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Monday, May 10, 2021

How to Find your Wedding Flower Style

Take the Bloom Styler quiz to find your dream wedding flowers in just 3 simple steps.

If you’re just starting to explore wedding flowers for your special day and you’re not sure where to start or you're feeling overwhelmed, you’re in the right place. We’ll walk you through the 4 most common styles to help identify your favorites style and then in just three simple steps we’ll match you to your dream wedding flowers. And not to worry, our suggestions will be affordable, stress-free, and easy, so look no further. 

With our newly launched Bloom Styler quiz, it’s never been easier to find the wedding flowers of your dreams! Answer a few simple questions about your wedding vision, and receive a personalized order ready to add to your cart. The first question may be the hardest - What is your wedding style? We know this question can be a little overwhelming, so keep reading to find out which aesthetic fits your vision best.


If you consider your style to be traditional, you’re probably drawn to round nosegay bouquets, white or lightly colored florals, and hints of lush greenery. Pair this combo with a gorgeous ball gown or simple crepe wedding dress and black tuxedos for the guys, and your fairy tale wedding is complete. 

Our favorite collections to feature with traditionally styled weddings are our Audrey, Jane, Sophia, and Charlotte collections. Each of these collections features white florals with some accents of lighter tones. One of our SBBlooms Brides even added her own light pink floral touches to the all-white Audrey Collection. We LOVE when brides get creative with our bouquets!

If classic and neutral best describes you, then you’re a traditional Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here. 


Modern weddings seem to be all the rage with our brides these days and we are HERE for it! Sleek, minimalistic, and contemporary are the perfect words to describe the vibe for this unique wedding style. If monochromatic color schemes and trendy decor elements are flooding your Pinterest wedding board, then you want anything but a traditional ceremony and reception. 

Our Gemma Bougainvillea is our most show-stopping Bridal bouquet, sure to make a statement while you walk down the aisle. Other collections such as our luxe Wren, Taylor, and Millie are our go-to modern wedding floral collections. Pair any of these collections with our new modern bud vases and single stem plumes for a true avant-garde feel. 

If you’re the trendy minimalist, then modern is your style! To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here.


No cathedral veil for you, a wide-brim hat, and a beautiful ivory lace gown is what’s singing your tune. You envision your bridesmaids with floral crowns or different styled dresses while your ceremony backdrop is draped with hanging macrame panels. Line your aisle with vintage oriental rugs and our rattan jugs filled with our gold monstera leaves for a free-spirited yet elegant look. 

Our top choices for bohemian weddings include our Nina, Kinsley, and Laurel collections. If you want natural elements to take center stage, we recommend going with our Laurel collection. A stunning wedding floral collection that features nothing but wild and free greenery. Looking for more color? Nina and Kinsley will not disappoint! Both collections include bright and bold color palettes with the Nina including pampas grass, a SBBlooms Bride favorite! 

If eclectic but natural best describes your taste, then you’re a Bohemian Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here. 


Rustic weddings are here to stay. We never grow tired of ceremonies held in beautifully restored barn venues. If you find yourself swooning over wooden farm tables and twinkling fairy lights, then a rustic-style wedding is what you aspire to achieve.

Our Olivia, Shelbie, and Stella collections pair beautifully with all of the natural elements that a rustic wedding entail. Our Olivia collection includes coral and white roses with hints of rosemary and olive branches. Our Shelbie collection features gorgeous magnolias and real-touch camellias, living up to her charming southern name. Last but certainly least, our Stella collection is a dark and moody color palette lightened up with shades of pale pink and grey to create a sensual, stunning look. 

If simple and romantic describe you, then you’re a Rustic Bride. To match your wedding vision to one of our 20 collections, take the Bloom Styler quiz here.

Once you’ve identified your style, you’re ready to be paired with the perfect floral collection of your dreams.  Head over to our Bloom Styler quiz to be matched with a collection that best suits your overall aesthetic.

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