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Wedding Planner Spotlight: Samantha Kin with To Be Loved Events

Los Angeles wedding planner stands out as this month's SBBlooms Brand Ambassador

Photography by Danielle Beacon Photography

Since the launch of Something Borrowed Blooms’ affiliate program in 2022, we’ve been honored to onboard several event industry professionals who are passionate about our brand and eager to share the benefits of renting flowers and decor with their clients.

In the bustling wedding and event planning world, Samantha Kin of To Be Loved Events stands out as one of those top-producing Brand Ambassadors!  Her journey in the industry is as inspiring as it is remarkable, transforming a college entrepreneurship project into a thriving enterprise that has left an indelible mark on the hearts of couples across Los Angeles. 

Let's dive into Samantha's story, her notable achievements in the event planning industry, and her successful partnership with Something Borrowed Blooms.

The Journey:

For Samantha, To Be Loved Events isn't just a business; it's a labor of love that has flourished under her nurturing guidance. Stemming from her experiences working with other wedding planners and a local bakery, Samantha ignited her passion for weddings and events.

Over the past five years, To Be Loved Events has evolved into the embodiment of Samantha's dreams—a company founded on the core value of love. Every event, whether it's a wedding, shower, anniversary, or birthday celebration, is infused with Samantha's vision of fostering care, celebration, understanding, and support for her clients. From the smallest details to grand designs, Samantha and her team at To Be Loved Events are dedicated to guiding their clients through every step of the planning process.

Notable Achievements and Contributions:

Samantha's achievements in the wedding industry speak volumes about her talent and dedication as an event planner. As a graduate of the esteemed Planner Life Academy in 2017, Samantha has continually demonstrated her commitment to excellence. Her work has been featured in prestigious wedding publications such as Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, and Southern California Bride, solidifying her reputation as one of the top wedding planners in the Ventura/Malibu area. And it doesn’t stop there, Samantha was also a finalist in California Wedding Day's Best of 2020 and 2024!

Photography by XO & Fetti Photography

To Be Loved x Something Borrowed Blooms:

Samantha's commitment to serving couples with diverse budgets led her to discover Something Borrowed Blooms. Recognizing the value our rent & return wedding flowers offered her clients, Samantha eagerly embraced this partnership. With Something Borrowed Blooms, Samantha can provide an alternative to fresh florals for her couples without compromising on quality. The cost-saving model aligns perfectly with Samantha's mission to deliver exceptional experiences while respecting her clients' budgets and her commitment to sustainability.

Amanda, a 2023 bride, shared her heartfelt testimonial about her experience working with Samantha and Something Borrowed Blooms. 

“For our floral vendor, Sam knew we wanted to save as much money as we could, so she told us about the best premium silk floral company in the industry: Something Borrowed Blooms. Because of Sam’s recommendation, we were able to save over $1,000 on florals and put that money towards something else in our budget. Throughout the entire planning process, Sam would present us with digital mock-ups for what our layout and décor would look like. And let me tell you, this girl is SUPER talented in this department, and I was shocked and giggly with excitement to see all our mock-ups come to life on our wedding day just like she designed digitally.”

Photography by XO & Fetti Photography

3 Tips from a Something Borrowed Blooms Expert:

We asked Samantha for her top three tips and tricks when using premium silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms. These tips are not only for other planners but for any couple renting their wedding flowers! Here’s what she had to say:

1. Get creative and be flexible with the pieces available in each collection! If you need minimal florals for signage or even larger arrangements for a large arch or install, I recommend seeing how you can best utilize their products to best accent and create your vision. (Sometimes mixing collections may even be in order!)

2. With rent & return florals comes added labor, usually on the client’s end for set up. I highly recommend having an intricate plan for set up, whether that be with your Wedding Coordinator or another trusted person who can help you execute the event and repurpose the floral pieces as needed. For my clients, I have a Floral Planning Spreadsheet that we fill in together to ensure everything is covered and has a plan!

3. Lastly, I recommend leaning on the SBBlooms customer service team for guidance as needed and for any questions you may have. Working with them is wonderful!

Samantha Kin's partnership with Something Borrowed Blooms exemplifies the spirit of collaboration, creativity, and sustainability that defines the modern wedding industry. Through her commitment to her clients and her innovative approach to event planning, Samantha continues to leave an indelible mark on every celebration she touches. We can’t wait to see Something Borrowed Blooms be a part of many more To Be Loved Events to come!

Are you an event planner, photographer, or event venue looking to partner with Something Borrowed Blooms? Apply here!

20 May, 2024

June Birth Flower Guide: Celebrate With Roses and Honeysuckles

June Birth Flower | Rose and Honeysuckle

Birth flowers have a long-standing tradition of symbolizing one's birth month, each with its own unique significance and beauty. For the month of June, two beautiful blooms take center stage: roses and honeysuckles. These flowers encapsulate the essence of June with their charm, fragrance, and symbolism in their flower meaning, making them perfect choices for weddings, celebrations, and any personal event throughout the month.

The Significance of the Rose

Roses, often hailed as the queen of flowers, hold profound cultural and emotional significance across various traditions and societies. Their association with love and romance dates back centuries, making them the quintessential symbol of passion, beauty, and affection.

Historical Background and Meaning

Throughout history, roses have been revered for their enchanting beauty and deep symbolism in matters of the heart. From ancient Greek and Roman mythology to medieval Europe, roses have been representative of love, desire, and devotion. Interesting facts about roses add depth to their allure, and many different cultures have attributed various meanings to roses, with red roses symbolizing love and desire, white roses representing purity and innocence, and yellow roses conveying friendship and joy.

Varieties and Colors of Roses

Roses come in a plethora of varieties and colors, each offering its own charm and symbolism. Popular choices for wedding flowers include classic red roses for timeless romance, delicate pink roses for grace and admiration, and elegant white roses for purity and innocence. For those especially interested in DIY wedding elements, learning how to make a wedding bouquet with artificial roses can also be a creative and personal endeavor. The versatility of roses allows them to seamlessly complement any wedding theme or color palette. 

The Beauty of the Honeysuckle

Honeysuckles, with their sweet fragrance and delicate appearance, add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia as June birth flowers. These charming vines are cherished for their captivating scent and vibrant blooms, making them a delightful choice for bouquets and floral arrangements.

Understanding the Honeysuckle

Honeysuckles boast a unique charm with their slender, trumpet-shaped flowers and sweet, intoxicating fragrance. Found in gardens, woodlands, and hedgerows, honeysuckles bloom as late spring flowers to early summer flowers, coinciding perfectly with June celebrations.

Symbolism and Uses

Symbolizing bonds of love and the sweetness of life, honeysuckles evoke feelings of joy, happiness, and fond memories. In weddings and events, they add a whimsical touch to floral arrangements, symbolizing the enduring bond between two individuals.

How to Choose the Perfect June Birth Flower

Selecting the ideal flowers for a June wedding, June birthday, or any other special event involves considering personal preferences, wedding themes, and floral symbolism.

Considerations for Personal Preferences 

Factors such as color themes, scent preferences, and overall wedding style play a crucial role in choosing the perfect flowers for a June celebration. Considering June birth flowers may be a great starting point in your decision making process, but you may also venture out to other flowers in season to match your personal preferences or overall vision.

Matching Flowers to Personality Traits

While exploring all your options, it’s a good idea to also consider aligning the flowers to the personality traits of the bride or couple for a personalized touch to the wedding or special event, to reflect their unique style and tastes. Is their personality more outgoing, bold, or funny, if so a whimsical flower like the honeysuckle may be a great choice. If more reserved and laid back, a traditional flower like the rose may be a better fit.

Tips for Roses

Overall most rose varieties, ranging from the wild rose to classic red rose, are pretty hearty and have a 4-6 day lifespan once cut. Ensuring your roses are watered and kept in a comfortable climate can help prolong life. You can easily peel back and remove exposed rose petals that are bruised or damaged to reveal fresher petals. You may also consider premium silk roses as an option for your event. High quality silks can be mistaken for fresh blooms, are easier to care for, and last a lifetime. 

Tips for Honeysuckles

Similar to roses, honeysuckles are also a hearty bloom. The lifespan of fresh cut honeysuckle is up to 10 days if properly cared for. Keep at a cool temperature and away from direct sunlight. Honeysuckles are great filler flowers for bouquets or flower arrangements. 

June Birth Flowers in Weddings and Events

Integrating roses and honeysuckles into summer wedding celebrations or special events can create a beautiful and enchanting setting, enhancing the beauty of the celebration. Both of these in-season flower varieties are great choices for any event type.

Incorporating Roses and Honeysuckles in Decor

White Rose June Birth Flower Decor

From bouquets to centerpieces, roses and honeysuckles offer endless possibilities for creating stunning floral arrangements that capture the essence of June. When planning your event, take all touchpoints into consideration to ensure the perfect floral elements accent each space. From guests tables and bars, to entryways, and even the powder room, floral arrangements can enchant each space.

Seasonal Trends and Arrangement Ideas

Consider summer trends for unique arrangement ideas. One of our favorite trends for bouquets this summer is the bridesmaid tote. Instead of a traditional bridesmaid bouquet, smaller gatherings or flowers can be placed in a simple wicker tote for a non-traditional approach to personal flowers. 

We also encourage our June couples to explore organic floral ceremony installs for the wedding day. By embracing the natural beauty of summer and incorporating additional floral elements, couples can create stunning ceremony focal points that embody the essence of the season.

Customizing Your Flower Selection

When selecting flowers for your special event, be sure to unlock all possibilities. Don’t feel constricted by tradition or in-season flowers. You can unlock all possibilities by personalizing your beautiful flower selections to meet your unique vision to create a wedding that truly reflects your love story and style.

Featured June Birth Flower Arrangements

The Bianca Collection by Something Borrowed Blooms

Explore the exclusive floral arrangement designs by Something Borrowed Blooms perfect for any celebration dedicated to the June Birth month flower. Our premium silk flower arrangements are available for rent, offering an affordable, sustainable, and convenient way to celebrate any occasion. From rose bouquets, to centerpiece arrangements, to birthday flowers and personal florals, you can rent any item for a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. 

Some of our favorite collections for summer include The Bianca Collection, complete with a variety of roses in shades of blush, ivory, and white. The Wren Collection is another great choice, offering a mix of roses and large and petite orchids, mimicking the honeysuckle line flowers. But there are endless June flower arrangements, fitting for any event type.

With the affordably of Something Borrowed Blooms, celebrating any event with flower arrangements is obtainable. Consider renting beautiful rose and honeysuckle flower arrangements for your next dinner party, shower, or any special event. Flower delivery ships to you three days prior to your event and are returned after with a prepaid shipping label - it’s that easy! 

The Timeless Appeal of June Birth Flowers

Exploring June birth flowers is a great start to planning for your special event flower needs. Roses and honeysuckles may be the perfect choice for you due to the symbolism and sentiments of love, joy, and celebration. Or you may open up the possibilities to many in-season flowers that offer the beauty and style envisioned for your wedding or special event. You could also consider including the May birth flower, the lily of the valley, known for its delicate, sweet aroma, the July birth flower, the water lily, which symbolizes enlightenment, or the August birth flower, the gladiolus, representing strength of character and integrity. As you plan your June celebration, we hope you consider the timeless designs of Something Borrowed Blooms to add a touch of magic to your special day.

12 May, 2024

What Do Roses Symbolize? Understanding Floral Symbolism

Roses, with their timeless beauty and delicate fragrance, have captivated hearts and minds for centuries. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, roses hold many symbolic meanings in various cultures and contexts. Let’s explore the various symbolisms of the rose, as we uncover the layers of significance that make these blooms cherished symbols of love, celebration, and so much more.

The Historical Significance of Roses

Across different eras and civilizations, roses have played significant roles in shaping cultural narratives. From ancient civilizations like Greece and Rome to the opulent gardens of medieval Europe, roses have been revered for their beauty and imbued with layers of meaning. In literature and art, roses have been recurrent motifs, symbolizing love, beauty, and even mortality.

Roses in Literature and Art

Classic literature and renowned artworks are full of references to roses. From Shakespeare's sonnets to Van Gogh's vibrant canvases, roses have been used to evoke a range of emotions and themes. Whether as a token of love in a romantic poem or as a metaphor for the fleeting nature of life in a still-life painting, roses continue to inspire and intrigue with their timeless beauty.

Unique Interpretations in Various Cultures

The symbolism of roses transcends geographical boundaries, yet it manifests differently across cultures. In Eastern cultures, roses may symbolize harmony and balance, while in the West, they are often associated with romantic love. Some cultures attribute a specific rose meaning to certain rose colors, adding another layer to their symbolism.

Color Psychology and Rose Symbolism

The color palette of roses further enriches their symbolism, with each hue carrying its own emotional resonance. Consider the meanings of these rose color varieties when planning for a celebration or gifting someone special.

Red Roses: Love and Passion

Red roses have long been synonymous with passionate love and desire. They are the quintessential symbol of romance, making them perfect for declarations of love and affection. This makes a red rose flower arrangement the perfect choice for a wedding ceremony, a wedding proposal, or most commonly, Valentine’s Day.

White Roses: Purity and Innocence

White roses embody purity, innocence, and new beginnings. White flower arrangements are often chosen as wedding flowers or considered as arrangements for other ceremonies symbolizing the start of a new chapter in life.

Yellow Roses: Friendship and Joy

Yellow roses radiate warmth, happiness, and friendship. They are a cheerful choice for expressing joy and appreciation in between friends. Yellow flower arrangements have a way of showing joy and cheer.

Pink Roses: Gratitude and Admiration

Pink roses convey gentleness, gratitude, and admiration. Gifting a pink rose is ideal for expressing appreciation and fondness in various settings.

Orange Roses: Enthusiasm and Energy

Orange roses bring a vibrant burst of energy and enthusiasm, perfect for celebrations or as a motivational gift.

Lavender Roses: Enchantment and Mystery

Lavender roses can represent enchantment, mystery, or an air of regality, making them a unique and thoughtful gift.

Blue Roses: Admiration and Mysterious

Blue roses symbolize aspiration or mystery, offering a sense of admiration, respect and longing.

Green Roses: Harmony and Growth

Green roses reflect growth, harmony, and in some cases fertility, fitting for new beginnings and hopeful aspirations.

Burgundy Roses: Deep Beauty and Passion

Burgundy roses can often be used to represent deep beauty or convey deep passion.

Black Roses: Farewell or Major Change

Black roses are often associated with farewells or significant life changes, adding a unique twist to traditional floral messages.

Peach Roses: Sincerity and Gentleness

Peach roses can have a variety of symbolisms, but traditionally these spring flowers represent sincere sentiments and gentle affection. 

Numerology in Rose Symbolism

The number of roses given also holds significance, with each quantity carrying its own message.

Single Rose to a Dozen: Uncovering Hidden Messages

From a single rose symbolizing utmost devotion to a dozen roses signifying complete admiration, the quantity of roses speaks volumes about the sender's intentions.

Beyond the Dozen: Large Numbers and Their Significance

Large bouquets of roses can convey grand gestures of love or appreciation, making them perfect for momentous occasions.

Occasions and the Appropriate Rose Colors

Selecting the right rose color for different life events is essential for conveying the intended sentiment.

Weddings and Anniversaries 

For weddings and significant anniversaries, red and white roses are popular choices, symbolizing love, unity, and purity.

Sympathy and Support: Choosing the Right Color

During times of grief and loss, white and pastel-colored roses offer solace and support, conveying sympathy and compassion.

Birthday Celebrations

Interestingly, roses are also recognized as the June birth flower, making them a particularly meaningful gift for those born in this month.

Incorporating Roses in Your Life

Integrating rose floral arrangements into personal and event decor can enhance the beauty and overall ambiance to the fullest. While it certainly isn’t a necessity for most events big or small, there is no question that the addition of roses are impactful and memorable in every way. For those interested in DIY wedding arrangements, learning how to make a wedding bouquet with artificial roses can also add a personalized and lasting touch to your special day.

Decorative Ideas with Roses

From floral centerpieces to rose garlands and bouquets, roses can adorn homes and venues with elegance and grace. While floral centerpieces on guest tables may be an obvious choice, don’t forget to consider other areas that may be just as impactful; like the welcome sign or entryway decorated in floral garland or statement centerpieces. You may also consider small floral touches in the powder room for an unexpected touch.

Caring for Rose Bouquets and Arrangements

Proper care ensures that rose arrangements remain fresh and beautiful, prolonging their enjoyment. For the maximum lifespan of your rose arrangements, ensure the flowers are kept at a comfortable temperature. Prolonged heat or sunlight can cause wilted flowers once cut from the vine. Keep your arrangements watered and sprinkle nutrients to extend the overall life.

Discover Something Borrowed Blooms’ Rose Collection

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we offer premium silk flower arrangements available for rent. Offering an affordable, sustainable, and convenient way to celebrate any occasion with floral arrangements of all styles. From rose bouquets, to centerpiece arrangements, and personal florals, you can rent any item for a fraction of the price of fresh flowers. The affordably makes celebrating any event with flower arrangements obtainable. Consider renting beautiful rose and flower arrangements for your next dinner party, shower, or any special event. Flowers ship to you three days prior to your event and are returned after with a prepaid shipping label - it’s that easy! 

Celebrate With The Language of Roses

When planning your next event embrace the full spectrum of rose symbolism in personal and celebratory contexts, to ensure your enriching those special moments in life with their emotional and cultural resonance.

Each day we navigate life's milestones and joys, let roses serve as timeless reminders of love, beauty, and the enduring power of symbolism. We hope you’ll explore Something Borrowed Blooms for your next floral needs, infusing your special occasions with the love language of roses.

06 May, 2024

Taylor and Austin's New Orleans Wedding Celebration

Discover how Taylor and Austin’s dream wedding came to life with a romantic and traditional celebration adorned with exquisite rentable wedding flowers.

Hi, Laken here, co-founder and CMO of Something Borrowed Blooms! I’m so excited to pop in on our blog to share my sister’s wedding from this past December. At the time Something Borrowed Blooms was founded in 2015, I had already been married for 5 years, so I never had the opportunity to truly experience our rent and return wedding flower service first-hand. But helping my sister with her wedding was close as it comes to re-living the wedding planning experience. It was such an honor to assist her along the way, and an even greater honor to provide her with beautiful, stress-free wedding flowers.

I’ll take you through all the planning and wedding flower details resulting in the most beautiful, traditional New Orleans wedding. My sister, Taylor, and her now husband, Austin, were high school sweethearts. So each of our families have been family for years now, which made for an incredibly fun and lively celebration. I think the pictures tell it all!

Keep reading to learn all about how Taylor and Austin’s wedding dreams came to life.

The Planning:

I wanted to ensure Taylor and Austin chose the wedding flowers of their dreams and not my dreams, so when it came to planning flowers, I was sure to stress that there would be no hard feelings if they decided to go the fresh flower route. But, as with most Something Borrowed Blooms followers, it is REALLY hard to pass up the savings associated with rent and return silk wedding flowers. The savings allowed them to invest more in the beautiful, downtown New Orleans ballroom and a historic cathedral that captured their hearts! I love the freedom that Something Borrowed Blooms offers to so many couples – this never gets old for me!

They chose their wedding date based on the availability of the two venues, which resulted in a December 29th wedding. Right after Christmas and just before the New Year, it was sure to be a magical time. And naturally, the date and the venue took on a vibe - traditional, romantic, glam! Taylor chose a neutral color palette of black and white, with simple and elegant wardrobe selections that made a bold statement.

The Blooms:

The Wren Collection was an obvious choice for their wedding aesthetic. Featuring a beautiful mix of roses and orchids in white, cream, linen, and soft blush, her wedding flowers were luxe and perfectly enhanced each part of their wedding celebration. 

Taylor chose the Wren Bridal Bouquet (Hand-tied), but she did request a slight modification; removing the linen roses for a more monotone bridal bouquet. Ok, I know…. We don’t offer customizations, but it’s hard to tell your little sister no. If I didn’t point out this change, it’s likely no one would have noticed. BUT if you did, The Wren Bridal Bouquet Garden-cut is another great option for a monotone bouquet within this collection!

The Bridesmaids wore the Wren Bridesmaid Bouquet and my daughter, Kinsley (does that sound familiar?!), wore the Wren Posy, which is a great option for a junior bridesmaid. Our dresses were from our good friends at Revelry. This black satin Nadia dress was my favorite bridesmaid dress I’ve EVER worn. The swoop back was so elegant, and I felt great wearing it! YAY for a bridesmaid dress I’ll actually wear again!

The Groomsmen sported the Wren Boutonniere (single orchid), with Austin in the Wren Boutonniere (double orchid). It’s a great idea to choose a slightly different boutonniere for the groom. Most of the collections offer a variety of boutonnieres for this reason. And don’t be afraid to venture outside the collection to find a coordinating boutonniere from other collections.

Taylor hired Girls in Black, day-of-wedding coordinators, to assist with all the logistics, including the florals, on the wedding day. In my opinion, that was money well spent to ensure she was able to enjoy the day stress-free. Girls in Black did a wonderful job setting up and taking down all of the flower arrangements! 

The Ceremony: 

The Cathedral Taylor and Austin selected for the wedding ceremony truly didn’t need any wedding flowers. Its natural beauty and intricate architectural details command all the attention, but we did add a few floral elements to note the special occasion. Two grand centerpieces on tall gold stands were placed at the foot of the aisle, and Wren Aisle markers were used in the first few rows to designate the reserved pews. After the ceremony, the wedding coordinators moved the grand centerpieces to the buffet tables at the reception. It’s a great idea to plan for double duty on the grand centerpieces to really maximize your savings!

Since their wedding fell during the Christmas season, the church was adorned with red poinsettias. This detail played into Taylor’s decision on the Wren Collection. She knew it would complement the existing arrangements and not compete against them. It is important to think through any bold venue elements when selecting your wedding flowers, to ensure the most cohesive overall design on the wedding day.

The Reception:

To kick off the wedding reception, and in true New Orleans fashion, we second-lined from the cathedral and landed on the steps of the reception venue. This was probably my favorite part of the wedding day. Taylor and Austin were full of joy and love as they were surrounded by family and friends (and some strangers), dancing down the streets of the city. It was magical!

The reception venue was decked out in flowers. For the guest tables, a combination of Wren centerpieces in various sizes were used. Wren Grand Centerpiece on short gold stands were used for the family/reserved tables. Crystal votives were placed on smaller, high-boy tables. The crystal votives are absolutely beautiful - I’ve been sleeping on these! For the cake table, we repurposed our bridesmaid bouquets here and the bakery used the Wren Cake Clusters as the primary cake design.

Taylor designated a few other key areas that she wanted to be floral focused. The champagne tower, the avenue leading into the ballroom, and the beautiful ballroom windows overlooking the city. After walking the venue space with her, I put on my design hat and got straight to work on planning the details of these areas. Our blog is a great place for real wedding inspiration to design your own wedding, but be sure to check out our SBBlooms Insiders Facebook Group and our YouTube channel for additional inspiration and how-to’s. 

Let’s start with the champagne tower because creating this focal point was super easy. We used two pieces of Audrey Garland, a great compliment to the Wren Collection, to create a meadow at the base of the champagne tower. Simple, but elegant, and a beautiful focal point in the lobby.

Now, moving on to the avenue leading into the ballroom. The reception venue, The NOPSI, was originally the New Orleans Public Service building that was later converted into a hotel. Key elements from the original building were kept in place during the renovations, resulting in marble teller banks in the avenue. We dressed up the teller banks with Wren Garland and Gold Classic Candlesticks. Taylor also used this space to honor special deceased family members. The line of flowers down the avenue made for a beautiful entrance. 

At the foot of the Avenue, we created THIS floral install from our YouTube ‘How-to Series'. The floral install used several items from the Wren collection, along with Audrey Garland. Short centerpiece stands served as the base of this floral install.

And best for last, the ballroom! Taylor wanted to enhance the beautiful arched windows overlooking the city. Right when I saw the windows, I knew exactly what needed to be there! We used the Wren Garland to trail up the windows, as if they were natural growing flowers climbing up the windows. Suction cups with hooks (thank you, Amazon) were used to attach the pre-arranged garland to the windows. We also lined the window ledge with additional greenery garland and candles. The result was stunning!

The Review:

"We couldn't have been happier with the stunning flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms for our wedding day. From the moment we walked into the venue, we were in awe. The abundance of flowers throughout truly transformed the space, and we received countless compliments from our guests about how gorgeous everything looked. If you’re wanting to really maximize your wedding flower budget, Something Borrowed Blooms is the only way to go! Thank you, Laken, Lauren, and the whole team, for making our special day even more beautiful!"

21 April, 2024

Discovering the May Birth Flower: Significance and Symbolism

Birth flowers are a charming tradition where each month of the year is associated with a specific flower. These flowers hold symbolic significance and are often linked to the month's characteristics, historical context, and cultural beliefs. Birth flowers have been celebrated across various cultures worldwide, adding a personal touch to birthdays and other special occasions, such as weddings.

The May birth flower, in particular, holds a special place among these floral symbols, representing the month's essence and carrying its rich history and meanings. In May, two flowers are commonly associated with birthdays: the Lily of the Valley and the Hawthorn.

Overview of the May Birth Month Flower

The Lily of the Valley, otherwise known as Convallaria majalis, is a petite and elegant flower known for its bell-shaped blossoms and rich green foliage. Each stem typically bears multiple small, white flowers that hang delicately from the stem. The flowers emit a sweet fragrance that intensifies as they bloom, adding to their allure. The leaves are lance-shaped and glossy, forming a lush carpet beneath the nodding blooms.

As for the Hawthorn flower, it is a deciduous shrub or small tree that produces clusters of flowers in either white or pink hues, depending on the variety. The flowers are small and delicate, often appearing in dense clusters along the branches. Hawthorn blooms are typically accompanied by sharp thorns, adding a unique contrast to their delicate appearance. The foliage of the Hawthorn consists of lobed leaves that turn vibrant shades of red and orange in the fall, enhancing its ornamental appeal.

Both the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn have specific growing conditions and geographical preferences. The Lily of the Valley thrives in temperate climates and prefers moist, well-drained soil in partially shaded areas. Whereas Hawthorn prefers full sun to partially shaded areas in well-drained soil. Both flowers are native to woodland habitats in Europe, Asia, and North America, where they carpet the forest floor in springtime and are commonly found in hedgerows, woodlands, and open fields, where they provide food and shelter for wildlife.

Symbolism and Meaning

The Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn, as May birth flowers, hold a rich tapestry of symbolic meanings that resonate deeply with people around the world. These meanings often revolve around themes of love, renewal, purity, and happiness, contributing to each flower’s timeless appeal and significance as a May birth month flower.

The Lily of the Valley is commonly associated with purity and sweetness, making it a popular choice for weddings and religious ceremonies. Its delicate white blossoms symbolize innocence and purity, while its sweet fragrance evokes feelings of joy and happiness. Another fun fact is the Lily of the Valley's appearance in late spring also signifies renewal and the return of happiness after the long winter months, further enhancing its symbolic significance. Lately, we’ve been seeing a trend of Lily of the Valley incorporated in wedding flowers such as bridal bouquets, and we’re here for it!

Similarly, the Hawthorn symbolizes hope, protection, and resilience. Its thorny branches remind us of the plant's protective qualities, while its clusters of blossoms represent new beginnings and the promise of spring. The Hawthorn's appearance in May coincides with the season of growth and renewal, reinforcing its associations with hope and optimism.

Across different cultures, these two birth month flowers may carry slightly different meanings or interpretations, but their core symbolism of love, renewal, and happiness remains universal. Whether used in weddings, religious rituals, or as gifts for loved ones, these May birth flowers continue to captivate people with their beauty and profound symbolism, serving as reminders of life's joys and blessings.

The May Birth Flower in Modern Culture

In modern times, the May birth flower, whether it's the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn, continues to be cherished and utilized in various celebrations, as gifts, and for personal adornment.

Celebrations: The May birth flower is often incorporated into celebrations that occur during the month of May, such as weddings, Mother's Day, and May Day festivities. Both the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are popular choices for wedding bouquets, corsages, and floral decorations due to their elegance and symbolic meanings. These flowers add a touch of natural beauty and sentimentality to special occasions, enhancing the overall atmosphere of joy and celebration.

Gifts: As birth flowers, the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are meaningful gifts for individuals born in May. Their symbolism makes them the perfect birthday flowers or special gift for anniversaries. Whether presented as a bouquet or cut flower arrangement, these flowers carry a personal touch and convey heartfelt sentiments to the recipient.

Personal adornment: Both the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn can be worn as personal adornments, such as boutonnieres, hair accessories, or floral crowns. Their delicate blooms and fragrant scent add a romantic and whimsical touch to any ensemble, making them popular choices for special occasions like proms, graduations, and garden parties. Additionally, these flowers are often chosen as anniversary flowers due to their deep symbolic meanings, representing love and the renewal of happiness, making them a perfect gift to celebrate years of togetherness. Wearing these flowers close to the body allows individuals to experience their beauty and fragrance firsthand, creating memorable moments and enhancing their overall appearance.

Modern floral arrangements: In contemporary floral design, the Lily of the Valley and Hawthorn are often featured in modern arrangements that showcase their natural beauty and versatility. These flowers are prized for their aesthetic appeal, fragrance, and symbolic meanings, making them popular choices for both formal and informal settings. Floral designers may combine them with other seasonal blooms, foliage, and textures, such as the water lily, sweet pea, and larkspur, to create stunning arrangements that reflect the spirit of May and its spring flowers. Incorporating red roses into these arrangements can also add a classic touch of passion and romance, contrasting beautifully with the May birth flowers' purity and sweetness.

Celebrating with the May Birth Flower

Incorporating the May birth flowers into birthday celebrations or gifts can add a special and personal touch to the occasion. Here are some creative ideas to consider.

DIY Floral Crown Making Station: Set up a DIY floral crown making station at the birthday party. Provide guests with an assortment of fresh Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms, along with floral wire, tape, and ribbon. Encourage everyone to get creative and design their own floral crowns throughout the celebration. This interactive activity adds a fun and personalized touch to the party decor.

Floral-themed Birthday Party Decor: Transform the birthday party venue into a floral wonderland inspired by the May birth flower. Decorate the space with arrangements of Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms, along with floral garlands, centerpieces, and hanging installations. Use color-coordinated tableware, linens, and party favors to complement the floral theme and create a cohesive atmosphere.

Personalized Birth Flower Necklace: Create personalized birth flower necklaces featuring the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn. You can purchase customizable necklaces with a pendant or charm depicting the flower, or you can make your own using resin and dried flower petals. Add a personalized touch by including the recipient's birthstone or initials, along with a description behind the flower meaning to make it a meaningful and stylish accessory!

Floral-inspired Table Settings: Elevate the birthday party table settings with floral-inspired decor elements featuring the May birth flower. Use fresh Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms as table centerpieces, napkin accents, or place card holders. Pair them with rustic or elegant tableware and linens to create a visually stunning tablescape that reflects the beauty of spring.

May Birth Flower Inspired Wedding Themes and Decorations

Incorporating the May birth flowers into your wedding theme and decorations can infuse your special day with a personal and seasonal touch, evoking the beauty and symbolism of spring. Here are some creative ideas and practical tips for integrating the May birth flower, whether it's the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn, into various aspects of your wedding:

Bridal Bouquet: Opt for a bridal bouquet featuring the May birth flower as the focal point. Choose a lush arrangement of Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms, accented with complementary flowers, foliage, and textures. Consider adding meaningful elements such as colored ribbons to personalize the bouquet further.

Bridesmaid Bouquets: Extend the May birth flower theme to your bridesmaid bouquets by incorporating smaller arrangements of Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms to your wedding day flowers. Coordinate the colors and styles of the bridesmaid bouquets with the overall wedding theme and colors for a cohesive look.

Boutonnieres: Create boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen using single stems of the May birth flower, accented with foliage or other small blooms. These simple yet elegant boutonnieres will complement the bridal party's floral arrangements while adding a touch of sophistication to their attire.

Ceremony Decorations: Enhance the ceremony space with floral decorations featuring the May birth flowers. Line the aisle with potted plants or floral arrangements featuring Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms. Create a stunning backdrop for exchanging vows using an arch or canopy adorned with cascading floral garlands or clusters of the birth month flowers.

Reception Centerpieces: Design eye-catching centerpieces for the reception tables using the May birth flower as the main element. Arrange bouquets or floral arrangements of Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms in elegant vases or containers. Incorporate candles, greenery, or other decorative accents to add depth and visual interest to the centerpieces.

Cake Decorations: Incorporate the May birth flower into your wedding cake decorations for a touch of natural beauty and elegance. Ask your baker to create edible floral accents using sugar paste or fondant, or adorn the cake tiers with fresh Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn blooms. Coordinate the cake design with the overall floral theme of the wedding for a cohesive and harmonious look.

By incorporating either of the May birth flowers into various aspects of your wedding day, you can create a cohesive and memorable celebration that reflects the beauty and symbolism of the spring season. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and explore unconventional ways to use these beautiful blooms in your wedding decorations for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

The May birth flower, whether the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn, carries significant symbolism and meaning that resonate deeply with individuals born in this month. These flowers symbolize love, renewal, purity, and happiness, making them perfect choices for birthday celebrations, weddings, and other special occasions.

For couples seeking to incorporate the May birth flower into their wedding, Something Borrowed Blooms offers stunning premium silk flower collections to match the style of these flowers. Finding a collection to use as a ‘base’ and incorporating the Lily of the Valley or Hawthorne into the arrangements couldn't be easier. These high-quality faux flowers capture the beauty and elegance of the real blooms while providing the convenience of long-lasting, reusable decorations, with a seamless flower delivery service. Explore Something Borrowed Blooms collections to find the perfect May birth flower arrangements to complement your wedding theme and style.

08 April, 2024

Budget-Friendly May Wedding Flowers: Beautiful Blooms That Won't Break the Bank


Choosing wedding flowers that are both beautiful and budget-friendly is crucial for couples planning their special day. Flowers play a significant role in enhancing the ambiance and aesthetic appeal of the wedding venue, but they can also be a significant expense. 

Opting for in-season spring wedding flowers, such as peonies, tulips, garden roses, and sweet peas, is a smart strategy, particularly for May weddings. In-season flowers are more readily available and often less expensive than out-of-season blooms. Additionally, in-season flowers tend to be fresher, ensuring better quality and longevity for floral arrangements.

For couples seeking budget-friendly wedding flower options without compromising on style and elegance, Something Borrowed Blooms is an excellent resource. We offer a wide selection of high-quality silk wedding flower arrangements available for rent, saving couples a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. By opting to rent with Something Borrowed Blooms, couples can achieve the wedding flowers of their dreams without sacrificing their budget!

In-Season May Flowers for Spring Weddings:

Choosing in-season flowers for May weddings offers several benefits, but below are the top 3 benefits of choosing in season flowers for your spring wedding:

Cost-effectiveness: In-season flowers are more abundant during their peak season, which typically means lower prices compared to out-of-season blooms. This can significantly reduce floral costs for wedding decorations, bouquets, and centerpieces.

Environmental impact: Opting for in-season flowers supports local growers and reduces the carbon footprint associated with transporting flowers from distant locations. Additionally, in-season flowers require fewer resources for cultivation, such as water and energy.

Availability: In-season flowers are readily available from local florists and suppliers, ensuring a wide selection of fresh blooms for May weddings.

Below are the seven most popular spring wedding flowers: 

1. Lily of the Valley:

- Appearance: Delicate, bell-shaped flowers arranged along a slender stem.

- Color variety: Typically white flowers

- Scent: Sweet and fragrant.

- Symbolism: Represents purity, humility, and happiness.

2. Anemones:

- Appearance: Striking flowers with a dark center surrounded by colorful petals.

- Color variety: Commonly found in white, pink, red, and purple hues.

- Scent: Mild fragrance.

- Symbolism: Represents anticipation, protection against evil, and love.

3. Garden Roses:

- Appearance: Large, multi-layered blooms with a luxurious appearance.

- Color variety: Wide range of colors, including blush, peach, white, and red.

- Scent: Intensely fragrant, with a sweet and romantic aroma.

- Symbolism: Represents love, romance, and admiration.

4. Lilac:

- Appearance: Clusters of small, fragrant blossoms on woody stems.

- Color variety: Predominantly shades of purple, lavender, and white.

- Scent: Strong, sweet fragrance.

- Symbolism: Represents youthful innocence, love, and renewal.

5. Sweet Peas:

- Appearance: Delicate, ruffled blooms arranged along a thin stem.

- Color variety: Available in pastel shades of pink, purple, blue, and white.

- Scent: Intensely fragrant, with a sweet, floral aroma.

- Symbolism: Symbolizes blissful pleasure, gratitude, and departure.

6. Orchids:

- Appearance: Exotic, elegant blooms with intricate patterns and shapes.

- Color variety: Available in numerous colors, including white, purple, pink, and yellow.

- Scent: Varied; some varieties are fragrant, while others are scentless.

- Symbolism: Represents love, luxury, beauty, and strength.

7. Peonies:

- Appearance: Large, lush blooms with layers of delicate, ruffled petals.

- Color variety: Found in shades of pink, white, coral, and red.

- Scent: Intensely fragrant, with a sweet, floral aroma.

- Symbolism: Symbolizes romance, prosperity, and good fortune.

Diverse and Stunning Choices for Your May Wedding

Something Borrowed Blooms offers an array of diverse and stunning choices for spring weddings, ensuring couples find the perfect flower arrangements to complement their special day.

The Jane: Our tried-and-true green and white wedding flower collection! This premium silk floral collection features beautiful white and ivory roses, frosted green thistles, and lush eucalyptus greenery. 

The Cameron: A subtle but vibrant wedding flower collection that features gorgeous colors and textures including. Salmon and apricot colored Diana rose, airy white peonies, soft green tropical hellebores, and hints of pale peach ranunculus. This collection is sure to stun guests at any spring

The Taylor:  Made up of gorgeous antique beige peonies, lavender scabiosa, and a variety of ivory colored roses. You'll find hints of lavender among the lush silver dollar eucalyptus and lambs ear greenery. 

The Kinsley: This bright, bold collection has the perfect mix of whimsy and romance. The wildflower, hand tied look is made up of beautiful fuscia peonies, yellow poppies, queen anne's lace, and more!

The Millie: A soft and simple hand-tied silk floral collection. Featuring a mix of garden florals accented with light greenery. The collection includes shades of light blue, periwinkle blue, and creamy whites. Butterfly hydrangeas, lilac, English roses, and delphinium are used to create this collection of English garden-inspired florals.

No matter your wedding theme or personal style, you’re sure to find a collection that best fits your wedding vision!

Matching Flower Uniqueness and Color Variety to Your Wedding Theme:

Choosing flowers that complement the wedding's color scheme and theme is essential for creating a cohesive and visually stunning ambiance. To start, consider your wedding color palette. Look for flowers that either match or complement these colors. For example, if your color scheme includes shades of blue and ivory, opt for lilac, delphinium, and garden roses in similar hues. The Millie Collection would be the perfect choice for this color palette!

You can also take inspiration from your wedding theme or style when selecting your ceremony flowers, reception flowers, bouquets, or centerpieces. For example, if you're hosting a rustic outdoor wedding, opt for wildflowers in an array of different colors and sizes to complement the space. The Kinsley Collection is our go-to when it comes to a whimsical wedding theme.

Considering the symbolism of your flowers also adds a personal touch to your wedding day! Have a flower in mind that reminds you of your significant other? Incorporate this flower into the arrangements to commemorate your love. Or, maybe you’d like to honor a late family member by adding their favorite flower into the day.

Ideas for Bouquets, Centerpieces, and Overall Floral Decor:

Incorporating in-season spring flowers into wedding bouquets, centerpieces, and other wedding decorations can result in stunning and cohesive designs:

Bouquets: Create a romantic and delicate spring wedding bouquet featuring Lily of the Valley, Sweet Peas, and Garden Roses accented with sprigs of Lilac for a fragrant and ethereal look. Opt for a bold and dramatic bouquet by pairing deep purple Anemones with cascading white Orchids and lush Peonies for a luxurious and captivating arrangement.

Centerpieces: Design elegant and timeless centerpieces using Garden Roses, Peonies, and Lilac arranged in vintage-inspired silver vases or crystal bowls for a sophisticated and romantic ambiance. Create whimsical and charming centerpieces with clusters of Sweet Peas, Anemones, and Orchids displayed in vintage teacups or rustic wooden boxes for a shabby chic feel.

Other Decorations: Adorn ceremony arches or pergolas with garlands of Lilac, Garden Roses, and Orchids intertwined with flowing ribbons for a fairy tale-inspired backdrop. Incorporate Peonies, Anemones, and Sweet Peas into table runners or napkin rings for a cohesive and coordinated tablescape that exudes elegance and charm.

Combining these flowers with complementary themes can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding:

- For a romantic garden wedding theme, pair Garden Roses, Lilac, and Peonies with the Millie Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms, offering soft and romantic silk floral arrangements reminiscent of an English garden.

- Embrace a vintage-inspired theme by incorporating Lily of the Valley, Anemones, and Sweet Peas alongside the Taylor Collection, featuring classic silk floral arrangements in timeless colors and elegant designs.

- Achieve a modern and minimalist look by using Orchids as focal points alongside the Cameron Collection, offering sleek and sophisticated silk floral arrangements with clean lines and contemporary flair.

Exploring the collections that Something Borrowed Blooms has to offer allows couples to combine affordable and beautiful silk flowers with fresh in-season blooms, creating exquisite floral arrangements that elevate the overall look of their wedding while staying within budget.

If you're thinking of further enhancing your floral arrangements with other seasonal fresh flowers, consider hydrangeas, irises, and chrysanthemums, which also thrive in May and can add unique beauty and character. Something Borrowed Blooms provides versatile options that suit every couple's unique style and vision, whether used alone or paired with fresh blooms.

When selecting wedding flowers, it's essential to let your creativity and personal style shine. Start by considering your wedding's color scheme and theme, and then explore floral options that complement these elements. Think about the mood you want to evoke—whether it's romantic and whimsical or modern and sophisticated—and choose flowers accordingly based on your wedding ideas. Don't be afraid to mix different blooms, textures, and colors to create unique arrangements for your wedding party flowers that reflect your personality as a couple. Remember that your wedding flowers will be captured in countless photos and memories, so let your imagination run wild and select blooms that truly resonate with you.

The advantage of choosing Something Borrowed Blooms lies in its cost-effectiveness, variety, and timeless beauty. By opting for rental silk flowers, couples can enjoy luxurious floral arrangements with a seamless flower delivery service that won't break the bank. Our 20+ collections boast an impressive array of colors, sizes, and textures, allowing couples to match their spring wedding's color scheme and theme effortlessly. With Something Borrowed Blooms, couples can confidently adorn their May wedding with stunning floral decor that captures the essence of romance and celebration!

07 April, 2024

Samantha and George’s SBBlooms Wedding Journey

The Marlowe Collection from Something Borrowed Blooms steals the show at Austin Wedding


Love blossomed in the digital age for Samantha and George, who met on a dating app in the vibrant Bay Area. Samantha, a dedicated optometry student, found her match in George, a tech-savvy product manager. Their first date, beginning with brunch, turned into a magical sixteen-hour affair, sparking a connection that would lead them to the decision to tie the knot in the charming city of Austin, Texas. 

Keep reading to learn all about how Samantha and George’s wedding was adorned with premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

The Planning:

When it came time to plan for wedding flowers, Samantha faced the classic dilemma of choosing between real and artificial flowers. The desire for budget-friendly and sustainable options led her to the Something Borrowed Blooms community. Joining the SBBlooms Insiders on Facebook gave Samantha a visual playground, helping her envision the perfect florals for her big day. The firsthand experiences shared by fellow couples, along with their stunning photos and raving reviews, played a pivotal role in Samantha's decision to opt for premium silk flowers from SBBlooms. The community's feedback on the lifelike appearance of the flowers sealed the deal!

The Blooms:

The Marlowe Collection, with its vibrant mix of light and deep purple hues and greenery, captured Samantha's heart. Inspired by the styled shoot, Samantha found the Marlowe Collection versatile and well-suited for her winter wedding—a perfect fit. Samantha walked down the aisle with the stunning Marlowe Bridal Bouquet (Blanc).

The bridesmaids wore chiffon dresses from Azazie in ‘Twilight,’ which paired seamlessly with the Marlowe Bridesmaid Bouquets. The groomsmen sported dark navy suits accented with Marlowe boutonnières. George wore a lighter shade of navy suit with the Marlowe Boutonnière (Blanc) to coordinate with this beautiful bride.

The Ceremony:

Samantha's venue, Canyonwood Ridge, set the stage for a breathtaking ceremony, allowing the florals to serve as accent pieces. Marlowe Aisle Markers lined the aisle as Samantha walked towards a stunning ceremony set-up with two Marlowe Grand Centerpieces on tall gold stands—an effortless set-up that makes for a stunning space to say your ‘I do’s.’ 

The Reception:

Keeping cost and sustainability in mind, Samantha repurposed all ceremony decor for the reception. She used her bridesmaid bouquets in large gold mint julep vases, purchased during Something Borrowed Blooms’ annual clearance sale, with a mix of Marlowe aisle markers and classic candlesticks for table variation. The Bridal Bouquet and Aisle Markers adorned the sweetheart table, while the grand centerpieces were staged at the table's base. The stunning mantle behind the couple was decorated with Marlowe garlands and premium gold candles for added ambiance.

The Review:

Samantha's wedding journey with SBBlooms was seamless! The convenience of shipping florals to any location, combined with the worry-free delivery, allowed Samantha to focus on celebrating her special day. Guests and admirers alike marveled at the beauty of the blooms, often surprised to learn they were artificial. Samantha's pride in her decision reflected the overall success of her SBBlooms experience—from product quality to the entire process.

Congratulations to Samantha and George, we’re so honored to have been a part of your special day!

19 March, 2024

How to Make a Wedding Bouquet With Artificial Roses

When wedding planning intersects with wedding flowers, you may find yourself overwhelmed with options for wedding bouquets and the need to explore all options. While fresh flowers are a traditional selection, artificial bouquets have emerged as a smart alternative offering the perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and practical advantages. If you are considering the use of artificial flowers for your wedding day, we’ll take you through this detailed guide on how to make a wedding bouquet with artificial roses to equip you with the resources to confirm your decision.

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we specialize in premium silk wedding flowers for rent, saving couples over 70% in the wedding budget. Serving over 30,000 couples across the United States and Canada, we know a thing or two about wedding bouquets and artificial flowers. We offer a variety of wedding bouquet styles from hand-tied, round, cascading, and garden-cut, each perfectly designed by our team of highly skilled, professional florists. 

Benefits of Choosing Artificial Roses for Your Wedding Bouquet

There are numerous advantages for selecting artificial roses for your wedding bouquet, but we will narrow it down to our top 3 benefits for faux flowers on your wedding day.

Longevity and Durability: Silk flowers have an endless lifespan compared to fresh flowers. Fresh roses typically last about 4-5 days in peak bloom, while a faux rose can last forever and serve as a beautiful keepsake from your wedding day. Fake flowers are also very durable and can withstand just about any conditions on the wedding day, including extreme heat. On the other hand, delicate fresh flowers can be a challenge for outdoor summer weddings. With an artificial wedding bouquet, your flowers are guaranteed to look picture-perfect no matter where or when you tie the knot.

- Cost-Effectiveness: Opting for artificial roses for your wedding bouquet can be a budget-friendly choice. By doing a little wedding DIY or renting your artificial wedding bouquet from Something Borrowed Blooms, you can save a few hundred dollars or more depending on your overall selections.

- Variety and Availability: With silk wedding flowers, the options are truly endless. Silk flowers offer a variety of colors and styles available year-round. Meaning you can have exactly what you envisioned no matter the season or supply chain. That’s a huge piece of mind, knowing there won’t be any day-of surprise or changes in your wedding flowers.

Materials Needed for a DIY Artificial Rose Wedding Bouquet

With those benefits in mind, silk wedding bouquets are an easy decision! So let’s explore the DIY process further. Before you get started, there are a few materials and tips to consider when making your artificial rose wedding bouquet.

List of Supplies: First, you will want to gather the material needed to complete the design. We recommend a sharp pair of wire cutters, zip ties, floral tape, and silk ribbon. The silk ribbon is used to finish off the bouquet, hiding all the mechanics. So, be sure to choose something that fits your overall design and vision since this will be visible in the final product. 

Choosing the Right Artificial Roses:  Selecting the right artificial roses is key in creating a beautiful artificial rose bouquet. In our experience, the most realistic faux roses are made of high quality silk or real touch material. Other materials, such as foam or wood, can stand out as being unnatural. But when carefully mixing premium silk roses and real touch roses together, the outcome will closely mimic a fresh rose bouquet. In fact, the average person may not even know the difference.

Color is another important aspect to consider when selecting artificial roses. Be sure to choose colors that are found in nature. Although it can be tempting to select an artificial flower that matches other elements in your design objectives, if that color is not found in nature, it will stand out as being a fake rose indeed! 

Just as color is important, the size and shape of the faux rose is equally important and for the same reasons. By selecting faux stems with the right proportions, or just as you would find in nature, you will ensure the most realistic wedding bouquet design.

For those interested in broadening their DIY skills with artificial flowers, our guide on How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements can offer additional insights and inspiration.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Your Bouquet: 

Now that we have our supplies and faux flowers, it’s time to start designing the rose bouquet.

Shape Your Bouquet:

Let’s discuss the overall shape. There are many different shapes to choose from, but the most common for a rose wedding bouquet are the classic round shape, an organic hand-tied, or a simple garden-cut. 

Classic round bouquet: A classic round bouquet may be the most difficult to design, given the need for balance and symmetry and perfect curvature. But with careful placement and patience, this timeless look can be achieved. Start by prepping your rose stems by removing any greenery that is further than 1-2 inches down from the base of the rose bud with your wire cutters. If you are looking for a green-less bouquet, you will want to remove all greenery from the rose stem. 

Begin with two roses crossing the stems at the base of the rose bud, this will be the top of your bouquet and the highest point. Next, add additional roses on each side, keeping the top of the roses level, but doming the additional roses in shape. Continue to turn the bouquet, adding additional roses on each side. Continue turning the bouquet and adding additional roses in empty spaces, until the overall shape takes a round form, usually about 20-24 roses.

Hand-tied bouquet: A hand-tied bouquet is a little easier to create than a round bridal bouquet, since there is less symmetry involved and the overall shape is more organic. In this wedding bouquet design, greenery is typically used and/or different rose varieties, which provides dimension and texture. Consider a mix of tea roses (traditional roses), sweetheart roses (petite roses ranging 2-3 inches in size), spray roses (even smaller roses, with multiple buds on one stem), and garden roses (more textured roses). 

Again, start by prepping your faux rose stems by removing any greenery that is further than 1-2 inches down from the base of the rose bud with your wire cutters. Next, we recommend starting with a filler flower, which in a rose bouquet would be the spray rose or sweetheart roses or greenery. Start by crossing two rose stems in a X-shape, intersecting about 2-3 inches down from the bud. Continue the criss-cross method with additional rose varieties, crossing and intersecting stems in every direction. Vary the height of the stems to create the desired shape.

Garden-cut bouquet: A garden-cut bouquet is what we consider to be the easiest design to create for beginners. Think of a garden-cut bouquet as a simple gathering of flowers, more natural in shape and less of an overall design. For garden-cut bouquets, we recommend having just one or two rose varieties, the simpler the better for this style rose bouquet. 

Once again, we start by prepping your faux rose stems by removing any greenery that is further than 1-2 inches down from the base of the rose bud with your wire cutters. Next take 4-5 roses side by side, arranging them tallest in the center and tapering down on the sides. Then layer 3-4 roses side by side using the same method, adding that gathering in front of and slightly lower than the larger grouping. Repeat the same steps for the backside of the original grouping. Finish the design with a layer of 1-2 roses on each side of the design. 

Secure Your Bouquet

To finish each of the above designs, take a zip tie and secure the bouquets stems closest to where your hand is holding the stems together. Directly above or below your hand, whichever is easiest for you. Secure the zip tie firmly, allowing you to remove your hand from the design. Place another zip tie about 1 inch below the original zip tie. Next, we recommend using floral tape to cover the zip ties and wrapping around the rose stem. Typically, we cover about 3 inches of the stems in floral tape, leaving the bottom stems exposed for a natural bouquet look. 

Lastly, you can hide all the mechanics of your artificial rose bouquet with a satin ribbon of your choice. Wrap the ribbon around the stems, covering floral tape completely. Start in the middle of the taped area, leaving about 1 inch of ribbon out, wrap the ribbon tightly around the stems covering the top, then going back down the base to cover the bottom. Meet the ribbon back in the middle, where the 1 inch of ribbon sticks out and tie a knot at that point. Cut the ribbon tails to the desired length.

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we pride ourselves on the overall quality and design of our artificial bridal bouquets. Our faux bouquets are often mistaken for fresh flowers due to the time, skill, and artistry invested into the overall design. To shop our artificial bouquets, pre-designed and available to rent, visit our website. 

Tips for Personalizing Your Artificial Rose Bouquet

There are many ways to add your unique touch to your bouquet design. Creativity can blossom through the selection of rose varieties, the color palette, or the overall shape and design. The options are truly endless! You may even consider adding personal touches like unique accessories that hold sentimental value to you.

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Once your artificial rose bouquet is complete, you’ll be able to enjoy it long past the wedding day. Often couples will display the artificial bouquet within a vase in their home, providing for a beautiful floral arrangement and a sentimental token of their special day.

If you love the idea of an artificial bridal or bridesmaid bouquet, but are less inclined to DIY, you may consider our pre-made bouquets and wedding flower arrangements for rent. 

With Something Borrowed Blooms, you’ll have all the benefits of artificial flowers, but without the added time, skill, and even the cost of purchasing silk flowers associated with doing it on your own. And if the sentimental aspect of keeping your bouquet forever is important on your list, we offer a purchase option on our artificial bridal bouquets. 

We hope this blog provides you with all the information needed to have the wedding flowers of your dreams.


The SBBlooms Team

04 March, 2024

How to Make Artificial Flower Arrangements Like a Pro

Artificial flower arrangements can be a beautiful alternative to traditional, fresh flowers for all event types. From weddings and celebrations to small gatherings and everyday, faux flowers are a great choice. Learning how to make artificial flower arrangements is a skill that will provide value for a lifetime! 

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we’ve perfected the artistry of artificial flower design with our high-quality, premium silk wedding flowers, floral arrangements, and floral decor. Silk flower arrangements are our speciality and we’re delighted to share our passion with you.

Benefits of Artificial Flower Arrangements

There are endless benefits of artificial flower arrangements, but we’ll stay focused on the top 3 benefits for choosing faux flowers.

Longevity and Low Maintenance: Fresh Flowers typically have a lifespan of 1-5 days depending on the flower variety. Delicate stems like gardenia and hydrangeas may only last a day before wilting, while roses and a calla lily can last up to 5 days. However, an artificial stem can stay in peak bloom forever, without needing any special care, like water or sunlight.

Cost-Effective: While the cost of a silk stem may be the same or slightly more than a fresh flower stem, the long-term savings is substantial. When the added cost of professional labor is included the savings associated with learning how to make artificial flower arrangements are even greater! 

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we offer silk wedding flower arrangements for rent which provides our customers savings of over 70% compared to fresh flowers. The benefits of faux flowers on the wedding day are substantial, saving couples several thousand dollars for a single-time use.

Allergy-Friendly Options: Silk flower arrangements also provide the added value of being allergy-friendly. On the contrary, most fresh flowers often have a scent or pollen, which can be a deterrent for many people with any type of scent aversion or allergies. With silk stems, everyone is able to enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of nature without unwanted side effects or concerns. 

Getting Started: Selecting the Right Artificial Flowers

The most important element in achieving the most realistic artificial flower arrangement, is choosing the right faux flowers. There are so many options on the market for faux flowers. From silk and real touch to wooden and paper flowers, the options are endless.

However, if you are wanting to create a floral arrangement that can fool the eye, you will want to ensure you are selecting stems that most closely mimic flowers found in nature. 

Essential Tools: Before starting your design, you will need a few essential tools including, wire cutters, styrofoam, and glue. Optional tools include 18-gauge wire, for re-stemming select florals to better maintain the shape of the design

Material: In our experience, the most realistic faux flowers are made of high-quality silk or real touch material. We recommend mixing these two materials together to achieve the most life-like design.

Color: Color is another important aspect to consider when selecting artificial flowers. Be sure to choose colors that are found in nature. Although it can be tempting to select a flower that matches other elements in your design objectives, if that color flower can not be found in the wild, it will stick out as being fake. 

Shape/Size: Just as color is important, size and shape of faux flowers is equally important and for the same reasons. By selecting faux stems with the right proportions, or just as you would find in nature, you will ensure the most realistic design.

Variety: To create a balanced floral design, you will need three different types of flowers; a focal flower, line flower and filler flower. A focal flower is the flower that will immediately catch the eye, typically a focal flower has a distinct color or size/shape that commands attention. A line flower will create movement in your arrangement. Examples of line flowers include calla lilies, tulips, lilac, delphinium, or any floral variety that is more linear in nature. Lastly, filler lower which are smaller, less impactfully florals that are used to fill the spaces. 

At Something Borrowed Blooms, we pride ourselves on the overall quality and design of our flower arrangements. Our faux arrangements are often mistaken for fresh flowers due to the time, skill, and artistry invested into the design process. For those looking to extend their floral crafting skills, learning how to make a wedding bouquet with artificial roses can be a great next step, enriching your decor possibilities with personal touches.

Planning Your Design

Creating a cohesive look for your event involves careful consideration of both the theme and color scheme, ensuring that every element complements the overall aesthetic. Whether you prefer a monotone design or a vibrant array of colors across the spectrum, this selection is deeply personal and pivotal in setting the tone for your event. 

Equally important is the choice of container for your floral arrangement. With an array of options available, selecting a container becomes a reflection of your style. For those new to floral design or at an intermediate level, we recommend selecting a metal container that can hide a styrofoam base. Working with a foam base is the easiest approach for beginner to intermediate designers.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Artificial Flower Arrangement

Step 1. Preparing Your Flowers and Container: Start by cutting the styrofoam to fit the container of your choice. We recommend gluing the styrofoam to the container for added security. Let the glue adhesive dry before starting your design.

Step 2. Build your base with greenery: Cut each greenery stem to the desired length, as you are placing it into the styrofoam. Once you have a greenery base, start by placing your focal flower in a position where you want the most attention. 

- Step 3. Create Balance: Depending on your overall design objectives, that could be centered for a balanced design or off-centered for a more asymmetrical design. An odd number of focal flowers is recommended. Move to your line flowers next, again cutting the stem to the desired length and placing into the styrofoam base. And last, place the filler flowers and additional greenery to complete the design. The position of your focal, line and filler flowers will create overall balance and composition in your design. 

The artistry of artificial floral design is a skill developed through training and perfected over time. Our team of professional designers have spent countless years perfecting the trade. If time and skill are of concern, you may consider renting one of Something Borrowed Blooms’ ready-made options for your special event for added convenience, cost, and time savings. 

Enjoying Your Beautiful, Timeless Creation

Once your silk flower arrangement is complete, you will be able to enjoy it for years to come along, with the satisfaction and pride that comes with creating any piece of art! Whether it's for a special event where you might gift multiple flower arrangements to guests or you choose to donate them to senior living facilities and other meaningful causes, embracing reusability aligns with our commitment to minimizing waste.

If you have enjoyed this post, but want to consider hitting the easy button for a tried-and-true silk flower arrangement, shop our full line of centerpieces at somethingborrowedblooms.com. Our rent and return process is simple and stress-free delivering beautiful, pre-made arrangements to your doorstep 3 days before your event date, starting at just $28. 


The SBBlooms Team

03 March, 2024

Trending Wedding Color Palettes for Spring and Summer 2024

 Wedding flower inspiration for your Spring and Summer 2024 wedding

Spring is here, and with the changing of the season comes fresh inspiration for all of our newly engaged couples. 2024 is proving to be THE year of breathtaking weddings, and we can’t wait to see it all.

We invite you to embark on this journey with us as we unveil a world of inspiration tailored to make your spring wedding an unforgettable affair. Your love story, combined with the magic of spring, awaits in our Spring/Summer 2024 Lookbook.

Keep reading to learn more about the most anticipated looks of the Spring 2024 wedding season.

Did someone say wildflowers!? Our reimagined Kinsley Collection features a harmonious blend of pink butterfly ranunculus, radiant yellow poppies, playful white cosmos, fuschia peonies, and lush nandina greenery. This colorful and bold wedding flower design is perfectly on trend this season. 

And speaking of trends, this brand new wedding flower collection features the most popular boutonniere design this year, The Pocket boutonniere. A swap for the traditional lapel boutonniere designed to slip in and out of the pocket of any shirt, suit, or tux jacket.

To create endless color palette possibilities, pair the Kinsley Bridesmaid Bouquets or Posies with an array of different colored bridesmaid dresses like the ones below from our friends at Bella Bridesmaids. Adding different patterns and textures can help to add your bridal parties' individual style to the wedding day.  

WOW your guests with an unforgettable ceremony setup by stacking short and tall stands together to create a sturdy structure and layering the Kinsley Garland and the Kinsley Garland (Wisteria) in front of the stands. Create a lush base with a mix of large and Grand Centerpieces, and complete the look by wrapping Kinsley Garland around the front. 

View more Love in Bloom inspiration here

Pastels are here to stay this Spring, and with the 2024 Pantone Color of the Year being ‘Peach Fuzz,’ what better collection to feature than our beloved Cameron Collection. A subtle yet vibrant premium silk wedding flower collection featuring apricot-colored Diana roses, airy white peonies, soft green tropical hellebores, and a hint of pale peach ranunculus, with delicate forest fern.

If you’re in need of cake table inspiration, look no further! Recreating this stunning cake meadow has never been easier! Wrap the Cameron Garland around the base of your wedding cake for a lush meadow of greenery and flowers, such an easy yet impactful look for the table to take center stage. 

We have a fresh take on tablescape designs this season featuring freshly cut fruit! Recreate this vibrant tablescape design with Cameron Aisle Markers. Aisle markers can be the perfect choice for a table setting if you want minimal florals or are simply looking to stretch the budget further. Layer in candlesticks, like our Tulip Candlesticks (Set of 3), for eye-catching height variation and added ambiance. And for the finishing touches, accent the tablescape with fresh fruit, including pears, green grapes, and juicy grapefruit! The natural colors of the fruit pair perfectly with pastel wedding flowers

View more Pastel Perfection inspiration here!

There are no better words to describe our gorgeous Jane Collection! This neutral, green, and white premium silk wedding flower collection full of white roses, peonies, and lush eucalyptus isn’t going anywhere. Instead, we anticipate seeing this look paired with an unexpected color – Pale yellow. Time to channel your inner Kate Hudson!

Consider floral chains as a dainty approach to garlands! Suspended flowers are always a good idea, especially on the wedding day! Pair our White Cherry Blossom Garland and Real Touch Rose Spray for a ‘groovy nuptial’ background at either the ceremony or reception. Adding in some Jane Floral Swags can help create a lush floral install anywhere!

View more Timeless Elegance inspiration here!

Tell us, what wedding trends are you swooning over this season? Comment below. View our full Spring 2024 Lookbook here! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.

19 February, 2024