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SBBlooms X Revelry

Perfect pairings of SBBlooms wedding flowers with Revelry's wide variety of bridesmaid dresses

Once you’ve decided on your color palette and overall wedding vision, it can be hard to imagine how everything will look together. Our friends at Revelry created some gorgeous combinations including our premium silk florals and their wide variety of bridesmaid dresses. No matter which SBBlooms collection you decide to rent for your big day, you are sure to find dresses from Revelry that your bridal party will feel beautiful and confident in!

Keep reading to get inspired by our top floral and dress combinations with Revelry.


We couldn’t have come up with a better name for this stunning lineup if we tried! Revelry styled our modern and elegant Wren Collection with their beautiful shades of Dessert Rose, Rose Quartz, and Cinnamon Rose. We’ve noticed our Pinterest feed overflowing with different colored bridesmaid dresses and we're especially loving this trendy ombre look. The dimension and tones of the satin gowns allow the florals to speak for themselves. With its natural design of overflowing blooms, the collection includes a beautiful mix of white, cream, linen, and soft blush open rose varieties paired with white and pale peach orchids.

Shop the WTOO Collection here.


We’re getting all the fairytale wedding vibes from this gorgeous pairing! Revelry’s French Blue tulle dresses with our garden-inspired Millie Collection is a match made in Heaven, not to mention perfect for any Spring or Summer wedding. Want your Bridal bouquet to be your ‘Something Blue’? Have your bridesmaids hold the Audrey bridesmaid bouquets while walking down the aisle for an all-white look. We LOVE when brides mix and match collections to achieve their desired aesthetic.

Shop the Millie Collection here.

Shop the Audrey Collection here.


We’re obsessing over the rich and velvety bridesmaid dresses Revelry offers, worn best in the colder months of fall and winter. Our all green Laurel Collection is stunning with any of Revelry’s velvet dress colors but we’re swooning over Romantic Rose and Emerald. If you’re looking to pair your velvet gowns with more flowers instead of greenery, the Taylor collection has a muted and modern color palette that’s perfect for any season. Looking for deep, moody, and romantic vibes? Look no further than the Stella Collection. Complete with marsala tones lightened up with shades of pale pink and grey to create a sensual, stunning look and an excellent choice for winter!

Shop all of the floral collections here.

Whether you’re imagining a traditional formal affair or an intimate backyard wedding, Revelry has on-trend bridesmaid dresses in every color, fabric, and style you can imagine. The best part? There are endless possibilities when it comes to matching them with our premium silk wedding flowers!

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29 June, 2021

How to Make the Most Out of Your Wedding Decor

Save hundreds by repurposing ceremony decorations for your reception

You’ve planned out the decor and flower arrangements for your wedding ceremony to a tee when you’ve suddenly realized you have a whole other event to decorate for; your reception! The price of decor quickly starts to rise as you finalize your table count and other areas like your welcome sign, cake table, and sign-in table. But decorating for your reception doesn't have to overextend your budget. Keep reading to find out how you can transform your reception by repurposing your ceremony decorations. 


We recently released grand centerpieces, which are just as grand as the name. These extra-large centerpieces make a BIG statement at the ceremony and reception. We’re full of excitement over these new centerpieces, so we’re overflowing with inspiration on how to elevate your ceremony and reception space, saving major dollars when compared to fresh floral centerpieces of the same size. 

These large centerpieces can be paired with our centerpiece stands for added height and impact. Stands are rented in two colors, gold and pewter, and two heights, 45” and 29.5”. Pair a stand and grand centerpiece together for the focal point or alter at your ceremony space and later move the display over to your buffet table at the reception. Not having a buffet-style reception? No problem. Repurposing your grand centerpieces at the head table or family of the bride and groom can be another way to pull double duty on these lovely flowers. Depending on the style and theme of your wedding, you may also choose to forgo a traditional stand and place these voluptuous centerpieces on top of wine barrels, as suggested by our SBBlooms Brides


We LOVE when our brides repurpose bridesmaid bouquets for the reception. Save money on centerpieces by using the bouquets for your tables. Purchasing some budget-friendly vases and placing them on tables or areas where you need extra blooms, is a great way to save money, and reduce the number of products you use during your wedding. Pictured below, an SBBlooms Bride got creative and lined her Taylor bridesmaid bouquets in front of the wedding party table. Another bride showcased her gorgeous Audrey Hand-tied Bridal bouquet as a focal point for her seating placement cards. 

Placing your bridesmaid bouquets around your cake table is also a great way to maximize your floral budget! Right after the ceremony, have your bridesmaids drop their bridesmaid bouquets off at the cake table. Arrange the bouquets in a semi-circle around the cake to create a lush floral arch. Read more on how to enhance your cake table decor here.

SBBlooms Tip: For collections with flat-backs, add a couple of posies to make the back look fuller. 


Aisle markers are one of our favorite products to decorate with because the possibilities are endless! These beautiful arrangements are so versatile and we have so many tips and tricks up our sleeves when it comes to decorating with them. Use the aisle markers to drape on the edge of your ceremony chairs or pews to line the aisle. You can also add to your arch by combining two or three together to create a swag element on one side. Move this arrangement to your welcome sign walking into the reception area.

Don’t be afraid to use our products in more ways than one! We love when our couples get creative and find ways to utilize our products other than their original purpose. Also to mention by doing this, you can save hundreds and you’ll have less cleanup to worry about at the end of the night. We hope we’ve inspired you to get crafty and think outside the box when it comes to your wedding decorations. 

Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.  For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips, collection reviews, and behind the scenes.

13 June, 2021

The Future of the Wedding Flower Industry

Something Borrowed Blooms’ Founders Share Exciting News on the Future!

 Something Borrowed Blooms Co-Founder & CEO, Lauren Bercier

It’s not often that we share business updates on the blog, but this news calls for all the spotlight because it’s GOOD and we couldn’t be more proud. New and exciting things are happening at Something Borrowed Blooms. We just completed our Series A Fundraising with a $1.5 million investment from a Venture Capital partner. Why? Because they believe that the future of the wedding flower industry is Something Borrowed Blooms - and so do we!

To date, we’ve served over 13,000 couples across the US and Canada with our rent and return silk wedding flowers. We founded Something Borrowed Blooms with cost savings in mind, but immediately saw a need to modernize the industry in a technical way by offering a stress-free and transparent eCommerce solution for wedding flowers. In doing so, we've created a business model that's truly unique, providing so much value to today’s modern couples looking for more sustainable and eco-friendly options for the wedding day. But this is just the beginning of the journey for Something Borrowed Blooms, because there’s still so much more to offer the industry that’s bound by tradition.

Each handwritten thank you note, online review, referral and tag motivates us to work harder to share our brand with more couples; providing affordable, sustainable and stress-free wedding flowers all over the US & Canada and beyond! With more capital and a stronger network we will continue to grow, expand, and most importantly - innovate!

We're excited for the future and we think you will be too. We'll soon be expanding our headquarters in Lafayette, LA, adding new product lines and services, and enhancing our online features, making the Something Borrowed Blooms shopping experience even better than today!

 Something Borrowed Blooms Founders, Laken Swan & Lauren Bercier

To our lovely past Brides, our new customers anxiously awaiting the wedding day, and those of you just in the market and exploring all your options - THANK YOU for supporting Something Borrowed Blooms.


Lauren and Laken


Something Borrowed Blooms

09 June, 2021

Say YES to Silk Wedding Flowers

Top 3 Reason to go Faux 

When it comes to planning your special day, wedding flowers are usually a high priority on your to-do list. With this, you’ll be faced with options - Fresh or Faux, each with pros and cons. Fresh flowers are a timeless choice, but anything but cost-efficient. If you’re open to other alternatives for floral arrangements, we’re here to tell you premium silk is the way to go! There are so many benefits to renting premium silk florals with Something Borrowed Blooms.


The first thing to consider when choosing your wedding flowers is the cost. If you’ve begun researching and receiving quotes from fresh florists in your area, chances are the price point has caused your heart to skip a beat, and not in a good way! As much as we all love extravagant fresh floral installs and bouquets, the price of these arrangements may seem impossible to fit within your budget.

Something Borrowed Blooms saves couples over seventy percent of the traditional cost of real wedding flowers. To put this into perspective, if you go with a fresh florist, you’re looking at paying around $60-$65 for each bridesmaid bouquet. Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, that can cost you a pretty penny. You can RENT your bridesmaid bouquets for $32 each with SBBlooms. A real bridal bouquet will put you at around $175-$250, when you can rent a stunning premium silk bridal bouquet, for $65. Want to keep your bridal bouquet forever and ever? Purchase your bridal bouquet and receive it never before used, just for you!


Not only does Something Borrowed Blooms beat the price of fresh florals, we also prioritize sustainability as one of our core values. By renting your wedding flowers and decor products with SBBlooms you’re not only saving thousands of dollars, but you’re also reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 

Our reduce, reuse, and recycle business model allows us to repurpose and rent out floral arrangements a number of times before being recycled. With our wide variety of decor products such as lanterns, candlesticks, and decorative jugs, you don't have to worry about the aftermath of wondering what to do with one-time use decor after the wedding day. Use them for your event and send them right back to us for the next couple to use. We also source our packaging from SFI Certified suppliers. What does this mean exactly? Our boxes are corrugated, 100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So you can be a budget-savvy and eco-friendly bride!


Let’s be real, the luxury of knowing exactly what you get is rarely achieved with fresh florists. You can provide countless inspirational photos but end up with something different on your wedding day due to supplier availability. Dodge that risk with silk flowers and know exactly what you’ll be walking down the aisle with - no surprises! With our user-friendly website, each product comes as it’s photographed. With 20 premium silk floral collections, you’re bound to find one that fits your wedding vision! 

Need help finding your wedding flowers? With our Blooms Styler quiz, you’ll be matched with the wedding flowers of your dreams by answering a few simple questions. The end of the quiz will curate an order of blooms ready to add to your cart. Need to make edits to your order? No problem! You can edit your order within your customer portal. If edits need to be made within 30 days of your event, please contact customer service for assistance.

We hope we’ve helped steer you in the right direction to make the best wedding floral decision for your special day. If you're still not convinced, see what our past SBBlooms Brides are saying about their rent and return experience. At Something Borrowed Blooms, we are passionate about making the wedding flower process easy, stress-free, and affordable for all of our wonderful couples.

Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.  For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips, collection reviews, and behind the scenes. 

31 May, 2021

How to Find your Wedding Flower Style

Take the Bloom Styler quiz to find your dream wedding flowers in just 3 simple steps.

If you’re just starting to explore wedding flowers for your special day and you’re not sure where to start or you're feeling overwhelmed, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through the 4 most common styles to help identify your favorites style and then in just three simple steps we’ll match you to your dream wedding flowers. And not to worry, our suggestions will be affordable, stress-free, and easy, so look no further. 

With our newly launched Bloom Styler quiz, it’s never been easier to find the wedding flowers of your dreams! Answer a few simple questions about your wedding vision, and receive a personalized order ready to add to your cart. The first question may be the hardest - What is your wedding style? We know this question can be a little overwhelming, so keep reading to find out which aesthetic fits your vision best.


If you consider your style to be traditional, you’re probably drawn to round nosegay bouquets, white or lightly colored florals, and hints of lush greenery. Pair this combo with a gorgeous ball gown or simple crepe wedding dress and black tuxedos for the guys, and your fairy tale wedding is complete. 

Our favorite collections to feature with traditionally styled weddings are our Audrey, Jane, Sophia, and Charlotte collections. Each of these collections features white florals with some accents of lighter tones. One of our SBBlooms Brides even added her own light pink floral touches to the all-white Audrey Collection. We LOVE when brides get creative with our bouquets!

If classic and neutral best describes you, then you’re a traditional Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here. 


Modern weddings seem to be all the rage with our brides these days and we are HERE for it! Sleek, minimalistic, and contemporary are the perfect words to describe the vibe for this unique wedding style. If monochromatic color schemes and trendy decor elements are flooding your Pinterest wedding board, then you want anything but a traditional ceremony and reception. 

Our Gemma Bougainvillea is our most show-stopping Bridal bouquet, sure to make a statement while you walk down the aisle. Other collections such as our luxe Wren, Taylor, and Millie are our go-to modern wedding floral collections. Pair any of these collections with our new modern bud vases and single stem plumes for a true avant-garde feel. 

If you’re the trendy minimalist, then modern is your style! To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here.


No cathedral veil for you, a wide-brim hat, and a beautiful ivory lace gown is what’s singing your tune. You envision your bridesmaids with floral crowns or different styled dresses while your ceremony backdrop is draped with hanging macrame panels. Line your aisle with vintage oriental rugs and our rattan jugs filled with our gold monstera leaves for a free-spirited yet elegant look. 

Our top choices for bohemian weddings include our Nina, Kinsley, and Laurel collections. If you want natural elements to take center stage, we recommend going with our Laurel collection. A stunning wedding floral collection that features nothing but wild and free greenery. Looking for more color? Nina and Kinsley will not disappoint! Both collections include bright and bold color palettes with the Nina including pampas grass, a SBBlooms Bride favorite! 

If eclectic but natural best describes your taste, then you’re a Bohemian Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here. 


Rustic weddings are here to stay. We never grow tired of ceremonies held in beautifully restored barn venues. If you find yourself swooning over wooden farm tables and twinkling fairy lights, then a rustic-style wedding is what you aspire to achieve.

Our Olivia, Shelbie, and Stella collections pair beautifully with all of the natural elements that a rustic wedding entail. Our Olivia collection includes coral and white roses with hints of rosemary and olive branches. Our Shelbie collection features gorgeous magnolias and real-touch camellias, living up to her charming southern name. Last but certainly least, our Stella collection is a dark and moody color palette lightened up with shades of pale pink and grey to create a sensual, stunning look. 

If simple and romantic describe you, then you’re a Rustic Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here.

Once you’ve identified your style, you’re ready to be paired with the perfect floral collection of your dreams.  Head over to our Bloom Styler quiz to be matched with a collection that best suits your overall aesthetic.

Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.  For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips, collection reviews, and behind the scenes.

10 May, 2021

5 Ideas for a Waste-Free Wedding

A resource guide for eco-friendly and sustainable choices for the wedding day

something borrowed blooms

Photo Credits: Sarah Wockenfuss Photography

We’re celebrating earth day with tips and suggestions for eco-friendly and sustainable wedding selections. If being eco-conscious is important to you as a couple, you’ll love these ideas for a waste-free wedding. It’s easy to embrace sustainability on the wedding day by exploring all the rental options available. We’ll share some of our favorite rentals along with ways to reduce your carbon footprint by going paperless too! 

Renting is Recycling

There are SO many rental options in the wedding space. You will probably immediately think of tuxedos and decor as traditional rental choices for the wedding day, but there’s so much more to explore. And renting makes perfect sense since most items are only used for a couple of hours before being tossed in the trash at the end of the night. What a waste?!

1. Wedding Flowers for Rent

Yes, renting wedding flowers is a thing! At Something Borrowed Blooms, we specialize in premium silk wedding flowers that are both on-trend and on-budget. Our collections of beautiful silk wedding flowers are refreshed after each use to ensure the highest quality with each rental. Flowers are passed on from one wedding to the next, providing the most sustainable wedding flower option on the market. And these eco-friendly florals also include many other benefits including full price transparency; our prices are the same all year long, so you don’t have to pay a premium during holidays and unlimited availability; our flowers are always in season no matter where or when you tie the knot! 

something borrowed blooms

Photo Credits: Sarah Wockenfuss Photography

2. Bridesmaid Dresses for Rent

If your guys are renting suits and tuxedos, why treat your best girlfriends differently? Offer them an affordable and sustainable option with dress rentals through Rent the Runway. They will certainly appreciate the savings on this one-time wear! 

We love Rent the Runway’s designer options for Bridesmaid dresses including Amsale, Monique Lhuillier, Badgley Mischka, and Watters. Provide your bridesmaids with a color choice or style direction and allow them to do the rest. It’s hard to go wrong with Rent The Runway, so delegate this task and allow your Bridesmaids to do the rest!  

3. Rent the Accessories

When it comes to the small details to complete your wedding day look, you’ll often find yourself making purchases for items that are one and done. We’re talking about veils, intricate costume jewelry, hairpieces, and special occasion jackets and shawls. Eliminate the waste with rental options from Happily Ever Borrowed. Similar to Rent The Runway, this bridal-focused rental brand promises to bring you great quality and designer brands at an affordable price. 

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400lbs of waste?! There are so many ways to eliminate paper on and before the wedding day, and deciding to go completely paperless can significantly reduce that figure.


Photo Credit: Zola

4. E-Invites for the Win

Leading up to the wedding date, there are so many events that traditionally require paper invites. Think engagement party, bridal shower, couple shower, bachelor party, rehearsal dinner, save the dates, and finally the wedding invite. 

Consider going paperless for some or all of these events! It's no surprise that digital invitations are preferred over paper by both GenZ and Millennials. Our lives are grounded by technology and our digital devices, so it just makes sense for these important events to sync! Zola offers free wedding websites that provides customization and online RSVP.

But if you are dead set on a paper invite, by all means, be sure to select one made from eco-friendly providers like Paper Culture offering 100% recycled paper.  

5. Skip the Wrap

Give your guests a pass to skip the fancy packaging, paper wrap, and bows. All that paper adds up to a bunch of trash, and there’s little surprise anyway when you’ve hand-selected everything on your registry. Be sure to inform your guests through the invite to ensure your requests are known.

something borrowed blooms

Photo Credits: Sarah Wockenfuss Photography

Being eco-conscious is one of our top priorities at Something Borrowed Blooms. We are committed to providing couples a more sustainable & eco-friendly alternative for wedding flowers. So we love taking a part in spreading the word on all eco-friendly wedding day options. There really are so many ways you can keep our beautiful planet in mind while celebrating your special day. Share your thoughts with us in the comments! 

21 April, 2021

Micro Wedding Bliss

Something Borrowed Blooms Couple, Avery and Colin's Journey to Marriage.

The days of large, elaborate, and blowout weddings have taken a back seat with intimate ceremonies on the rise, as more and more couples are opting for romantic, intimate, and quaint gatherings with their closest family and friends. We call these sweet ceremonies, micro weddings. There are so many things we love about micro weddings, but mostly the thoughtful intention of keeping focused on what’s most important - the unity of TWO people in love. And although micro weddings aren’t always a couple’s first choice, they are always perfect in the end. 

Real bride, Avery, shares her experience of unprecedented wedding planning and making the best of her wedding in beautiful Hot Springs, Arkansas. From two COVID-19 reschedules and an unpredictable hurricane hitting the Alabama shore, high school sweethearts, Avery and Colin, rescheduled their wedding THREE times. 

“At that point, we were feeling pretty defeated and I was ready to just go to the courthouse. But behind the scenes, my parents booked a cabin in the middle of Hot Springs, AR and my wedding party cleared their schedules yet again and paid their way to be in Arkansas with us. We ended up getting married at our cabin using only the furniture that they had there and my bridal party decorated my entire ceremony the morning of. Luckily, we still had our huge order from Something Borrowed Blooms that included a ton of votive candle holders, bridesmaid bouquets, garlands, wreaths, lanterns, and candles, and my bridal party was able to use the flowers in such a unique way and decorate the ceremony space!”

With a box of blooms in tow, the bridal party and couples’ families headed to Arkansas for a wonderful weekend of love! The wedding was to commence as it would have originally, the first go-round. The bride and her bridesmaids all got ready together on the top floor of the cabin while the groom and his men suited up with boutonnieres in the basement.

The ceremony was held in the front yard where Avery and Colin each said their vows and sealed the deal with a kiss. The night carried on with the first dance and of course, the traditional cutting of the cake. The cake table was decorated with real and silk blooms including the bridal bouquet, countless polaroid selfies of the bride and groom as well as their guests, the toss bouquet, and votive candle holders for ambiance. 

We’re so happy Avery and Colin’s wedding day turned into a perfect dream. It’s our top priority to make wedding planning as easy and stress-free as possible. Even during unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable times. And assisting Avery with rescheduling her order THREE times and downsizing her order to better fit their needs, is a testament to that!

We hope this real couple’s journey to marriage has eased your stress of wedding planning. Because in the end love will always find a way. Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.  For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips, collection reviews, and behind the scenes.

11 April, 2021

4 Ways to Enhance your Cake Table

It’s the end of your fairytale wedding and you can’t wait to sink your teeth into that frosting-covered three-tiered cake. Whether you chose the traditional wedding cake flavor, raspberry lemon swirl, or mouthwatering devil’s food chocolate, the outside can look as good as the inside. The most sought-after dessert at your wedding is a focal point in itself! Before you cut the cake and stuff each other’s face, here are 4 ways to make your wedding cake table a sight to see!


When it comes to decorating the wedding cake, flowers are the most traditional element. For decades, wedding cakes have been embellished with trailing roses and greenery. That often means coordinating with your baker and florist to make the magic happen. Typically, the florist accents the cake on the day of the wedding during the flower install. Be sure to mention this to your florist if this is a service you want to be included in your floral budget.

You may also consider accenting your cake with silk flowers over fresh to save time and money. Consider options like Something Borrowed Blooms’ Cake Clusters. These perfectly curated silk flower bundles are the perfect addition to any wedding cake. 

With cake cluster bundles to match all sixteen silk wedding flower collections, it's never been easier to coordinate all your floral elements for a cohesive look. And the cake clusters flowers are a purchased item, so there’s no need to return them! Have your baker add these loose stems to your cake, and toss them at the end of the night. Shop all of the cake clusters here.

SBBlooms Insider Tip: Cake Clusters are also PERFECT for those flat lay shots your photographer loves to capture! Purchase an extra set for day-of-the-wedding detail shots.


Adding a few decor pieces can elevate the table’s overall look and feel. Drop-in some bud vases filled with loose stems to bring in more floral elements. Add some height by placing the bud vases on glass risers to bring dimension and align with the cake’s elevation. Create some ambiance with a variety of votive candle holders and lanterns. Snap a pic with your bridal party toasting cheers and you’ve got the perfect wedding album cover! Shop all our decor products here.


There’s no better way to repurpose your bridesmaid bouquets after the ceremony than on your cake table for the reception! It’s important to have a thoughtful place identified to display your bridesmaid bouquets at the reception to maximize your floral budget! If not, they’ll likely end up scattered in disarray on tables and chairs across the venue - what a waste! Right after the ceremony, have your bridesmaids drop their bridesmaid bouquets off at the cake table. Arrange the bouquets in a semi-circle around the cake to create a lush floral arch. Shop bridesmaid bouquets here.


Of course, we can’t talk about cake tables without mentioning floral garlands. These versatile florals can be used for just about anything! You may also consider placing a floral garland around your cake table to create a lush floral barrier between your guests and that yummy cake. Simply place the garland at the edge of the cake table and voila! Shop all of our garlands here.

We hope these ideas help you finalize your cake table decor. After all, so many pictures from the night will be around this beautiful display! Join our SBBlooms Brides Facebook group to get all the insider pro tips and advice from past and present SBBlooms Brides.  For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, follow us on Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel for DIY tips, collection reviews, and behind the scenes.

23 March, 2021

Hello Nina

Rust & Terracotta Wedding Flower Inspiration

Something Borrowed Blooms’ newest wedding flower collection will make your sunset dreams come true.

Nina is FINALLY here! We know you’ve all been patiently awaiting the arrival of our boho-inspired collection. We are so excited to debut Nina, a silk wedding floral collection from Something Borrowed Blooms that effortlessly captures the essence of a romantic western sunset. A warm and dreamy color palette with a variety of florals, making your bohemian wedding dreams come to life. Needless to say, our design team was in heaven creating this photoshoot. Follow along to shop the look!


Of course, the inspiration for Nina started with what we’re passionate about, the blooms. Nina is lush and fierce, featuring a variety of terracotta and light pink open dutchess roses. Accented with dusty lavender and rust ranunculus, and dark plum apple blossom sprays. Beige pampas grass and hints of curly willow provide the right amount of texture.

The full collection includes a bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, posies, a pomander ball, garland, hair accessories, and coordinating florals for your fur family. Each piece is delicately designed with fresh florist techniques to create the most life-like wedding flower arrangements for rent.

The Nina Bridal Bouquet is a gorgeous hand-tied, organically shaped floral arrangement, with each product matching accordingly. The Bridesmaid bouquet is smaller than past collections, but with this one, we like to think less is more. The posy is a delicately sized arrangement, most often used by the Mother of the bride or groom or even the junior bridesmaid in your wedding party. We especially love options available in the boutonniere designs, allowing you to choose a design that best suits your aesthetics. Shop Nina Wedding Flowers here.


For this photoshoot, we knew it was essential to find dresses that complimented the collection’s overall look and bold feel. For the bridesmaids, we alternated an array of terracotta, blush, and cinnamon-colored dresses from our friends at Revelry. Each style and color matching perfectly with the vibrant colors of the Nina Collection. These satin dresses shimmered in the sun and gave off a beautiful glow!

For the Bride, a stunning vintage-inspired lace gown from Willowby by Watters. The best part about this wedding dress... TWO styles in one! Walk down the aisle in a gorgeous layered nude lace gown and remove the bottom layer for the reception and dance the night away! Pair with a statement hat like this ivory ranch fedora from Lack of Color for a bold look. Perfectly boho and all things pretty here.


The setting for this shoot was in-studio, but can easily be recreated anywhere! We chose a white backdrop to let the bold colors of Nina shine through. Our easy DIY copper arch displayed the Nina Garland perfectly. The floral garland is densely designed with lush silk floral blooms, featuring an abundance of florals on one end which is scaled down with soft pampas grass creating a modern, chic design. We’re obsessed with the technique used to design this garland!  

We incorporated softer beige elements, such as pampas grass picks to put in varying sizes of rattan jugs and macrame panels from our friend Kim, at Noble Heart Fiber Co. Adding fun velvet mauve chairs from Pure Vintage Rentals, was the perfect finishing touch for our sweetheart table design.

We hope our Nina Collection photoshoot gives you all the wedding inspiration needed to wrap up your planning! For a more in-depth guide on everything we used for this shoot, check out our Nina Pinterest board. For more inspiration, browse all of our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration!

10 March, 2021

4 Trending Spring Wedding Color Palettes

The top colors of the season to inspire your wedding planning.

Winter will soon be coming to an end and our favorite season is just around the corner. SPRING - the ultimate wedding season! With the new season approaching, we’ve released our newest lookbook featuring spring wedding flower and color palette inspiration. Cue the warm breeze, fluttering butterflies, and garden weddings because spring is here and we are ready to see all of our SBBlooms Brides flourish on their special day.

Our design team has pulled together the top four color palettes for Spring 2021. Keep reading to be inspired!

SOFT NEUTRALS@anatreuilphotography

Neutrals aren’t going anywhere this season! This soft color palette carries the essence of simple femininity and is perfect for the traditional and timeless bride. Our Sophia Collection is the essence of classical spring and pairs best with lighter colors such as David’s Bridals Ballet and Biscotti. Have your groom and his best guys in The Groomsman Suit’s trendsetting light steel blue for a modern touch. 

View more Soft Neutrals inspiration here!

PEPPY PINKS@anatreuilphotography

Fun and flirty, this color palette is a dream and we are here for it! Shades of pink and lavender paired together make the sweetest combination. Our Charlotte Collection features soft pinks and whites made up of many varieties including anemones, garden roses, dahlias, peonies, lavender spray, and hints of greenery.

Recreate this look with Desiree Hartsock’s gorgeous midi bridal gown, Reese. The perfect dress for a mini-mony or garden wedding! Enhance your ceremony design with silk floral garlands just as we did here with the Charlotte Garland. These custom silk garlands are delivered to you just as they are shown here. No DIY needed, these silk beauties are ready for show! It couldn’t be easier to make your ceremony Pinterest perfect! Add our Rattan Jugs in varying sizes for height and dimension.

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MUTED BOLD@anatreuilphotography

This bold but muted pastel color palette is giving us major tropical vibes! The easy transition from soft pink to sage is smooth and effortless. Our Cameron Collection features all of these colors in beautiful lux arrangements with dark greenery for texture. Pair with David’s Bridals Dusty sage bridesmaid dresses, and The Groomsman Suit’s Brilliant Blue suit for a cohesive look. Rent the Cameron garland for photo opp decor or drape along dining tables for a long floral centerpiece.

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BLUSHING BLUES@anatreuilphotography

‘Ethereal’ is the only word that comes to our minds when we lay eyes on this dreamy color palette. A deep periwinkle blue paired with seafoam and light grey tones is a match made in SBBlooms heaven. Our spring favorites just wouldn’t be complete without our sweet Millie Collection. Pair Millie wedding flowers with the gold satin Verona Cowl dress and the Fairytale Maxi Dress from Show Me Your MuMu and allow the blue florals to really take center stage!

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Tell us, what color palettes are you swooning over this season? Comment below. View our Spring/Summer Lookbook here! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.

10 February, 2021