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Gemma Bougainvillea Watercolor Print


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Dried Brown Pampas Grass (Pack of 6)


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Cream Rose & Peony Bundle with Eucalyptus


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Wren Centerpiece


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Jane Pomander Ball


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Gemma Corsage


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Charlotte Bridesmaid Bouquet


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Kimpton Large Centerpiece


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Charlotte Aisle Marker


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Taylor Bridesmaid Bouquet


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Seeded Eucalyptus Garland


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Millie Boutonniere (Delphinium)


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Kimpton Boutonniere (Red Rose)


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Stella Boutonniere (Burgundy Ranunculus)


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Audrey Bridesmaid Bouquet (Hand-tied)


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Signature Candlesticks Set of 3 (Gold)


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Classic Candlesticks Set of 3 (Silver)


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Antique Copper Candlesticks Set of 3


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Gold Herringbone Lantern (Small)


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Gold Herringbone Lantern (Medium)


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Tulip Candlesticks (Set of 3)


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Classic Candlesticks Set of 3 (Gold)


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Kimpton Posy


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Charlotte Dog Collar


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Olivia Boutonniere


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Shelbie Dog Collar


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Charlotte Floral Comb


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Laurel Garland


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Laurel Large Centerpiece


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Shelbie Centerpiece


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Top 4 Most Requested Wedding Ceremony Ground Floral Arches

How to recreate 2023’s trending ceremony set-up

Since the release of our Bianca Collection, the grounded floral arch trend has really taken off, and, for good reason! Who wouldn’t want to say their “I do’s” gathered by a sea of gorgeous premium silk flowers? In fact, we’re hearing so much about grounded arches lately, we thought we’d share our top four most requested collections featuring the trending ceremony install.

For those of you that may not be familiar, The Grounded Floral Arch is a popular wedding ceremony floral install. Think of the full and lush blooms you’re accustomed to seeing suspended from an arch or arbor, but instead anchored to the ground. These horseshoe-shaped grounded floral arches are gaining popularity, especially for outdoor ceremonies with natural backgrounds. With no frame or structure required for assembly, this floral installation can essentially be created anywhere!

Keep reading to get the full scoop on how to create grounded floral arches for your wedding ceremony. And be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see our Creative Director; Molly bring them to life from start to finish.


Our most popular collection, the Jane collection, at no surprise is the most requested grounded floral arch. Featuring lush eucalyptus greenery and white garden roses, a grounded floral arch with these blooms would create a stunning traditional ceremony set-up, with a modern flare.

To create a Jane ground arch, take a look at our recipe below. 

Watch our Creative Director install a Jane Ground arch here!


Two collections that go hand-in-hand! Both collections feature gorgeous open roses and light pink hues, with the perfect amount of texture. And, when mixed together create a stunning tone-on-tone custom wedding flower look. 

SBBlooms Bride, Stephanie created the ceremony set-up of her dreams using the Bianca Collection alone. Her advice when recreating the set-up is to refer to our Instagram video linked here.

See below for our Bianca and Wren ground arch recipe!

Click here to see a tutorial on how to create the Bianca & Wren Ground arch.


SBBlooms Creative Director recently got married using the Millie Collection. She took a different approach with the grounded arch, by essentially breaking it up into two parts for a more organic look.

Start this ‘Broken arch’ look with two grand centerpieces on one side and three on the other. Add in your custom garland in the front to cover the vases, and place large and standard centerpieces in between for filler.

Recreate the Millie Ground arch with the products below.

Click here to watch the Millie Ground arch come to life!


We can’t wait for a special couple to recreate this lush magnolia ground arch using our Shelbie Collection! A neutral and warm, white and green wedding flower collection with gardenias, magnolias, and camellias. A ground arch made with this collection would be a southern dream.

Recreate a Shelbie Ground arch with the products below.

See the Shelbie Ground arch here!

Tell us in the comments, which collection will you be creating a grounded floral arch with for your special day?

13 December, 2022

Which Bridal Bouquet Style are You?

A guide to all Wedding Flower Bridal Bouquet styles and varieties.

Once you’ve learned all the amazing benefits of renting your wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms, you’re ready to start your wedding flower planning! But, after looking through all of our premium silk floral collections, you might ask yourself these questions — what do all the different bridal bouquet styles mean, and which one is right for me?

Keep reading to learn more about all the Bridal bouquet styles SBBlooms has to offer and check out the YouTube video below to see our CEO Lauren explain each style.

Round Bridal Bouquet 

The most traditional bridal bouquet style of them all! A round bridal bouquet is a tight round-nose-gay bouquet perfect for the classic and elegant bride. Think Paris Hilton wedding chic! If you’re looking for a bridal bouquet that will stand the test of time, a Round Bridal bouquet is for you! 

Shop more round bridal bouquets with the Kimpton, Audrey, Charlotte, and Sophia Collections. 

Hand-tied Bridal Bouquet

Our most popular style bridal bouquet is the Hand-tied bridal bouquet. Our hand-tied bridal bouquets are organically shaped floral arrangements with lots of movement and made to look ‘hand-tied’. Most commonly designed with defined front and back and fanned-out shape. The hand-tied bridal bouquet is our signature design at Something Borrowed Blooms, so most of our collections include a hand-tied Bridal bouquet. And, if a collection only has one bridal bouquet, it's most likely a hand-tied style! 

Shop hand-tied bridal bouquets with the Taylor Collection.

Garden-cut Bridal Bouquet

One of our favorites! The garden-cut style bouquets are longer in stem length and more abundant in floral stems. With little to no texturized elements, this style bouquet is very modern and what we consider to be a true statement bouquet. 

If you're looking for a bouquet that looks like it was cut straight from a field of just bloomed florals, look no further than a garden-cut style bouquet. SBBlooms Bride; Joyce, styled the Cameron Bridal Bouquet (Garden-cut) with a stunning floral dress for her engagement shoot.

Shop garden-cut bouquets in the WrenStellaMillieShelbieBianca, and Cameron Collections.

Cascading Bridal Bouquet

Most popular during the 80’s and early 90’s, the cascading bouquet is truly making a comeback. The style is characterized by a waterfall effect. Florals are arranged asymmetrically, with a trail of florals protruding from the front, overall creating a romantic look.

SBBlooms Bride; Elsbeth, styled her wedding day look with the Kimpton Bridal Bouquet (Cascading) and the matching Kimpton Boutonniere for the groom.

Shop cascading bridal bouquets in our Kimpton Collection.

Something Borrowed Blooms has beautiful options for every kind of bride! Tell us, which bridal bouquet will you be carrying down the aisle on your special day? 

29 November, 2022

Create a Pinterest-Worthy Wedding

Re-create your most pinned wedding inspiration with premium silk florals

If wedding planning is in full swing, then chances are, so is the endless scrolling through Pinterest. As a newly engaged couple, you’re pinning everything that catches your eye in hopes of creating something special for your wedding day. Although this sounds like a fun time for most, the logistics and details behind these gorgeous pins can be a little overwhelming or cause some sticker shock! Lucky for you, our creative team at SBBlooms has the solution to both. We’ve created easy step-by-step recipes to recreate your most pinned wedding inspiration! And with our rent and return florals, you’re guaranteed to get the most bang for your buck.

Keep reading to be inspired by Pinterest's most-loved weddings.

Classic Neutrals

Green and white - A timeless and traditional wedding color palette that will never go out of style. Our SBBlooms Insiders know that our Jane, Olivia, and Taylor Collections stay true to this evergreen look.

Below, is a stunning wedding ceremony set up with fresh flowers by Reilly and Rose. Recreate this beautiful setup, or something similar, with pre-arranged Premium Silk Flowers. First, line the aisle with Grand Centerpieces and Pillar Candle Trios for ambiance. The ceremony space can be flanked with columns dressed in Jane Garland garland and greenery, like our Spiral Seeded eucalyptus garland. Creating a floral column is simple and can be achieved with a tomato cage as a frame. Start zip-tying the garlands from the top and work your way around and down the base of the cage. Add loose stems as filler in any gaps or create a wispy look with more movement and Voila! A completely Pinterest-worthy wedding space.

Moody Hues

The photo below is from a recent SBBlooms Bride that probably hasn’t hit your Pinterest feed. But, we know it’s on its way to becoming a must-have look for the Fall/Winter wedding season. Our Nina Collection was a perfect fit for this color-block look. Pairing the desert sunset-inspired florals with black bridesmaid dresses allowed the florals to really POP.

Ditch the traditional photography and let your personality shine through with these heart-shaped glasses from our friends at Birdy Grey for a fun and flirty photo opp!

Dramatic Color

If you're going for bright, bold, and eccentric colors then look no further than our Gemma Collection. We’re sure you’re seeing your fair share of bougainvillea wedding inspiration on your Pinterest feed and for a good reason. This gorgeous flower makes a huge impact anywhere it’s featured.

SBBlooms Bride; Morgan covered her chuppah completely in Gemma Garland and lined her aisles with the Gemma Aisle Markers. To complete the look, she carried the Gemma Bridal bouquet and added the Gemma Floral comb through her Hollywood waves for the finishing touch! 

If you’ve found your dream wedding inspiration on Pinterest, reach out to us at info@sbblooms.com and we can give you the best tips and tricks on how to have the look for less!

14 November, 2022

How to Incorporate Magnolias into your Wedding Flowers

Magnolias are making a comeback with the help of SBBlooms refreshed Shelbie Collection

It seems like Magnolias bring back vivid memories for so many. Maybe that’s because it’s an unmistakable flower or perhaps because they’re just so widespread and abundant in many areas. If Magnolias are something you want to incorporate into your wedding day for whatever reason, we’re here to share some inspiration to fuel your wedding planning!

Introducing The Shelbie Collection. Our sweet southern tradition gets a modern refresh with this fun retake on a classic floral selection. Styled with pops of orange to complement the natural golden hues and unexpected disco balls. We’ve reimagined the persona of this classic collection. She’s fun, bold and adventurous! Here’s how you can incorporate magnolias in your wedding day flowers and decor.

The Bridal Bouquet

Choose a chic and classic wedding bouquet composed of magnolias and complementary floral varieties, including beautiful open and closed magnolias, paired perfectly with white camellias and gardenias. Lush magnolia leaves with emerald and golden hues mixed with deep evergreen camellia leaves create the perfect greenery backdrop for this sophisticated white and green floral look.

Choose a look that best suits your style. A traditional round gathering or a statement garden-cut bouquet with an asymmetric shape and organic feel. Either bouquet highlights the natural beauty of the magnolia perfectly.

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Pair your maids with a scaled-down bouquet. Magnolias are known for being very delicate and browning easily, but not to worry with these premium silk flowers. They’ll look real and be picture-perfect all day and night long! In fact, silk is the only way to go when choosing to use Magnolia flowers for the wedding day.

We paired the Shelbie Bridesmaid bouquet and Shelbie posy with beautiful copper satin dresses from our friends at Revelry, to enhance the undertoned warmth of the lush magnolia leaves.


Creating gorgeous table arrangements for your wedding has never been easier with SBBlooms’ pre-arranged centerpieces and decor. What you see on our website is exactly what you can expect to receive upon your delivery! So, with each Shelbie centerpiece, your table will be full of gorgeous open magnolias, camellias, and gardenias. Opt for our scented paper at checkout and your guests will get a trace of the delicious gardenias!

We styled the various sizes of Shelbie centerpieces with wooden and iron candlesticks, real oranges, and disco balls for a bold flourish! Napkins, plates, and charges remained neutral in black and cream with jute textures, to allow the florals to take center stage.

Ceremony Install 

Everybody loves a dramatic wedding ceremony set-up. Fresh floral installs need to be completed hours in advance, and with delicate blooms such as magnolias and camellias, they’ll be past their prime once the nuptials start. With SBBlooms’ premium silk blooms, the ceremony space can be evolved in no time with our Shelbie garland, grand centerpieces, and aisle markers with the added benefit of remaining unbothered throughout the event. The best part? Everything can be re-used at the reception!

Want to recreate this stunning Magnolia install? Start by placing a Shelbie grand centerpiece on the ground and wrap the base of the centerpiece with a Shelbie garland. Next, place two more grand centerpieces in the middle of the mantle and start weaving four Shelbie garlands through the arrangements. Use a command hook to attach one side of the garland at a high point, while leaving the opposite side to hang freely off the side for an organic look. Add in Shelbie aisle markers and our magnolia garland to fill in spaces and finish the look by lining your aisles with our Shelbie aisle markers. 

Cake Decor

As a finishing touch, enhance your cake decor with gorgeous open magnolias and camellias for a cohesive look throughout the event. Before putting the stems in your cake, have your photographer capture beautiful flat-lay photos with your invitations and sentimental items to remember the day's details. When the night is over, keep the stems for years to come and hold memories close to your heart!

Tell us in the comments, are you loving Shelbies NEW look?

01 November, 2022

Molly and Jeff's Enchanting West Coast Fairytale

Something Borrowed Blooms’ Creative Director; Molly, shares all the floral details from her intimate wedding in Sonoma County

Hey there, Molly here! I’m the Creative Director for Something Borrowed Blooms and my partner Jeff and I got married this past August. To say our wedding was a dream come true, is an understatement. We said ‘I do’ at the most romantic, secluded, property in Santa Rosa, California; the Pythian House. We both imagined an intimate wedding outdoors filled with our closest family and friends and of course, gorgeous florals and decor to enhance the event. Thankfully with the help of SBBlooms, we were never worried about our wedding looking amazing!

Keep reading to learn all the details about our wedding!

My partner Jeff and I got engaged in September 2021 on our friend's sailboat off the coast of Long Beach, California. We started our planning journey by researching venues throughout central California because we both agreed the venue setting and mood were important to us. We had both imagined something outdoor, but couldn't see much further into the future so we thought a road trip to see my grandparents in Santa Rosa might help steer us in the right direction. We ended up choosing the Pythian House, an absolutely enchanting property nestled into a redwood grove, neighboring stunning Sonoma County vineyards. Thankfully with the help of SBBlooms, we were never worried about our florals or decor looking amazing!

With the added level of choosing a destination location, relying on SBBlooms was an easy choice. I loved having control over our vision at every step of the way and being able to make edits when we changed our minds. It also really helped manage my stress knowing exactly what we were getting, and that we could count on it arriving straight to our venue, ready to go. I knew we wanted to have a beautiful and dramatic floral moment for our ceremony but just couldn’t imagine spending a fortune on something so temporary. Choosing SBBlooms helped us allocate our budget so we could have a more special dining experience with our guests and that was priceless.

For the Rehearsal Dinner 

We had our rehearsal dinner on a stone terrace on the south side of our wedding venue property, the Friday evening before. We decided on a sweeping 40ft wooden farm table, trimmed with Olivia Garland and White Glass votives for added ambiance. We loved the soft color and olive elements that the Olivia collection featured and it complimented our location perfectly.

The Ceremony 

Our ceremony took place on the main lawn of the property in front of the grove of Redwood trees. The area is full of lush grass, ferns, flowers, and massive redwood trees so I wanted to choose a collection that felt almost native to the area but of course still personal to us. With blue being a big color in the whole affair, the Millie Collection felt like the natural choice. Fun fact, my husband Jeff is a photographer and shot our Bianca Collection campaign this year in Santa Barbara. Jeff was so impressed by the ground arch we built for the shoot that he actually requested we do something similar for our wedding.

While building my order I knew I wanted to elaborate slightly on the original arch, and perhaps open it and make it more organic, so I added some extra garland for added drama. I arrived at the venue the morning of the wedding, unpacked our pieces, and assembled our grounded arrangement in 15 minutes with the Grand Centerpieces and Garland. It was the most peaceful I felt the entire day. The big, gorgeous delphinium stems and textural lilac blew our guests away, and left them wondering what other magic we might have in store beyond this gorgeous illusion.  

The Reception

For our dinner reception, we wanted to highlight the three massive, gorgeous live-edge wooden tables built by the artist who owns the property. And because we selected family-style dining, we chose to cluster arrangements of fresh blooms in vignettes along each table. 

While producing an event in a destination, I like to do my best to source and support local artists and vendors. So Friday morning, we took a drive out to The Happy Dahlia Farm in Petaluma to find the gorgeous stems that filled the Modern Bud vases and built my Bridal bouquet. 

I found my dream dress as a final sample from french designer A La Robe on the floor of LOHO Bride Los Angeles. The turning point for my mom and I was when we added the incredible pleated tulle veil from Danielle Frankel. I paired it with a vintage heart-shaped pearl necklace from my grandmother and live floral earrings made by my best friend's mother Stacey. Who also lovingly made my fresh floral bouquet, boutonnieres, and corsages. Stacey taught me nearly everything I know about floral design, so it was really important to me to include her imagination. She finished my fresh stem bouquet with satin and velvet Honey Silks ribbons. We of course repurposed our Olivia garland from the rehearsal dinner to trim the stone dance floor and accent our polaroid guestbook table. The mixture of fresh and faux was so complimentary!

I’ve got to say, my favorite detail had to be our incredible cake by my dear friend Elias of Salty Queen Cakes who matched the color to our 1968 Porsche we drove from Long Beach, 1200+ miles for the occasion. A cake of such elegance required a dress change into this incredible Cult Gaia feather number I hunted down on Poshmark for a quarter of the price, dreams really do come true. 

We often get questions on the return process, so I wanted to leave you with a tip here as well. We scheduled a pickup with FedEx for the following business day, and all our flowers were picked up directly from the venue. It was seamless and the venue owners appreciated the convenience. I love that our florals from our special day will be refreshed and recycled for the next couple to enjoy just as much as we did!

23 October, 2022

Behind the Scenes of Nash Blast 2022

Premium silk flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms ‘wow’ guests at David’s Bridal event

Our team hit the road this fall to participate in the largest bachelorette party of all time - David’s Bridal’s First-Annual NashBlast. Hosted in Bachelorette capital of the world, Nashville, TN, the event took place at the Viralish House hosted by TV’s Kaitlyn Bristowe with an exclusive limited edition collaboration with DanielXDiamond.

When the David’s Bridal team reached out to us with interest in collaborating, we were immediately intrigued. We’re always open to showcasing our premium silk wedding flowers and the trip to Nashville was an added bonus. The team envisioned an over-the-top floral display to compliment their high-contrast color palette of black, white, silver, and hot pink. And we knew how to accomplish just that!

The Vision

Our creative director tackled the design project in such a fun way. She thoughtfully curated a combination of three complementary floral collections and introduced them separately into three phases of the party - The front entry, indoors, and outdoors space. As guests progressed throughout the party, she envisioned the florals mimicking the tone.

Featured collections included The Audrey Collection to welcome guests at the front entry with a clean and polished look. The Gemma Collection inside the party for a bold and impactful statement. And finally, The Kinsley Collection outdoors where the heart of the party took place for a fun and playful vibe.

The Front Entry


Audrey garland and centerpieces scoured the grand staircase approaching the mansion's double doors, which made for the perfect area to tie in a fun balloon arch! Our team started by placing Audrey Grand Centerpieces on each step. From there, they continued intertwining the lush and full Audrey garland throughout the centerpieces. Take a look at the complete install, isn’t she dreamy?


Upon entry, guests were welcomed with charcuterie and a plethora of hors d’oeuvres. The entire spread was accented with bright and bold bougainvillea from our Gemma Collection. But it didn’t stop there, Our Gemma collection was the main focal point for a selfie mirror as well. 

The installment started with our team attaching one Gemma garland to the bottom of the mirror with command hooks. They placed a Gemma grand centerpiece on the ground right next to the mirror. To create the waterfall look, our team connected garlands up the mirror and wrapped them around the base of the grand centerpieces. This resulted in a super fun selfie space for guests to capture beautiful photos.

Want to recreate this look? Check out our recent Instagram reel to learn how to recreate this look!


Spade & Sparrows, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s signature wine brand, as well as goodies from Dew Edit, her brand for hair scrunchies and accessories were displayed throughout the outside area. Of course, we added floral elements to make it fun and festive! The scrunchie display was accented with Kinsley garland draping down the sides for an added floral element.

Flanking each side of the bar with Kinsley Grand centerpiece made for an impactful burst of color. We added in our Pink Plume Sprays for some added texture and height. And who doesn’t love feathers!?

The Outcome

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the outcome. We may be a little biased, but we think the florals stole the show! Completing this install with fresh florals would have taken quite the budget - think like, tens of thousands of dollars! But with premium silk florals from Something Borrowed Blooms this over-the-top, Instagram-worthy floral display was affordable and easy to assemble. If you're looking for high-impact florals for a wedding or any event, look no further. This event is proof that Something Borrowed Blooms is the answer.


The SBBlooms Team

09 October, 2022

High School Sweethearts Tie the Knot with Stunning Silk Wedding Flowers

Brianna and Steven share all the details of their wedding flower experience with Something Borrowed Blooms.


True love always finds a way, and that’s especially true for friends turned lovers; Brianna and Steven! The couple celebrated their special day with family and friends along with their two beautiful children by their side. From the venue to the flowers, the day was everything Brianna wanted and more.

Keep reading to find out how SBBlooms Bride, Brianna, styled the wedding of her dreams using the bold and beautiful Gemma Collection.

Price, convenience, and sustainability were the most important factors in a wedding flower vendor for the couple. 

“We of course had a budget to stick to, but at the same time, I didn’t want to sacrifice the vision I had for the wedding, with florals being a huge part of it. I wanted affordability, beautiful flowers, and the ability to repurpose them from the ceremony to reception - all of which we got from SBBlooms.”

It's no secret fresh wedding flowers are a considerable expense. And unfortunately for couples planning during the wedding boom, the price increase driven by supply and demand can be too much to bear.

“I couldn’t imagine paying thousands of dollars for flowers that would inevitably die or be thrown out at the end of the night. It made sense to go with silk, and being able to rent them too was even better!  Additionally, I really wanted to line the ceremony aisle with flowers, and the only way I could do that affordably was with SBBlooms.”

With modern colorfulness in mind, the Gemma Collection was exactly what Brianna and Steven were looking for to create their wedding day vision. The Gemma Collection resembles the natural beauty of an Italian sunset with its warm gold and pink color palette. The collection features a beautiful mix of traditional florals and modern greenery including golden dutchess roses, trailing peach spray roses, cream English roses, along with lush bougainvillea, pittosporum, and magnolia leaves. 

“Although the more traditional, white bouquet is pretty, I wanted flowers that more uniquely represented me. The Gemma bridal bouquet made a statement but in such a naturally beautiful way. The warm gold and pink colors are the perfect combos for a modern and romantic wedding.” 

Bridesmaids used the Gemma Posies while the groomsmen sported the matching Gemma Boutonnieres, which accented the marigold bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen ties perfectly! 

We especially love how Brianna was able to repurpose flowers from the ceremony to the reception. Following the ceremony, the couple moved all Gemma garland and Grand Centerpieces to their sweetheart table and added classic candlesticks for an elevated look. Multi-purpose flowers pulling double duty is such a smart way to extend your floral budget.

Brianna also created the most adorable ring bear presentation. Jeremiah, the couple's 1-year-old son, was included in the wedding party procession as ring bearer in a floral adorned wagon accented with Olivia Garland.

Down to every detail, Brianna planned a beautiful and cohesive celebration of their love.

“Something Borrowed Blooms was amazing! The website was super user-friendly and the exclusive Facebook group so helpful during the planning process. The entire process from ordering to returning was as seamless as possible.”

Congratulations Briana and Steven! We’re so honored to have been a part of your special day!

22 September, 2022

Planning your Wedding Flowers Just Got Easier!

With Something Borrowed Blooms, you’re sure to have the best and easiest wedding flower experience.

Silk wedding flowers are having a moment, but have you ever wondered why? It’s because planning and paying for wedding flowers has never been easier with Something Borrowed Blooms. And with couples saving over 70% of the traditional cost of fresh flowers, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more and more couples make the switch to faux over fresh. Not to mention, all of the insider perks that go along with being an SBBlooms customer.

Keep reading to learn how to get the most out of your SBBlooms experience!

Getting Started

For many couples, getting started is the hardest part. But that’s ok because we have you covered. Begin with our Bloom Styler! After answering a few quick and simple questions, we’ll point you in the right direction and make floral suggestions based on your style and wedding size. We’ll even provide a perfectly curated shopping cart based on your specific needs, all you have to do is “Add to Cart”. It’s the modern-day “Easy Button” for wedding flowers. 

Customer Portal

With Something Borrowed Blooms’ customer portal, you’re in complete control of your order at all times, with the freedom and flexibility to add or edit your order in real time. Need to make changes at midnight, on a holiday, or over the weekend? No worries, you can manage your order 24/7 from anywhere.

Just be sure to make all your edits 30 days in advance. Within the 30-day window, we’re actively working on your order, so changes cannot be made from the customer portal. But of course, we like to be overachievers, so if you have a specific need reach out to us at info@sbblooms.com and we’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

SBBlooms Insiders

Our exclusive Facebook group; SBBlooms Insiders has over 5k past, future, and present SBBlooms couples. Which makes it the perfect place to share inspiration, ask questions, and see what our premium silk blooms look like IRL. The entire SBBlooms team is also in this group, eager to engage with all of our couples.

We’ll often do live videos to give our insiders first looks and share insider information such as flash sales and price changes, so join now

Live Styling Sessions

Need help visualizing your blooms on the big day? Our bloom stylists are here to help! Schedule a one-on-one virtual styling session to see our blooms up close and get professional styling advice.

What have you enjoyed the most out of your Something Borrowed Blooms experience? Tell us in the comments below.

11 September, 2022

Kelly & Hunters Dreamy Chapel Wedding

Wedding Flower Stylist, Kelly, shares her dream wedding along with all the floral details from Something Borrowed Blooms

Hello there, Kelly here! I wear many hats throughout the workday at Something Borrowed Blooms, but 1x1 floral styling is one of my favorite parts. If you’ve signed up for a Live Styling Session chances are we’ve met. I married the man of my dreams back in May at the cutest chapel in Louisiana, with our baby boy by our side. Day in and day out, I help couples with their wedding flower visions, but today I’m super excited to share mine with you.

Keep reading to learn how we pulled off the fairytale wedding of our dreams!

Hunter and I got engaged in December of 2020 and I placed my order for my wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms the very next day! I secured the items I knew I absolutely needed (Bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, and a couple of garlands). And I knew how easy it was to edit my order after placing it, so I didn’t hesitate to start my order immediately.

In the midst of planning our big elaborate wedding, we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were expecting. At this time all wedding plans were put on hold until our bundle of joy arrived. Luckily the floral terms were very flexible, so I was able to push our event date out to a year until we made our final decision on a date. After deciding on May 14th, 2022 I requested for my event date to be changed in the system and added additional items for our new plans all through my customer portal. It was that easy!

Yes, Something Borrowed Blooms was an obvious no-brainer for me!  Every day, I see firsthand how cost-effective, stress-free, and convenient it is to rent your wedding flowers, so how could I go any other way!? If you’re on the fence about renting your wedding flowers. Do a little research and you’ll quickly see why this is the most cost-effective and beautiful wedding flower choice on the market.

I chose to mix two collections together to create the flowers of my dreams - The Bianca and The Wren Collections. The Bianca Garden Cut Bridal Bouquet was the perfect choice for my personal flowers, but I loved everything in The Wren Collection for everything else. I also loved the idea of mixing collections because it felt unique to me.

The Ceremony

For our ceremony, we welcomed our guests with a sign accented with two Wren aisle markers outside of the chapel. We stacked multiple Wren garlands on the altar for an overflowing orchid install. We used two Wren grand centerpieces on tall stands and two on short stands to create a stunning focal point for the exchange of our vows. We scattered black iron candlesticks on the altar behind us for a touch of ambiance, which was just dreamy! These paired perfectly with the ornate gold candlesticks provided by the venue. I often hear brides going back and forth on mixing metals, but I say go for it! It creates dimension and looks intentional when done right.

The Reception

We moved the grand centerpieces over to the reception area after the ceremony. I love how the flowers can serve double duty - again helping to keep the overall cost down! The grand centerpieces were placed on both sides of our greenery wall with a ‘Cheers’ neon sign, right in front of the dance floor. Our family-style dining tables were decorated with centerpieces from the Wren and Bianca Collection. Mix-matched china from Pure Vintage Rentals gave that chic-vintage look I was going for. We moved the black iron candlesticks from the altar to the table and scattered them throughout with the sunburst votives. We also moved the Wren garlands from the ceremony around the cake table and the sweetheart table, where Hunter and I shared our first meal together as husband and wife.

SBBlooms Tip: If you don’t have a wedding coordinator, task an eager-to-help friend or family member to move decor from the ceremony space to the reception. 

I wanted a budget-friendly dress that I felt beautiful and comfortable in, especially since having our baby back in October. After endless scrolling, I found the dress of my dreams on Showpo.com! The ‘Put a Ring on it’ dress fit me like a glove and only a couple hundred dollars. I paired it with pearl drop earrings and a studded veil from Etsy for an elegant and classic look. The Bianca Bridal bouquet (garden-cut) was the perfect touch to complete my bridal look.

Using the Wren cake cluster and Honeysilk ribbon helped create those Pinterest-worthy detail shots! The welcome sign was moved to the entrance of the tent where our audio guest book from Ring-a-Ding was stationed. Using this fun alternative to a traditional guest book will forever be something we cherish! All of our friends and family got to leave us voicemails and they were so fun to listen to.

At the end of the night, the provided return checklist was used to ensure everything was accounted for and packed back up. It was simple and beautiful in every way. And now I can personally attest to the savings, convenience, and sustainability that Something Borrowed Blooms offers.

I hope you all enjoyed my wedding details as much as I love seeing your wedding dreams come to life. If we’ve met in a styling session or via customer service, drop a note below to say Hi! 

07 August, 2022

3 Trending Autumn & Winter Color Palettes

Top wedding flower and color combinations for the fall 2022 wedding season

A new wedding season is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited to kick it off with some Pinterest-worthy wedding looks! So much so, that we just released our newest lookbook to inspire our SBBlooms Bride’s dream weddings – Introducing the Autumn/Winter 2022 Lookbook. A collection of gorgeous wedding flower and color palette combinations to inspire your wedding planning.

Take a look at our top three wedding color palettes for Autumn and Winter 2022.

Green hues have been trending for some time now, but there is an underutilized shade of green that’s taking the focal point. Olive is here just in time for the most popular wedding season. Shades of merlot and ice pink compliment olive green and complete this alluring combination. 

Our Stella Collection is taking center stage with the NEW Stella Bridal Bouquet (Garden-cut). A stunning new bridal bouquet addition made entirely of wine and marsala peonies and ranunculus. Hints of eucalyptus create dimension as the shape creates beautiful movement. The longer-than-average stems truly create the ‘fresh from the garden’ look. Add in bright pink florals like our Gemma garland to add a dramatic pop of color.

View more Alluring Olive inspiration and tips to recreate here!

We’re absolutely SWOONING over this warm and rich color palette! Including, the color of the year – veri peri, a soft mauve, and rust. Create an unexpected combination by pairing the palette with the delicate and classic Wren Collection. Take it to the next level with a mix of velvet and satin for a luxurious aesthetic. 

View more Vintage Velvets inspiration and tips to recreate here!

A wild mix of eucalyptus accented with antique beige and creamy linen is what makes our Taylor Collection our most versatile look. Choose a neutral color palette and accent with greenery for a classic wedding look for any season. Add a little elegance to any bridal bouquet by wrapping the stems with a Honeysilk ribbon. A beautiful lightweight ribbon with a crepe matte texture on one side and soft satin on the other.

View more Elegant Eucalyptus inspiration and tips to recreate here

Tell us, what color palettes are you swooning over this season? Comment below. View our full Autumn/Winter lookbook here! For more inspiration, browse our floral collections, and follow us on Instagram for real wedding inspiration.

24 July, 2022