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3 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Elopement

Skip the big wedding and opt for an intimate ceremony with these three helpful tips

Following your engagement, the time will come to decide what kind of wedding you and your partner want. Do you want an elaborate wedding filled with hundreds of your closest family and friends? Or, would you rather have an intimate ceremony that includes the two of you in a place you find yourself dreaming about? If you answered yes to the second question, eloping is calling your name and you will NOT regret it.

Keep reading to learn our best tips and tricks for an elopement you’ll never forget!

1. Rent the Flowers

Just because the ‘guest list’ will be small, doesn’t mean you can’t have beautiful floral arrangements for your big day. A fresh flower bridal bouquet can cost anywhere between $175-$250 depending on the location and seasonality of the blooms. With Something Borrowed Blooms, you can RENT a premium silk bridal bouquet for just $65. Want to keep your bouquet? Purchase it and we’ll make one fresh, never before used, just for you!

Showcase the Bridal bouquet in your bedroom or purchase a watercolor keepsake to have and hold forever. 

2. Save on the Dress

Any white dress will do! Whether it’s short or long, the most important thing is that you feel beautiful in it. #SBBloomsBride Sara opted for a cute mini white dress for her courthouse wedding that she found on E-bay and paired with our bright and colorful Kinsley Bridal bouquet for a fun and eclectic look.

Following their intimate ceremony, they held a beautiful dinner reception with friends and family and decorated the space with coordinating Kinsley centerpieces to accent the tables.  

3. Pick your Dream Location

If a courthouse wedding isn’t your groove, choose a destination you and your partner have always wanted to visit. As a bonus, you’ll already be in your honeymoon spot once you say your “I do’s”!

There’s no better time to utilize our extended 10-day rental period than for a destination wedding. Our 10-day rental period allows couples to receive their blooms domestically and travel with them wherever they wish to exchange their vows. How cool? Couples can receive their wedding flowers in the comfort of their home with a 10-day period to travel freely across the country, or internationally, and back before returning your blooms. The convenience of a 10-day rental also alleviates the stress of finding a local FedEx when you’re in an unfamiliar city.

If you’re renting a bridal bouquet and boutonniere or a full assortment of products, you can’t beat the price of our rent and return wedding flowers!

With these helpful tips in mind, you’re ready to plan a perfect elopement on any budget!

Happy planning!

06 June, 2022

Introducing Wren

Our most luxurious silk wedding flower collection gets a brand-new name


Say hello to Wren, formerly known as our Wtoo Collection and one of our most popular collections. The Wren Collection is a statement in itself and embodies luxury and modernism all at an affordable price. So much so, we’ve decided to showcase the wedding of Kaitlin and her now-husband, Joe. With premium silk white orchids, blush, and beige duchess roses it’s no wonder this collection is a showstopper at every wedding!

Keep reading to find out how SBBlooms Bride; Kaitlin styled the wedding of her dreams using the Wren Collection.

When planning for wedding flowers, Kaitlin and Joe's number one priority was making sure they got the ‘most bang for their buck’. They wanted to keep costs at a minimum without sacrificing quality. Of course, this is where Something Borrowed Blooms came in!

“I rented with SBBlooms for several reasons. The prices were outstanding compared to the prices and quotes I saw for real florals and they look just as real. I also loved that SBBlooms also offers decor so I was able to get the gold stands I needed for my grand centerpieces and more right on their site which was convenient and made it a one-stop-shop. The customer service team is so great and helped me with any questions I had; they even offered their suggestions and ideas. Lastly, I love that they offer preview packs beforehand so I was able to see for myself how real the florals looked in advance. It was important that I knew what I'd have on my day and wouldn't be surprised in any way.“

With the couple’s elegant venue and cinnamon rose satin bridesmaid dresses from our friends at Revelry, the Wren Collection was a no-brainer. The Wren collection makes for a dramatic statement with its natural design of overflowing blooms. The collection includes a beautiful mix of white, cream, linen, and soft blush open rose varieties, paired with white and pale peach orchids. This premium silk orchid collection provides affordable luxury and design for all.

“I just felt like it had to be Wren! I know greenery is super popular, but I felt like this would be unique and give a nice, luxe touch. I also loved the asymmetrical look that they have.”

“I couldn't have asked for a better experience! As mentioned, I loved the look of my florals and got several compliments from guests; they looked amazing in all of our wedding pictures, too. The process was super stress-free, I received everything on time and it was so easy to simply ship them back after the wedding and see that they weren't going to waste. From start to finish, I knew I could rely on SBBlooms and that if I had any questions or concerns I could voice it with their team and get a helpful response. I definitely recommend them to anyone considering using them for their next wedding or event!”

Congratulations Kaitlin and Joe!

We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides. Share your favorite wedding details and memories with us below.

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03 May, 2022

5 Sustainable Wedding Ideas

Keep the planet and your budget in mind with these sustainable wedding hacks

We’re celebrating earth day with helpful tips and tricks for an eco-friendly and sustainable wedding! If throwing a waste-free ceremony and reception is a top priority for you as a couple, then these 5 sustainable wedding ideas will make your planning a breeze all while reducing the carbon footprint on our beautiful planet.

From renting to recycling, keep reading to successfully throw a beautiful eco-friendly wedding!

1. Rent your Wedding Flowers

The ultimate sustainable choice on the wedding day - rent your wedding flowers! After all, flowers are arguably the biggest waste day of the wedding. Most flowers are just used for a few minutes for the ceremony or hours for the reception before being thrown out. 

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we specialize in premium silk wedding flowers that are both on-trend and on-budget. Our collections of beautiful silk wedding flowers are recycled and refreshed after each use to ensure the highest quality with each rental, with little to no waste. Flowers are passed on from one wedding to the next, providing for one of the most sustainable wedding flower options on the market. And these eco-friendly florals also include many other benefits including full price transparency; our prices are the same all year long, so you don’t have to pay a premium during holidays, and unlimited availability; our flowers are always in season no matter where or when you tie the knot!

SBBlooms also sources packaging from SFI-certified suppliers! This means our boxes are corrugated, 100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

2. Second-hand Wedding Gowns

A one-time wear dress is the opposite of sustainable! If you’re looking for an alternative consider Still White, a company that allows brides to sell and buy gently used wedding dresses for a fraction of the cost of designer prices. With sustainability at the forefront of everything they do, Still White's mission is to invest in future-focused solutions, which is why they contribute 1% of their revenue for the good of the planet. Every wedding gown purchased reduces carbon emissions, water, and textile waste. And by re-wearing a fashion item, you give it a longer life and reduce its carbon footprint.

This tip is a win-win! Get your dream wedding dress at a discounted price and help the planet at the same time

3. 'Green' Party Favors

Let’s face it, party favors often end up in the trash creating unnecessary waste. But you can change that! Send your guests home with a cute potted plant or jar of honey like the ones below from White Confetti Box on Etsy to commemorate their time at your wedding! Not only is it eco-friendly, but who wouldn’t love a succulent or something sweet to add to their favorite treat. The best part? These party favors won’t go to waste!

Or, reach out to local bee farms and nurseries for these party favors and support your local businesses!

4. Plantable Wildflower Invitations

Leading up to the wedding date, there are so many events that traditionally require paper invites. Think engagement party, bridal shower, couple shower, bachelorette/bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, save the dates, and finally the wedding invite. So much paper, all to end up in the trash!

Consider using plantable wildflower invitations like the ones below from My Eco Designs on Etsy! Instead of your guests tossing the invites in the trash, provide them with an eco-friendly option to plant their invitations and grow wildflowers at the same time by using quality recycled seed paper. 

5. Create a Wedding Website

Want to go completely paperless? Wedding websites have been increasingly popular within the past few years. With our lives grounded by technology and our digital devices, it just makes sense for these important events to sync! Zola offers free wedding websites that provide customization and online RSVP

What better way to showcase your entire wedding experience on a personalized website!

There are so many ways to incorporate more sustainable choices for your wedding. Choose a few that best suit your plans for a beautiful wedding day and take pride in conserving mother nature’s resources. 

Being eco-conscious is one of our top priorities at Something Borrowed Blooms. We are committed to providing couples with a more sustainable & eco-friendly alternative for wedding flowers. With that being said, we love taking a part in spreading the word on all eco-friendly wedding day options.

Happy Earth Day from all of us here at SBBlooms! Tell us, what are some ways you’re keeping sustainability in mind on your wedding day?

18 April, 2022

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Space

Recreate these three popular wedding ceremony flowers with ease.

By now, you’ve selected your ceremony location and most likely have envisioned your vows taking place in a specific spot. Since this will be one of the most photographed scenes from your wedding, it’s now time to put some focus on elevating the space with beautiful florals.

Keep reading to be inspired by the most sought after wedding ceremony spaces that can be recreated with premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

Ground Arch 

Since releasing our Spring 2022 Lookbook, #SBBloomsBrides have been obsessed over the featured ground arch using our newest Bianca Collection. With the luscious pampas grass and beautiful blown-out duchess roses and ranunculus, it’s easy to see why brides are dying to recreate this look for their ceremony space.

With a little creativity and DIY, the ground arch can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes by using large centerpieces and grand centerpieces, along with garlands from any collection! Start by placing the 4-6 grand centerpieces at the back and curve them towards the front. Add in 6-8 large centerpieces to create the arch and add 4-6 garlands on the ground to hide the centerpiece vases and finish off the look. Consider adding small centerpieces to help cover the gaps and create a seamless look. Voila! A beautiful focal point for you and your fiance to say ‘I do’.

This look would take a fresh florist hours to create and could easily cost $1,500+. But achieving this look with pre-arranged premium silk flowers takes a matter of minutes and a few hundred dollars.

SBBlooms Tip: Reuse the garland and various sized centerpieces at your reception to save on cost!

Trailing Arch

A true Pinterest-worthy setup! We’ve received lots of design questions on how to create our grand opening and Jane Collection install. Using our floral garland and grand centerpieces, you too can create this gorgeous trailing arch too!

Place two grid walls or similar structures to fit your style on either side of the ceremony spot. Start by placing one grand centerpiece on the ground, on the outer side of each wall. Next, zip-tie the garland at the inner corner of the grid wall and work your way down diagonally. Adding more garland as you go down creates a fuller look. Once you reach the bottom, wrap the garland around the vase of the grand centerpieces to hide the vase. This creates an emerging floral design. Repeat on the opposite side and you’re done!

Minimalist Floral Altar 

This ceremony design is an SBBlooms favorite! If you’re looking for an easy and simple way to elevate your ceremony space, look no further than our grand centerpieces and stands paired together. We recommend two tall and two short stands with grand centerpieces on top of each.

Place two stands on each side of the ceremony space and stagger one slightly forward and the other slightly back to create a stunning look with depth and interest.

How are you designing your ceremony space with SBBlooms? Tell us in the comments below.

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30 March, 2022

Samantha and Chester's Intimate Wedding

College sweethearts say ‘I do’ with premium silk wedding flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

After a long engagement delayed by job changes and COVID-19 reschedules, Samantha and Chester finally tied the knot accompanied by their closest family and friends. From the perfect dress to the flowers, the couple's wedding day was a fairytale adorned with beautiful wedding flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

Keep reading to learn how SBBlooms Bride; Samantha, styled the wedding of her dreams using the Olivia Collection!

When planning for wedding flowers, the most important thing for Samantha and Chester was to keep affordability and convenience in mind. With our easy and stress-free ordering process, SBBlooms was the perfect fit!

“...We paid for most of our wedding on our own, so we wanted an option that would fill the space while still fitting within our budget. I also wanted to be able to customize my florals as much as possible since most of our decor and setup were all DIY. I loved being able to see and feel my flowers ahead of time and get an idea of how I wanted everything set up before the day came.

Once I read all of the incredible reviews about how real the flowers looked I was sold. My biggest fear was that my flowers would end up looking stiff or plastic, but you would never know from my photos! Even on the day of the wedding, I had guests asking how my flowers hadn’t wilted by the end of the night.

Being able to go into the day knowing exactly how my bouquets would look was a huge stress relief and one less thing I had to worry about.”  

(The photos speak for themselves!)

The search for classic and modern wedding flowers was short, as the Olivia Collection was exactly what the couple was looking for! The Olivia Collection is our gorgeous, Italia-inspired design. The rustic, hand-tied collection is made of ivory roses, mini ranunculus, rosemary olive bushes. And it’s a sophisticated palette for weddings in every season. Sam decorated her ceremony arch with the Olivia garland and paired the collection with Taylor boutonnieres for the groom and his guys, a true testament to the versatility of our collections.

“We wanted something that felt somewhat traditional, but not too dated. Olivia is so classic but still has these beautiful little details that make it feel modern and elevated. The colors were exactly what I wanted for my decor and matched my bridesmaids beautifully. Olivia is a perfect neutral option to be able to decorate around!” 

“I cannot rave enough about SBBlooms and their staff! We had a last-minute change on our order and they were able to resolve the issue overnight! Being a part of the SBBlooms Brides Facebook group was also super helpful during the planning process and eased a lot of nerves!”

Congratulations Samantha and Chester!

We love hearing from our #sbbloomsbrides. Share your favorite wedding details and memories with us below.

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17 March, 2022

3 Reasons to Choose Silk Wedding Flowers Over Fresh

Silk wedding flowers triumph over fresh flowers when comparing cost, convenience, and sustainability


Something Borrowed Blooms has been helping couples save thousands of dollars on wedding flowers for over five years, serving over 15,000 weddings to date. We know what couples want and need in wedding flowers and understand how important it is to stay within budget. But it can often be hard to stick to when going with fresh flowers. And you might be left feeling like you’re settling when considering silk flower alternatives. But silk offers many benefits over fresh flowers - so settle no more! You can have it all with silk flowers. Here are the three main reasons to choose silk blooms over fresh; cost, convenience, and sustainability.


On average, Something Borrowed Blooms saves couples over 70% compared to a traditional florist. When looking at the cost for each item, the difference in price can make or break your ceremony and reception, not to mention your wallet! If you’re still wanting fresh florals, consider mixing in silk for the reception to save on cost.

An average wedding order with Something Borrowed Blooms is just around $500, compared to the national fresh flower average of $3,500. A bridal bouquet with a fresh florist can cost you anywhere between $175-$250, but with SBBlooms, you can rent the bridal bouquet of your dreams for only $65. With a price difference this major, it’s pretty hard to say no, especially when guests can rarely tell the difference!

Read our raving reviews here!


Silk wedding flowers can also be more convenient than fresh flowers. The silk flower market is more predictable and reliable in terms of pricing, selection, and availability, meaning there are no day-of surprises. You may show your fresh florist inspiration photos and color palettes, but there's no guarantee you’ll receive exactly what you’ve envisioned. Our Brides appreciate the ability to see exactly what they’ll receive for their big day!

Want to see our blooms in person before placing your wedding order? Ordering a preview pack is a great way to see our blooms in person, get a feel for the colors, quality, and how they’ll fit into your vision. Our blooms stylists are also available to meet over a virtual call and help you style the wedding of your dreams with a live styling session.

Schedule a live styling session here!


When it comes to sustainability, silk flowers are the best option. For most weddings, flowers are used for a few hours before being thrown away. What a waste of beautiful flowers and money! Our bouquets are re-used multiple times, with our production team refreshing between each use, upwards of 26 times per year before being recycled, never thrown away.

At SBBlooms we are committed to reducing the average amount of waste with our products and packaging. We source packaging from Sustainable Forestry Initiative suppliers, which means our boxes are corrugated, 100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

With all of the reasons to go silk, why wouldn’t you go with the budget-friendly, stress-free, and renewable option for wedding flowers!? 

Tell us, what are the main reasons you’ve decided to choose silk over fresh?   

09 March, 2022

Spring 2022 Wedding Flower Lookbook

Trending color palettes for 2022 Spring and Summer wedding season

As winter turns to spring, a shift in wedding inspiration takes place with lighter and brighter tones taking center stage. We’ve pulled together our top trending color palettes for the new season in our latest lookbook, showcasing perfectly coordinated wedding flowers to complement each look.

Take a look at our top four color palettes for Spring and Summer 2022.


Neutrals are always on-trend no matter the season! Say hello to our NEW Bianca Collection. She is the essence of spring and all things lovely with a soft, feminine color palette featuring pink and creamy white roses, accented with textured beige pampas grass, curly willow, and pittosporum greenery for depth. This color pairing is the perfect combination of modern rustic and chic simplicity. We especially love this color combo paired with one of Willowby’s newest bridal dress designs, dusty hibiscus Rane top and Innika skirt

Accent this collection with our Modern bud vases filled with our cream and tan pampas grass picks and gold glass votives for ambiance. This collection features two bridal bouquet styles, a lush hand-tied large gather, and a simple and classic garden-cut rose bouquet.

View more ‘Hay Hues’ inspiration here!


Don’t be afraid to step outside the boundaries with color! This upcoming season, we’re anticipating color-block pastel palettes used in unexpected ways to create memorable spaces. The Audrey Collection is a timeless collection with the ability to pair with any wedding aesthetic. Have your girls wear a softer shade of one color used in the color block palette, like the sage Franklin gown below, to effortlessly match.

The vintage silver vase in the Audrey centerpieces gives a mixed-metal look, easy to combine with various metals. Mix it up with gold tulip candlesticks, white glass votives, and natural selenite votives to tie it all together.

View more ‘Rainbow Vibes’ here


Colorful wildflowers from our Kinsley Collection create a bold eccentric look, fit for the bohemian bride. A variety of spring and summer's most colorful blooms, paired with deep hues of orange, green, and amber, are sure to make a statement on your special day. Decorate the scenery with jewel-toned furniture and macrame wall decor to add to the aesthetic.

Scatter Gold and rattan jugs filled with our needle-nose eucalyptus stem to add more elements of greenery.

View more ‘In Bold Color’ inspiration here


‘Very Peri’ is this year's Pantone color of the year. And it just so happens to be one of our favorite shades! Our Millie collection is the perfect floral fit for this trending color palette. It’s timeless and romantic with just enough color to make it pop.

View the full 2022 Spring/Summer Lookbook here!

We hope these gorgeous color and floral combinations help you visualize your dream wedding! Tell us, which look is your favorite?

21 February, 2022

The Ultimate Wedding Checklist

Check all things floral and decor off your to-do list with this planning guide from Something Borrowed Blooms

Here at Something Borrowed Blooms, we consider ourselves wedding flower experts. We help thousands of couples plan for stress-free and beautiful wedding flowers each year. And so, we’ve created the ultimate wedding flower checklist to help you too, as you plan for your special day!

Let’s Begin 

First things first, determine your wedding style! Are you traditional, modern, rustic, or bohemian? Do you have specific colors or flower varieties in mind? If you’re unsure, our Bloom Styler is the perfect tool to help get you started. By answering a few simple questions about your wedding, the bloom styler will match you to a collection and even calculate the number of flowers and products needed to create the wedding of your dreams… all the hard work is done for you!

Once you’ve decided on a style and a floral collection, you’re ready to move on to the details.

The Details

Start by making a list of all the personal and wedding party flowers needed for your special day. Don’t forget to recognize family on your special day, after all, they’ve been there since the very beginning. Here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’ve thought of everyone.

Within each group, there are some choices and considerations to be made. For example, your Bridesmaids, do you want full-size florals or something understated? For full florals, choose bridesmaid bouquets or for something more understated, consider using posies for your bridesmaids. For the mothers, we recommend a posy for a more modern look, but some mothers prefer a traditional floral corsage which is always a safe choice. Give your mothers a choice to see what they would prefer! For the Flower Girl(s), consider their age when making a floral selection. Under two years old may do best with a floral crown. Two to five year olds do best holding the pomander ball down the aisle. Anyone five or older, you may consider a posy. And how could we forget your fur babies? Dress your pup in lavish florals with our adjustable dog collars.

The best part about renting with Something Borrowed Blooms is the ability to get creative and mix and match products from different collections. For example, if you want to have a pop of color in your Bridal bouquet but want something more neutral for your bridesmaids, order a Millie Bridal Bouquet for yourself and Audrey Bridesmaid Bouquets for your girl gang. Want something smaller for both you and your party? Opt to hold a bridesmaid bouquet and rent posies for your bridesmaids. Your groom and his guys can sport matching boutonnieres to perfectly coordinate with your florals. 

Wedding party – Check! 

The Setting

Creating a gorgeous ceremony and reception setting has never been easier or more cost-effective. Start with your altar decor, are you getting married under an arch, gazebo, or do you have to create your altar setting from scratch? Our custom garlands are gorgeous, easy to install, and versatile so you can use them for both your ceremony and reception. Easily attach the garland with zip-ties and assign a person after the ceremony to clip the ties and move it to the reception. Lay it on your sweetheart table, add some candlesticks or lanterns, and you’re done. Rent centerpieces for the dining tables and add decor elements for a finishing touch.

Using four grand centerpieces with two tall and two short stands can create a stunning dimensional look, with you and your fiance saying ‘I do’ as the focal point. Move the tall centerpieces to the entrance of the reception as welcoming arrangements, and the short centerpieces on your dining tables for an elevated look.

Consider other areas of the reception that may need florals, such as the welcome signs, gift table or bar. If you’re having a cocktail reception ahead of the reception, you may want to include small centerpieces, candles or lanterns for that space as well. See a full list of areas to consider for your ceremony or reception here. 

Ceremony and reception - Double check!

If you’re still unsure of what you need or you’re just looking for some reassurance, lucky for you our talented team of floral experts are here to help every step of the way. Schedule a FREE LIVE styling session with one of our floral stylists to see our products virtually, receive one-on-one advice, and the best tips and tricks for your special day.

Happy Wedding Planning!

06 February, 2022

Silk vs. The Rest

Premium silk wedding flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms stand against the rest when it comes to cost, convenience, and sustainability.


If you are open to fresh flower alternatives for your wedding date, you might be surprised to learn that there are many options on the market. Most all offer savings compared to a traditional wedding florist, but you might be wondering where to start or what’s right for you. From silk flower purchase or rentals, foam flowers, farm-to-door fresh, wood flowers, or even dried there are so many options! When making your decisions there are four areas to consider 1) Quality 2) Cost 3) Convenience 4) Sustainability.  Premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms shine when ranking quality, cost, convenience, and sustainability, and here’s why!


Silk flowers are the closest comparison to the real thing, but it’s important to note that not every silk flower is the same. The quality of silks varies greatly from retailer to retailer. For example, if you purchase a peony from your local craft store vs. a premium retailer like Pottery Barn or Front Gate there's going to be a noticeable difference. One will likely trick the eye, while the other will probably stand out as being artificial. Other artificial floral options, such as wood, foam, or even dried flowers, have a harsh texture and color which results in a less natural look. It’s often easier to know these are flower alternatives in photos and IRL. If ranking the quality of all faux floral options from most realistic to least, premium silk would be at the top of the list followed by foam, dried and wooden in that order.

At Something Borrowed Blooms, one of our top priorities is to provide the highest quality silk flowers for rent, at a fraction of the cost of traditional fresh flowers. Each one of our stems is hand selected and designed by a professional fresh florist to ensure the most natural color, shape, and design of each of our wedding bouquets and arrangements. When held side by side with wood, foam, or dried, the difference in life-like resemblance is jaw-dropping!


According to our friends at Weddingwire.com, the average cost of wedding flowers in the U.S. is around $1,500 for small to medium size weddings and up to $5,000+ for large weddings. Typically, farm-to-door-fresh flowers will offer savings compared to the average wedding flower cost, however, this option is still significantly more than fresh alternatives such as silk, foam, or wooden. For example, an average wedding order with Something Borrowed Blooms is just around $500. Whatever your wedding budget is, it is safe to start with 8-10% of your total budget dedicated to the florals. From there, you can work your budget up or down based on your needs.


Many fresh floral alternatives boast cost savings, but it’s important to know what you’re getting into! Be sure to understand if the faux wedding flowers you are considering include design and assembly. Unless floristry is a hidden skill set of yours, you’ll want to ensure your wedding flowers arrive done for you to ensure your bouquets are beautiful and you’re stress-free!

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we pride ourselves on the simplicity of our ordering process! All of our products come as they are photographed on our website, so there's no guessing or DIY involved. Know exactly what you’ll receive on your wedding day, no day of surprises here! For extra peace of mind, sample our products before ordering for your wedding with a preview pack! With the option to choose between two bridesmaid bouquets, two centerpieces, or one of each, you can preview our products in the convenience of your own home. If you want to see a bridal bouquet in person, visit our ‘Find Blooms Near Me’ page to find a sample bouquet near you.

Our customer portal allows for edits to your order up until 30 days of your event, which means if you decide to completely change your collection or add and remove a few items all you have to do is log in and make your changes. How much easier can it get?


Any fresh wedding flower options produce a lot of wedding waste. Used for just a few hours and then left to die, wedding flowers are typically discarded at the end of the night. Artificial flowers eliminate the wedding waste, but renting over purchasing is the most sustainable choice of all.

Our arrangements are rented out an average of 26 times per year! Our design team replaces stems as needed to ensure the highest quality standards. Being eco-conscious is the foundation of our brand, so even our packaging and supplies are sourced with sustainability in mind. Case in point, our packaging is sourced from SFI certified suppliers, which means our boxes are corrugated,100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 

When compared to foam, wood, and fresh, our products are the most environmentally friendly simply from the waste reduction. Choosing your wedding flowers is a big decision, but we’re here to help. Schedule a complimentary styling session with a member of our team to learn more. With all of this in mind, it’s easy to say YES to premium silk flowers!

26 January, 2022


From Lauren’s Desk | Co-Founder & CEO

Hello and Happy New Year! Lauren here, co-founder and CEO of Something Borrowed Blooms. It’s been a while since I’ve popped in on Just Bloomed The Blog and I’m so glad you’re here too. As we’ve grown over the last few years my role has changed… A LOT! From the early days of picking and packing orders to today, stepping back on the day-to-day as our amazingly talented team leads content creation and order fulfillment and I steer the ship into the future. But one thing has remained consistent; my passion and dedication to revolutionizing the wedding flower industry. We’re still following the original mission to modernize the industry; making wedding flowers more affordable, stress-free, and sustainable than ever before!

This past year has been an exciting year for us as we raised our Series A investment last spring which allowed us to invest in the future of the wedding flower industry. While we’ve been hard at work to deliver on our mission, I wanted to share with you what we’ve been up to and where we’re headed for the new year.


We’ve tripled in size this year, expanding our warehouse and headquarter location to 15,000 square feet! With a larger facility, our capacity to serve the growing demand from couples across the country increases. This past fall was a record month for us, serving over 900 orders a month. Looking forward, we’re well equipped and positioned to provide the same great service to over 2,500 couples monthly.

Last month, we shared our new warehouse and office space with investors, partners, family and friends at our Grand Opening event and the energy in that room was high! It’s always heartwarming to have others share in the excitement and see the future as we do. 


Our e-commerce platform is one of our top priorities. It provides our customers with an industry-leading online wedding flower planning experience. We’ve made several releases this past year that continue to enhance the overall experience – 1) Our Bloom Styler, providing a perfectly curated shopping cart based on your specific needs and vision 2) The Customer Portal, allowing for each customer to be in complete control of their order at all times and providing the freedom and flexibility to change and edit their order in real time 3) Extended Rental Options for couples wanting a longer rental period for destination weddings and so much more. But we’re not stopping there! We have many more enhancements underway to provide you with the best planning experience.


We continue to invest in our team by hiring the most talented workforce that shares our company’s vision and mission. We’re proud to be a team of ALL females, supporting one another through teamwork, connection and empowerment. Through our hard work, creative freedom, and pursuing our passions we hope to inspire others through our female-led company.

I probably don’t have to tell you how amazing our team is, because if you’ve interacted with us on social or reached out to customer service, you likely already know this. If you’d like to get to know our team better, join us on the SBBlooms Brides Facebook group or follow us on Instagram @sbblooms. We all love to interact directly with our Brides, providing recommendations and affirmation pre and post wedding day.


There are some big plans in store for our brand and we can’t wait to share more. This year be on the lookout for exciting brand extensions, providing our customers even more to love. We’ve invested a lot of time and energy in photoshoots, video assets and content over the past year and we’re committed to investing even more in 2022 in order to deliver the best inspiration and imagery to aid in the planning process.

Customer Service

There’s always a common theme in post-wedding reviews – “customer service is amazing!” And it’s our goal to continue to innovate on the customer service front, by providing more visibility to order status, more convenient interactions with our customer service team, and self-service tools to provide the most stress-free floral offering on the market.  But we’ve also listened very carefully to the constructive feedback received and have used the feedback to enhance our quality control measures and web experience. We’re always listening, so keep the suggestions coming or take our current survey here to provide us with more insight. 

This past year we also rolled out complimentary virtual styling sessions and so many Brides have provided feedback on how it’s aided in the ordering process. If you haven’t scheduled your 1x1 styling session, you should do it… like now! We’ll take the time to meet you one on one, virtually of course, to show you all the up-close details, side by side comparisons and so much more.  

We’re excited to watch 2022 unfold as “The Year of the Weddings.” And we’re ready to take on the challenge as the industry experiences the biggest boom in weddings since 1984. If this year is your wedding year, cheers to you! We can’t wait to be part of your special day!  

10 January, 2022