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Monday, May 31, 2021

Say YES to Silk Wedding Flowers

Top 3 Reason to go Faux 

When it comes to planning your special day, wedding flowers are usually a high priority on your to-do list. With this, you’ll be faced with options - Fresh or Faux, each with pros and cons. Fresh flowers are a timeless choice, but anything but cost-efficient. If you’re open to other alternatives for floral arrangements, we’re here to tell you premium silk is the way to go! There are so many benefits to renting premium silk florals with Something Borrowed Blooms.


The first thing to consider when choosing your wedding flowers is the cost. If you’ve begun researching and receiving quotes from fresh florists in your area, chances are the price point has caused your heart to skip a beat, and not in a good way! As much as we all love extravagant fresh floral installs and bouquets, the price of these arrangements may seem impossible to fit within your budget.

Something Borrowed Blooms saves couples over seventy percent of the traditional cost of real wedding flowers. To put this into perspective, if you go with a fresh florist, you’re looking at paying around $60-$65 for each bridesmaid bouquet. Depending on how many bridesmaids you have, that can cost you a pretty penny. You can RENT your bridesmaid bouquets for $32 each with SBBlooms. A real bridal bouquet will put you at around $175-$250, when you can rent a stunning premium silk bridal bouquet, for $65. Want to keep your bridal bouquet forever and ever? Purchase your bridal bouquet and receive it never before used, just for you!


Not only does Something Borrowed Blooms beat the price of fresh florals, we also prioritize sustainability as one of our core values. By renting your wedding flowers and decor products with SBBlooms you’re not only saving thousands of dollars, but you’re also reducing the carbon footprint on Mother Earth. 

Our reduce, reuse, and recycle business model allows us to repurpose and rent out floral arrangements a number of times before being recycled. With our wide variety of decor products such as lanterns, candlesticks, and decorative jugs, you don't have to worry about the aftermath of wondering what to do with one-time use decor after the wedding day. Use them for your event and send them right back to us for the next couple to use. We also source our packaging from SFI Certified suppliers. What does this mean exactly? Our boxes are corrugated, 100% recyclable, and also reduce greenhouse gas emissions. So you can be a budget-savvy and eco-friendly bride!


Let’s be real, the luxury of knowing exactly what you get is rarely achieved with fresh florists. You can provide countless inspirational photos but end up with something different on your wedding day due to supplier availability. Dodge that risk with silk flowers and know exactly what you’ll be walking down the aisle with - no surprises! With our user-friendly website, each product comes as it’s photographed. With 20 premium silk floral collections, you’re bound to find one that fits your wedding vision! 

Need help finding your wedding flowers? With our Blooms Styler quiz, you’ll be matched with the wedding flowers of your dreams by answering a few simple questions. The end of the quiz will curate an order of blooms ready to add to your cart. Need to make edits to your order? No problem! You can edit your order within your customer portal. If edits need to be made within 30 days of your event, please contact customer service for assistance.

We hope we’ve helped steer you in the right direction to make the best wedding floral decision for your special day. If you're still not convinced, see what our past SBBlooms Brides are saying about their rent and return experience. At Something Borrowed Blooms, we are passionate about making the wedding flower process easy, stress-free, and affordable for all of our wonderful couples.

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