘Make my Order an Extended 10-day Rental’. By clicking this, the prices on each of our products will reflect the price you would pay for the 10-day rental, instead of the standard 5-day rental period.

Continue through the shopping experience by adding any and all items you desire to your cart. There are never any minimums or package requirements, so you’re free to create an order that meets your specific needs. The check-out process is quick and easy. Once your order is placed and your 50% deposit is paid, you’re all set! Your blooms will be delivered to your door 3 days prior to your event date, ready to travel wherever you go! Need your order sooner than 3 days prior? If so, select your event date as the day you plan to travel. This will ensure your flowers are in-hands before your travel date.


When selecting the 10-day rental option, your total will be adjusted accordingly - twice the price of the original rental period with a special 20% off discount! Here’s a quick comparison to show the various pricing options of wedding flowers.

Although the 10-day rental price is steeper than our traditional pricing, there’s still A LOT of savings to be had. Even more so, when compared to resort pricing. Often resorts have pre-contracted florists for weddings and events, meaning you can’t choose your florist or price shop. Typically there is a set price and packages that you’re presented to select from and at times floral selections can be limited depending on the time of year and location of the resort. Knowing exactly what you’ll receive on your wedding day from Something Borrowed Blooms is a huge advantage for those type-A personalities.


If you’ve been contemplating an elopement in the pink sands of the Bahamas or a breathtaking mountain top ceremony with the love of your life, there’s never been a better time to do it. We hope our rent and return wedding flowers will ease the stress of planning and become part of your sweet memories!

Questions about the new 10-day rental option? Reach out to us on our website or send us an email at info@sbblooms.com. You can also join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.

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The SBBlooms Team

11 July, 2021