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Wednesday, March 30, 2022

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Ceremony Space

Recreate these three popular wedding ceremony flowers with ease.

By now, you’ve selected your ceremony location and most likely have envisioned your vows taking place in a specific spot. Since this will be one of the most photographed scenes from your wedding, it’s now time to put some focus on elevating the space with beautiful florals.

Keep reading to be inspired by the most sought after wedding ceremony spaces that can be recreated with premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms.

Ground Arch 

Since releasing our Spring 2022 Lookbook, #SBBloomsBrides have been obsessed over the featured ground arch using our newest Bianca Collection. With the luscious pampas grass and beautiful blown-out duchess roses and ranunculus, it’s easy to see why brides are dying to recreate this look for their ceremony space.

With a little creativity and DIY, the ground arch can be achieved in as little as 20 minutes by using large centerpieces and grand centerpieces, along with garlands from any collection! Start by placing the 4-6 grand centerpieces at the back and curve them towards the front. Add in 6-8 large centerpieces to create the arch and add 4-6 garlands on the ground to hide the centerpiece vases and finish off the look. Consider adding small centerpieces to help cover the gaps and create a seamless look. Voila! A beautiful focal point for you and your fiance to say ‘I do’.

This look would take a fresh florist hours to create and could easily cost $1,500+. But achieving this look with pre-arranged premium silk flowers takes a matter of minutes and a few hundred dollars.

SBBlooms Tip: Reuse the garland and various sized centerpieces at your reception to save on cost!

Trailing Arch

A true Pinterest-worthy setup! We’ve received lots of design questions on how to create our grand opening and Jane Collection install. Using our floral garland and grand centerpieces, you too can create this gorgeous trailing arch too!

Place two grid walls or similar structures to fit your style on either side of the ceremony spot. Start by placing one grand centerpiece on the ground, on the outer side of each wall. Next, zip-tie the garland at the inner corner of the grid wall and work your way down diagonally. Adding more garland as you go down creates a fuller look. Once you reach the bottom, wrap the garland around the vase of the grand centerpieces to hide the vase. This creates an emerging floral design. Repeat on the opposite side and you’re done!

Minimalist Floral Altar 

This ceremony design is an SBBlooms favorite! If you’re looking for an easy and simple way to elevate your ceremony space, look no further than our grand centerpieces and stands paired together. We recommend two tall and two short stands with grand centerpieces on top of each.

Place two stands on each side of the ceremony space and stagger one slightly forward and the other slightly back to create a stunning look with depth and interest.

How are you designing your ceremony space with SBBlooms? Tell us in the comments below.

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