Own the memories, rent the flowers


Gemma Bougainvillea Watercolor Print


- +

Dried Brown Pampas Grass (Pack of 6)


- +

Cream Rose & Peony Bundle with Eucalyptus


- +

Wren Centerpiece


- +

Jane Pomander Ball


- +

Gemma Corsage


- +

Charlotte Bridesmaid Bouquet


- +

Kimpton Large Centerpiece


- +

Charlotte Aisle Marker


- +

Taylor Bridesmaid Bouquet


- +

Seeded Eucalyptus Garland


- +

Millie Boutonniere (Delphinium)


- +

Kimpton Boutonniere (Red Rose)


- +

Stella Boutonniere (Burgundy Ranunculus)


- +

Audrey Bridesmaid Bouquet (Hand-tied)


- +

Signature Candlesticks Set of 3 (Gold)


- +

Classic Candlesticks Set of 3 (Silver)


- +

Antique Copper Candlesticks Set of 3


- +

Gold Herringbone Lantern (Small)


- +

Gold Herringbone Lantern (Medium)


- +

Tulip Candlesticks (Set of 3)


- +

Classic Candlesticks Set of 3 (Gold)


- +

Kimpton Posy


- +

Charlotte Dog Collar


- +

Olivia Boutonniere


- +

Shelbie Dog Collar


- +

Charlotte Floral Comb


- +

Laurel Garland


- +

Laurel Large Centerpiece


- +

Shelbie Centerpiece


- +

Capturing the Perfect Wedding Day Detail Shot

Tips & tricks on highlighting the special wedding day details


As the official rent-and-return wedding flower company, Something Borrowed Blooms has been fortunate enough to be part of thousands of weddings and have seen firsthand how important it is to capture the perfect detail shot. While the big moments like the first kiss and the cutting of the cake are undoubtedly essential, it is often the little details that make the day truly special and memorable. From the bridal bouquet to the entire ceremony space, capturing the details in photographs can help to tell the story of the day and create lasting memories for a lifetime!

Here are some tips for capturing the perfect detail photos on your wedding day:

Lighting is Everything

As a photographer, you know that good lighting is crucial for any photograph, but it's especially important for those Pinterest-worthy detail shots. When photographing important details, be sure to use natural lighting and avoid using flash as much as possible. Most importantly, we find that natural lighting is the best way to showcase any part of the wedding! If the lighting is too harsh, use a diffuser or reflector to soften the light and create a more flattering effect. 

We’re obsessed with the way San Diego-based photographer, Martina Micko captured Mr. & Mrs. Zwarensteyn’s walk to their ceremony space. Detail shots don’t necessarily have to be of the invitations, jewelry, or rings but they can also include special moments from the day.


Use Props from the Wedding

Adding in important elements of the day makes for a gorgeous detail shot. For example, use a vintage tray or a wooden table as a background to create a rustic feel. Throw in loose stems from a cake cluster, the rings, the couple's wedding stationery, and voila! An effortlessly beautiful detail shot.

Looking for a more modern and elegant look? Mirrored elements create reflection and are perfect props for these shots. Add a piece of fabric like a spool of Honey Silk ribbon or the veil to add texture. The Bride’s perfume bottle and wedding day jewelry make for perfect filler when looking to add a little sparkle to the shot.

Consider the Layout

Composition is key in any photograph, and detail shots are no exception. Consider the placement of the wedding flowers, the rings, and other details within the frame. Use the rule of thirds to create a more balanced composition and make sure that the details are the main focus of the shot.

Be Creative

Don't be afraid to try new things and get creative with your detailed shots! Play around with angles, perspectives, and framing to create a unique and memorable shot for your couple. Look for unusual details like the bride's shoes or the groom's cufflinks to add a personal touch to the photographs.

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we know how important it is to capture the details that mean the world to your couple. By following these tips and using your creativity, you can create stunning photographs that will be treasured for years to come.

Are you a photographer interested in becoming a brand ambassador for Something Borrowed Blooms? Reach out to salesteam@sbblooms.com to learn more!

Tell us in the comments below, what makes the perfect detail shot…perfect!?

22 May, 2023

A Black-Tie Affair

Instagram’s @mybeautypharm weds with premium silk wedding flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms 


They say timing is everything and that’s especially true for newlyweds; Jen and Kyle Dewitt. Before starting their life together, both worked in the medical field in Vermont without ever crossing paths. With a little help from a popular dating app, the two found each other and quickly became inseparable. Three years after their first date, Kyle proposed to Jen at the very same spot they shared their first drink together.

Jen and Kyle’s wedding was an elegant affair full of beautiful premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms. Keep reading for all the details of their big day!

According to Jen, the planning started right away! Venue scouting was short and sweet as the couple agreed on the very first place they visited; an old bank that was renovated into a stunning ballroom with cathedral ceilings. Jen couldn’t wait to see the space filled with friends and family dancing the night away celebrating their love. 

When it came to the wedding flowers, she had her heart set on the classic and neutral Jane Collection and was trying to decide on which bridal bouquet style to choose. After ordering her second preview pack, she ended up falling in love with the Wren Collection

“It immediately gives off such a luxe look with the neutral orchids and was the perfect final touch to our chic, modern wedding. I just loved how chic the bouquets looked and the modern gold accents in the Wren centerpieces matched my other decor perfectly. The Wren Bridal Bouquet (Hand-tied) has a draping effect that was so flattering on my petite figure and when I brought it to one of my dress fittings I knew it was the one! I was a huge skeptic for sure and never thought I’d consider not having real flowers but when I had them in front of me, it was one of the easiest wedding decisions I made. Rent the preview pack!

Like most brides, Jen had a vision of her wedding overflowing with flowers but not the dreaded price tag that came with it. Something Borrowed Blooms was the perfect solution!

“When I first got my preview pack from SBBlooms I was honestly BLOWN away & immediately thought “why doesn’t every bride use these?” I couldn’t believe not only how REAL they appeared but how they even smelled like real flowers. I was truly shocked and immediately knew I had found the answer to our wedding flowers. I always expected “faux flowers” to look and feel cheap or cheesy and these were the furthest from it. The champagne roses complimented my bridesmaid's Champagne Gold Satin gowns from Revelry and the subtle pop of pink is exactly what I need to bring it all together.”

Jen and Kyle's bridal party used the Wren Bridesmaid bouquets as well as coordinating Wren boutonnieres. To mix it up, the couple used a variety of Jane and Audrey wedding flowers at the reception. 

Jen’s favorite moment of the night? Enjoying a meal with her new husband and looking out at all the family and friends that had gathered together for them. 

“It was so surreal to take a moment together and realize all of these people from every stage of our lives came together to celebrate our love & it was truly a once-in-a-lifetime feeling. Some of my favorite moments were our private first look and vows (queue the tears), walking down the aisle with my dad, seeing all of our guests for the first time, joining the band with my husband as he played a song on the electric guitar (I “played” the tambourine) and our sparkler exit before our after party! Every part of the day from start to finish was perfect!” 

I would truly rate Something Borrowed Blooms a 10/10! The customer service was absolutely incredible. They were so helpful from helping me choose my florals, to figuring out how many boxes and sizes my order would be. I would rent the flowers 100x over again if I could. My guests had no idea any of the flowers were faux & everything looked absolutely stunning. Rent. The. Flowers!!

We’re so honored to have been a part of your wedding day, Jen! Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Dewitt, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

08 May, 2023

Sustainable Wedding Hacks

Plan a gorgeous wedding while keeping the environment and your budget top of mind


Weddings are memorable celebrations of love and commitment, but they can also be incredibly wasteful. So much so, the average amount of waste produced from a wedding is four hundred pounds. From extravagant installations to non-recyclable favors, weddings have a significant impact on the environment. However, it doesn't have to be this way! By making sustainable choices, you can still have a beautiful and notable wedding while reducing your environmental footprint.

From renting to recycling, keep reading to successfully throw a beautiful eco-friendly wedding!

Rent Your Wedding Flowers

The ultimate sustainable choice on the wedding day - renting your wedding flowers! After all, flowers are arguably the biggest waste day of the wedding. Most flowers are just used for a few minutes for the ceremony or hours for the reception before being thrown out. What a waste!

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we specialize in premium silk wedding flowers that are both on-trend and on-budget. We have over sixteen collections of beautiful silk wedding flowers that are recycled and refreshed after each use to ensure the highest quality. Flowers are passed on from one wedding to the next, providing one of the most sustainable wedding flower options on the market. And these eco-friendly florals also include many other benefits including full price transparency; our prices are the same all year long, so you don’t have to pay a premium during holidays, and unlimited availability; our flowers are always in season no matter where or when you tie the knot!

SBBlooms also source packaging from SFI-certified suppliers! This means our boxes are corrugated, 100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

SBBlooms Bride, Kayla used the stunning Audrey Collection to complete the classic all-white floral look so envisioned for her special day.

Rent your Jewelry

Did you know that you can rent your diamonds!? Verstolo Fine Jewelry offers diamond necklaces, earrings, and bracelets to rent for your special day. They understand that buying real diamonds for your wedding isn’t always an option and want every bride to feel beautiful while on the best day of their life. So, they rent out their gorgeous pieces to allow brides to experience the luxury of wearing high-quality diamond jewelry on their wedding day. 

All Verstolo diamonds are ‘100% natural and conflict-free and they use the internationally recognized Kimberly Process to certify that all of their diamonds are obtained using legitimate means and are not used to help fund conflict.’

Shop all Verstolo jewelry here!

Use Digital or Eco-Friendly Invitations

Creating your own wedding website and sending e-vites to your wedding not only reduces waste but also saves you time and money! If you opt for traditional paper invitations, try and stick to recycled paper options. Minted.com has thousands of designs created by real artists that are ready to be personalized and are all 100% post-consumer recycled paper.

Read about Minted’s sustainability pledge here!

Buy and Sell Pre-Loved Attire

Finding an outfit for each of your pre-wedding events can add up quickly! Once you’ve worn it once, odds are it’ll be in your closet for months on end. Our friends at Rowely have created a perfect solution for selling and buying bridal pre-loved bridal essentials for every wedding-related event. From the shoes to THE dress, Rowely has it all for an affordable price. 

The best part? It’s sustainable. Producing new clothes requires a significant amount of resources, including water, energy, and raw materials. By buying pre-loved clothes, you're helping to reduce the demand for new clothes, which can help to conserve these resources.

Shop all Rowely has to offer here!

Planning a sustainable wedding is not only good for the environment, but it can also be a fun and creative challenge! By choosing eco-friendly florals and decorations, recycled jewelry, invitations, and pre-loved attire, you can have a wedding that reflects your values and your love for the planet.

Tell us in the comments below how you plan on incorporating sustainability into your wedding day!

17 April, 2023

Cameron and Matthew’s Timeless Wedding

The Millie Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms stuns at New Orleans wedding.


Throughout their college years, Cameron and Matthew were always friends in passing. Following college, the two were finally at a point in their lives where they decided to give love a shot. Fast-forward one year later, and the two said their "I do’s" at a gorgeous cathedral in the city of New Orleans accompanied by their closest family and friends.

Cameron shares all the details of planning her wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms

Planning for wedding flowers doesn’t have to be stressful! As a former SBBlooms employee, Cameron knew the best option for sustainable, cost-efficient, and convenient wedding flowers was Something Borrowed Blooms. The first step to effortlessly beautiful wedding flowers? Seeing them in person! With our preview packs, couples can sample two products to view for a rental period of four days. 

“I ordered a sample bouquet to try out with my bridesmaid dress swatches and that further confirmed that the Millie collection and SBBlooms would be my floral choice. I simply went online, added everything to my cart, chose my wedding date, and paid my 50% deposit. It was so simple. I liked that I didn't have to coordinate multiple meetings with vendors and that everything was handled so effortlessly. I honestly can’t say how easy and stress-free it was for me!”

Order a Preview Pack here!

When The Millie Collection launched in October 2019, Cameron knew the soft blue and periwinkle flowers were the perfect fit for her whimsical wedding vision. The variety of delphinium, lilac, and effervescent butterfly hydrangea was everything she envisioned and more. She mixed in the all-white and timeless Audrey collection to compliment the lighter blooms in Millie.

“I always wanted dainty flowers and I love the color blue. I had been eyeing the collections for a while, and when this collection was being created, I knew this would be the one I'd use! The whispi-ness of the hydrangeas made them look so real and hydrangeas are also my favorite flowers so I couldn't pass it up. I did mix in a little bit of the Audrey Collection because I loved the classic white. It was such a sweet and whimsical mixture of flowers that really captured the romantic, garden-like vision I had.” 

Shop the Millie collection here!

For the Bridal party, the bridesmaids wore pale blue dresses to compliment the periwinkle tones in the florals. An Audrey boutonniere for Matthew and Millie boutonniere (rose) for the groomsman was a great combination to distinguish the groom from his best men. Other important members of the family wore the Millie boutonniere (delphinium), all for a cohesive look.

For the ceremony, the couple used two Millie Grand centerpieces and pewter stands at the start of the aisle. Following the ceremony, these large floral arrangements were moved to the welcome table with a premium gold lantern and a Millie aisle marker to add ambiance to the space.

For the reception, repurposing the Millie bridesmaid bouquets around the cake was such a creative and easy way to enhance the tablescape. The couple used Millie garland attached to a gold hoop frame, creating the perfect photo-opp when it came to cutting the cake. Cameron also rented Audrey garland to drape on her bridal portrait for that timeless look she was going for.  

“Everything was absolutely perfect! It was so much fun creating my order and seeing my vision come to life as I added each piece to my cart and then it felt like Christmas morning when everything arrived! The quality and feel of the flowers are AMAZING and you will not feel like you've compromised on anything other than saving a ton of money! My guests kept telling me how beautiful all my décor and flowers were and I was so excited to share that it was from SBBlooms. Lauren & Laken have built an amazing company and their collections just keep getting better! I loved being an SBBlooms bride and highly recommend them to any other brides and brides-to-be that are considering using them as their floral vendor! Thanks for everything and for making my whimsical, secret garden vision come to life.”

We’re so honored to have been a part of your wedding day, Cameron and Matthew. Congratulations and thank you for choosing Something Borrowed Blooms!

04 April, 2023

Introducing The Eloise Collection

The newest premium silk floral collection from Something Borrowed Blooms is an English countryside dream

The newest floral collection from Something Borrowed Blooms is here! Introducing the Eloise Collection, a natural beauty embodying the essence of the English countryside. Featuring the perfect mix of wild and manicured florals including an abundance of wild wisteria, a variety of garden roses, zinnias, and ranunculus. The collection captures a soft pastel color palette with shades of light peach, linen cream, and two-toned blush petals. The final photos are definitely dreamy! And so, we’re excited to share all the details of this collection's styled shoot with you.

Let’s start with the blooms of course! 

"These blooms inspire the feeling of strolling through an English garden. Eloise features big, romantic blooms in white, blush, and tea-died hues for a classic but unique blend." 

- Molly Workman, Lead Designer

Eloise features two hand-tied bridal bouquet designs - a full-color option composed of the blooms from the entire collection and a ‘blanc’ version featuring only the collection’s white and cream florals. Both bouquets coordinate perfectly with the full line of Eloise products including a bridesmaid bouquet, two styles of boutonnieres, a corsage, centerpieces, garland, aisle marker, and hair accessories.

Shop the Eloise collection here! And, watch Lauren Bercier, CEO and Co-Founder of Something Borrowed Blooms, give an in-depth overview of the entire collection in the Youtube video below.

Two different looks for this versatile collection only scratch the surface of the many ways this collection can be styled. With beautiful vintage-inspired gowns from Claire Pettibone Bridal, and satin and chiffon bridesmaid dresses from Birdy Grey, the florals of Eloise could take center stage. Accented with stunning jewelry from Embark and Fawning in Love for those finishing sparkly touches.

Shop the Eloise Collection here!

It’s no secret that cake clusters are used in many ways, but our favorite way to utilize these loose stems is for flat lays. Pairing the Eloise Cake Cluster with dusty pink invitations from Minted was a great way to showcase the feminine and whimsical blooms. 

The tablescape is where we found Eloise shined the brightest! We set the scene with English-inspired floral printed china, lace, and velvet for an undeniably romantic look that inspires contemporary Bridgerton. Pairing the Eloise Grand centerpieces with antique silver vases and gold short stands is a perfect example of medal mixing done just right. And the elevated stands provided for a dramatic, over-the-top, floral moment. 

Shop the Eloise Collection here!

Race & Religious, a historical venue in the lower garden district of New Orleans, Louisiana, was the perfect setting for this styled shoot. With reclaimed brick courtyards filled with natural greenery, the space complimented our English countryside inspiration.

Creating a gorgeous ceremony space with Eloise was as effortless as usual, with any of our pre-made SBBlooms’ products. Here, we attached several Eloise Garlands to a structured arch with zip ties while hanging the White Wisteria Garland towards the back of the installation for depth and dimension.

SBBlooms Tip: Line your ceremony aisle with varying size centerpieces for a dramatic entrance.

We hope our newest collection has inspired your wedding planning. Tell us in the comments how you’re styling the Eloise Collection for your wedding day!

21 March, 2023

Shelby & Kyle’s Las Vegas Wedding

Couple ties the knot at Las Vegas Neon sign Museum with perfectly paired silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms

Shelby and her now husband, Kyle, have been in love since the very first right swipe. The two share a common love for Disney, all things Boston sports, and pushing each other to be their best selves. After three years of dating, the two planned a destination wedding at one of the most interesting places in the world. The Remillards said their “I do's” at the Neon Museum of Las Vegas.

Keep reading to be inspired by the most unique wedding Something Borrowed Blooms has ever been a part of!  

With a vision in mind, Shelby and Kyle wanted anything but a traditional wedding. The couple’s top priority was having a wedding that was authentic and a true reflection of their relationship.

“We knew we wanted a destination wedding, and most people expected us to get married at Disney but Kyle wasn’t on board with that. He mentioned Las Vegas and to be honest, I shot that down at first. But, after some Pinterest research, I found our venue and told him if they had our date available I would agree to it. And well, Vegas it was! Our goal for our wedding was not for it to be the most elegant wedding, but for our guests to walk away and feel like it was a day perfect for Shelby and Kyle.”

With a destination wedding in mind, Shelby felt overwhelmed by the idea of fresh flowers and the thought of them being trashed after the event. Lucky for her, Something Borrowed Blooms provided the perfect solution for wedding flowers with cost, convenience, and sustainability in mind.

“To me, florals can make the whole aesthetic of your wedding! I knew my vision involved a lot of floral garlands which could quickly get expensive, and I really didn’t want my budget taken up by florals. Something Borrowed Blooms was the solution to all of my problems. We shipped the florals directly to our planner in Las Vegas who then set them up for us, packaged them up after the wedding, and scheduled for them to be picked up the next day!

I originally was drawn to the Olivia collection, I knew I wanted lots of greenery and white! After receiving a preview pack with the Olivia and Taylor bridesmaid bouquets, I ended up falling in love with the Taylor Collection! I loved the look. It was light and bright and just the vibe I was hoping for!”

Shelby and Kyle honored the most precious things in their life throughout the whole wedding! Each and every detail was uniquely them.

“The small details were very important to us. We included our cats in all the things from the invites, to drink stirrers, to photobooth props! We didn’t use the regular big glasses in the photo booth, instead, you’d find Boston Celtics foam fingers and all 6 Patriots Super Bowl rings! At every table, our guests would see an ornament with their name on it and a handwritten letter. Maybe we weren’t at Disney but we had a character artist there drawing everyone! We didn’t feed each other cake, we fed each other in-n-out cheeseburgers!”

For the reception, Shelby lined her wooden tables and sweetheart table with coordinating Taylor Garland as well as Taylor Large Centerpieces on the round tables. For the cocktail tables, Frosted Leaf Wreaths were the perfect touch.

“I have zero regrets about using SBBlooms. The Taylor collection tied my whole wedding aesthetic together. I was nervous about inconveniencing my planner by sending her big boxes of florals but there were only three boxes, and she had no problems at all! The return process was just as easy with the provided shipping labels and a FedEx pick-up! They were photographed beautifully, and didn’t go to waste after our special day! I don’t know if I would have gotten the vision I had in my budget without using SBBlooms!”

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Remillard from all of us here at Something Borrowed Blooms!

05 March, 2023

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost?

Finding ways to save money on your wedding without losing quality can be tough. Learn more about all the benefits of using silk flowers for your wedding today!


As a newly engaged couple, you’re weeks into wedding planning and as you confirm more selections for your wedding day your budget begins to close in on you. And so comes the most basic floral question - "How much do wedding flowers cost?". It seems like a pretty simple question, expected to be followed by a rather simple response. But not so much so! Determining the cost of wedding flowers varies greatly from couple to couple. The rule of thumb budget suggests 8% of the total wedding budget is expensed to flowers, but that rule is easily broken by various factors and considerations.

By way of example, let’s walk through a few of those considerations... Are you using fresh flowers or open to premium silk flowers? Are your flowers of choice in season or out of season? Because let's face it, if you're looking for fresh peonies or ranunculus in your bridal bouquet during a winter wedding, that’s going to cost a pretty penny! Are you getting married during a floral holiday like valentine's day or mothers day? Will fresh flowers be used for the ceremony and reception - how many pieces in total for each? Will the florist need to install flowers on the day of the wedding or beforehand... The list of questions goes on, and with all of these variables and other considerations comes the dreaded price point.

Not sure where to start? Take our Bloom Styler quiz and we’ll help you find the perfect wedding flowers in no time!

Know Your Wedding Flower Budget

According to our friends at The Knot, the average cost of wedding flowers in 2022 was $2,400. That’s about a 10% increase from years past and can fluctuate depending on your vision and style. Not to mention, the ongoing floral shortage and world supply chain issues can greatly affect that price. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is safe to start with 8-10% of your total budget dedicated to flowers. From there, you can work your budget up or down based on your needs.

Cost of Ceremony Flowers

If spending thousands of dollars on flowers that will die, makes you weak in the knees… we have a great alternative option for you. Something Borrowed Blooms offers gorgeous, premium silk flowers all at a fraction of traditional costs. Our premium silk wedding flowers look real, smell amazing, and are always in season! We are our constantly expanding options of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, hair accessories, aisle markers, and more to rent for your wedding day! Take a look at the potential savings associated with Something Borrowed Blooms’ silk wedding flower rentals compared to the average cost of real flowers:

Average Wedding FlowersSomething Borrowed Blooms
Bridal Bouquet$195 - $275$65
Bridesmaid Bouquet$65 - $70$35


$40 - $55$15
Hair Accessories

$35 - $40


$20 - $40

Corsage$20 - $40$12
Flower Girl$40$15

The difference in cost is  J A W  D R O P P I N G, right?

For many of our couples, saving thousands of dollars on wedding flowers is a sure YES! But for others, we see a thoughtful compromise. If fresh flowers are REALLY important to you, but so is your budget, consider mixing fresh and silk flowers. We’ve seen countless couples pull off a beautiful look by mixing fresh and silk. And to be quite honest, silk florals complement fresh flowers so well and it’s a great way to cut down on overall costs!

Below, SBBlooms Bride; Maggie mixed a fresh floral bridal bouquet with our Taylor Bridesmaid Bouquet for a gorgeous fresh and silk combo!

Cost of Reception Flowers

Switching to silk florals for the reception can also rake in big savings! Every Bride falls in love with elaborate floral installs and lush fresh floral garlands… until they see the price tag. These elements are very labor-intensive for fresh florists, so the cost reflects just that! We’ve compared side by side the potential savings on reception flowers and it’s substantial!

Average Wedding FlowersSomething Borrowed Blooms
Archway Garland$275 - $550$50 - $65
Greenery Garland$65 - $70$6 - $18
Reception Table Centerpiece$165 - $250$28
Grand Centerpiece$275 - $350$120

At Something Borrowed Blooms we’re proud to offer ceremony and reception flowers that rival the rest! Our product line includes a variety of centerpiece sizes in every collection, including grand centerpieces. When pairing these elaborate arrangements with our collection of custom garlands, any couple can achieve larger-than-life floral installations on their big day for less.

Our custom garland coordinates perfectly with each of the seventeen floral collections, so you are sure to find one that matches your wedding colors. Designed especially for ceremony arches, railings, welcome signs, and other key focus areas and the set-up is as easy as it gets. Simply remove the garland from the box, gently fluff and attach using zip ties. Attach multiple strands together with zip ties for larger areas as needed.

Whew… who would have thought such a long response would be needed for such a simple question! We’re glad you stuck around to learn all the tips and tricks for saving on florals, while learning why floral budgets vary so drastically. And hopefully, we provided you with the insight needed to finalize your wedding floral expenses while staying within a budget that fits YOU just right!

Have questions? We’re here to help! Reach out to us at info@sbblooms.com and our bloom experts will answer any and all questions you may have about renting your wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms.


Lauren & Laken

21 February, 2023

Top 3 Wedding Trends for Spring 2023

Color palette and wedding flower combinations for the Spring 2023 wedding season

Spring is here and with the changing of the season comes fresh inspiration for all of our newly engaged couples. 2023 is proving to be a year of unexpected and surprising wedding trends -- and we're here for it ALL!

We're embracing the bold as we share with you our favorite trends of the season, perfectly paired with our silk blooms. Introducing the Spring 2023 Preview. We’re sharing all the details of this season's lookbook in hopes to inspire you to think outside the norm, and incorporate fun and unique elements into your wedding day!

Keep reading to learn more about the most anticipated looks of the Spring 2023 wedding season.

A thing of the past or the comeback of the century? Reintroducing the 80’s glam trend, mirrored accents! Think whimsical tinsel, mirrors, and eclectic disco balls; paired with Pantone's color of the year, Viva Magenta. It's truly a match made in Heaven!

‘Wow’’ your guests with fun and funky reception decor and florals! Our Gemma Collection is perfect for the eclectic Pinterest-worthy wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Create a champagne tower to go along with the sparkling vibe and dance the night away!

View more Metallic Moments inspiration here!

Our soft and sweet Charlotte Collection has a NEW addition - Introducing the Charlotte Hand-tied Bridesmaid bouquet! This petite version of the popular, Hand-tied Bridal bouquet creates a whole new vibe for Charlotte. Pair this new bridesmaids bouquet with lavender bridesmaids dresses and a blush tulle bridal gown like the one below from Watters. Want a more classic look? Opt to hold the Charlotte Bridal Bouquet (Round) for an elegant and traditional style.

Recreating this jaw-dropping ceremony arch has never been easier! Intertwine custom garland from the Charlotte, Kimpton, and Gemma collections on your structure and secure with zip-ties for an effortless garden-inspired set-up.

Shop the Charlotte collection for a variety of romantic florals perfect for any spring or summer wedding.

View more Pretty in Pink inspiration here!

No better words to describe our stunning Gemma collection! Expect to see more color blocking and tonal color choices this season. Our Gemma Collection can accomplish just that! She's bold, fun, and always a major statement!

Decorate your tables with metal accents such as our antique copper candlesticks, and copper bud vases. Add some loose stems like our pink and peach plume sprays for unexpected texture.

The Grounded arch is proving itself to be a wedding trend that’s here to stay this season! These horseshoe or round-shaped grounded floral arches are gaining popularity, especially for outdoor ceremonies with natural backgrounds. With no frame or structure required for assembly, this floral installation can essentially be created anywhere! Recreate the spread below with an abundance of Gemma Garland and Grand Centerpiece. No tools are needed, simply group the pre-arranged florals together to your liking.

View more Bold and Beautiful inspiration here!

Tell us, what wedding trends are you swooning over this season? Comment below. View our full Spring 2023 Preview here! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration!

07 February, 2023

Abbey & Jakes New Orleans Wedding

Something Borrowed Blooms’ Social Media Director; Abbey, shares all the floral details of her fun and eclectic wedding

Hi there! My name is Abbey and I'm the Social Media Manager for Something Borrowed Blooms. Like all good love stories, my now-husband, Jake, and I met at a college bar over a loaded plate of nachos, and ever since that day, we’ve been inseparable. We dated for three years before he popped the question at my parent's house in New Orleans in October 2020. Coming off the pandemic and realizing that the majority of 2020 weddings were being pushed to 2021, we decided to have a two-year engagement and set the date for October 22nd, 2022. 

With a lot of time to plan (and a lot of time to bounce from idea to idea), the weekend we had been planning and looking forward to for two years finally came! Thankfully with the help of our family, friends, amazing co-workers, and SBBlooms, the wedding of our dreams came to life and we wouldn't change a single detail.

Keep reading to learn all the details of making the wedding of our dreams come true!

From my first day as an SBBlooms employee five years ago, I knew I would rent my wedding flowers from the best in the wedding industry. But personal bias aside, Jake and I are very low-maintenance people and really love any idea that brings convenience to our lives and when it came to wedding flowers, Something Borrowed Blooms was the obvious choice. Not only was it the most convenient option, but the prices were also unmatched in comparison to fresh flowers.

SBBlooms Tip: Have patience and let the vision come to you. I get it, you wait all this time to finally get that ring and it's hard not to want to dive right into the design and aesthetics of the one day that you've been dreaming about for so long. But my tip for anyone beginning the wedding planning process is to wait until you've secured your venue and the dress. Based on my wedding Pinterest board that I have been adding to for years, I went into wedding planning with a modern, monochromatic, ultra-classic wedding vision, but after settling on the venue and saying yes to the dress, we ended up doing almost the exact opposite.

For the Rehearsal Dinner:

Thursday was our Rehearsal Dinner which was held at Desi Vegas, a steakhouse in downtown New Orleans. Our wedding was a big affair with close to 300 people so the events leading up to our wedding day were very intimate. The room we were in was all white with mirrored accents and floor-to-ceiling windows which inspired me to rent the Audrey Collection. I placed the centerpieces on top of circle mirrored chargers with White and Silver Glass Votives spread throughout. 

For the Ceremony:

When it came time to select florals for the wedding day, I was ultimately drawn to and inspired by the bougainvillea in the Gemma Collection. I thought it was the perfect collection to set the tone for the night. For the ceremony, we got married at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church which featured white marble everything along with light blue and gold accents. I knew I didn't want to decorate the church too much and took this as my chance to incorporate that neutral color palette I always wanted. 

My bridesmaids wore Soft Champagne satin dresses from Revelry and the guys wore navy tuxes. My bridal bouquet was a custom silk arrangement made by our Lead Designer here at SBBlooms (Perks of working at Something Borrowed Blooms). To stick with the neutral color palette, we sourced a white bougainvillea stem and made a light-toned version of our Gemma Hand-Tied Bridal Bouquet. My bridesmaids held the Gemma Posy and I stuck some of the white bougainvillea stems in the back to tie in all the florals. 

To recreate a similar look, take a look at the Audrey Collection!

For the Reception:

After deciding on The Civic Theater for our reception venue, our vision came together almost instantly. The Civic Theater is the oldest operating opera house in Louisiana and it fit our vision perfectly. It was a perfect mix of old vs new with the original infrastructure painted bright white and as you move into the venue, you see exposed brick with an industrial black staircase. Aside from the looks of the venue, it was a big space so there were a lot of areas I wanted to use for multiple over-the-top floral moments. Renting all the decor and florals from SBBlooms was the only cost-effective way we could do that.

For the reception, we set the tone with the Gemma Collection. Jake and I both agreed that the bright color and playfulness the collection emulates were perfect for the fun and lively reception we wanted. From the very beginning of wedding planning, we both agreed that we wanted the reception to feel like a fun and lively party where our favorite people were all present- and yes, we really do have 300 favorite people in our lives. 

Aside from the large disco ball, there wasn't much going on above the dance floor, so I had the idea of creating these large-scale, hanging, multi-tiered, floral chandeliers where it looked like it was raining bougainvillea petals. To make this vision come to life, we got some pool noodles and connected the ends to create rings. We used one pool noodle for the top tier and two pool noodles for the bottom tier. We layered the Laurel Garland on the inside of the rings as a greenery base so that from every angle the pool noodle was covered. Then, we layered the Gemma Garland on the outside of the pool noodles and secured it all with zip ties. To make it look like the petals were falling, I collected the bougainvillea petal scraps for two years and strung them on some fishing line. I had close to seventy strands and used them in a few different areas. We wanted to make the dance floor really special to keep our guests there all night and the chandeliers really helped to elevate the area. 

We had two lounge areas in between the dance floor and the main seating area to break up the space and give our guests a more comfortable seating option, but I also wanted it to have a dual purpose and create a cool photo moment since we didn't do a photo booth. We pushed these retro chartreuse sofas up against the walls of the venue which gave us a blank canvas for some really grand installs. On one side we had an arch that we covered with garland and hung our custom neon sign. On the other side, I took two grid walls and put them on both sides of the sofa and created this lush, overflowing install with the Gemma Garlands. 

Thankfully I had all of my amazing co-workers from SBBlooms to help us set up everything on the day of the wedding. When the reception was over, they boxed everything up and loaded it into a Uhaul, and drove it back to SBBlooms headquarters the next day. My experience with SBBlooms was stress-free and seamless as I knew it would be. It was so fun being the customer and bringing my own wedding vision to life! 

23 January, 2023

2023 Wedding Flower & Decor Trends

Take note of these 4 wedding flower trends you’ll see in 2023

Each year we look forward to sharing the top trends to anticipate for the upcoming year. Our wedding flower and decor trend forecast is a combination of observations from key industry events and influencers, paired with queues from the fashion and design world. After months of research and consultations, we’re excited to share with you our predictions for 2023 including color, styles and details for the wedding day.

If you’re planning a wedding or special event in 2023, you’ll want to take note of these four major trends.

Bold and Bright

The bold and bright color trend continues from last year, with hues of pink and red being at the top of the trend list. Earlier this fall, we saw bubble gum pink highlighted from Paris fashion week, followed by the recent color of the year announcement from Pantone, Viva Magenta. If you’ve already embraced the color wave, you’re spot on the trend. If you’re still holding on to neutrals, it’s time to step outside of the box and enjoy these hues in all their glory!

The Gemma and Charlotte Collections are at the top of our colorful floral picks this year. We’re obsessed with the bougainvillea stem in the Gemma Garland and Gemma Bougainvillea Bridal Bouquet.

The Grounded Arch

We’re getting accustomed to the larger-than-life floral installs for ceremonies and photo opportunities. But there’s a new trend to take note of - The Grounded Floral Arch. Think of the full and lush blooms you’re accustomed to seeing suspended from an arch or arbor, but instead anchored to the ground. These horseshoe-shaped grounded floral arches are gaining popularity, especially for outdoor ceremonies with natural backgrounds. With no frame or structure required for assembly, this floral installation can essentially be created anywhere!

We created a grounded arch earlier this year to launch our Bianca Collection. And most recently, our talented creative director used the Millie Collection to create a stunning ceremony space in a Redwood Forest.

Create your own grounded arch with a few strands of garland and a variety of centerpieces in all sizes.

Garden-cut Bridal Bouquets

You may have noticed a new variety of bridal bouquets being introduced this year, The Garden Cut Bridal Bouquet. It’s most commonly used on the runway but started to trickle mainstream this year. And we’re loving this trend! The garden-cut style bouquets are longer in stem length and more abundant in floral stems. With little to no texturized elements and limited floral variation, this style bouquet is very modern and what we consider to be a true statement bouquet. You’ll notice this bouquet style taking over your feed this year. And if looking for a bouquet that looks like it was cut straight from a field of just bloomed florals, look no further than a garden-cut style bouquet.

Shop garden-cut bouquets in the Wren, Stella, Millie, Shelbie, Bianca, and Cameron Collections.

Mirrored Accents

Disco balls and all things shiny are gaining popularity in the wedding space. We’re seeing fun and eclectic uses of shiny and mirrored accessories on the wedding day and events leading up to the big day. In a recent photo shoot for our Shelbie Collection, we styled the space with disco balls and citrus accents to create a unique and playful setting. Expect to see more non-traditional wedding decor this upcoming season.

Tell us in the comments, which wedding trend are you most excited to see this year?


The SBBlooms Team

21 December, 2022