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Monday, July 17, 2023

Breaking the Fresh Flower Wedding Tradition

Why Modern Couples are Renting their Wedding Flowers


Weddings are highly decorated events, often accented with lavish flowers and decorations. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a wedding celebration without flowers. As the costs of weddings continue to rise, we’ve seen a shift in behavior. Overall, more couples are looking for practical alternatives for the wedding date, saving both time and money. And that’s where rent and return wedding flowers come in.

Follow along as we explain why modern couples are choosing to rent their wedding flowers instead of following the traditional route of fresh.

Cost Savings:

Weddings can be expensive, and fresh flowers can take up a lot of your budget. That’s why many couples are looking for alternatives to fresh flowers, and maybe you should too! If fresh flowers aren’t high on the list of ‘must-haves’ for your wedding day, consider premium silk flowers, which will save you thousands of dollars in your overall budget. Take the savings to the bottom line or allocate to other areas in your wedding that are more important to you, like the dress, videographer, or your dream honeymoon!

An average wedding order with SBBlooms is around $500, compared to the national average of $3,000. That’s over 70% in savings!


Today’s couples also want the easiest wedding planning experience. With Something Borrowed Blooms, we make planning for your wedding flowers not only stress-free but fun! Join a community of over 6k past, future, and present brides in our exclusive Facebook group. There, you can sign up for a Live Styling Session to meet with one of our Blooms Stylists. Our trained bloom professionals are here to help you visualize your special day!

Placing an order for wedding flowers can be overwhelming, but we make it easy. Preview your exact florals online with peace of mind. Because our flowers are faux, we guarantee what you see is what you get, without the substitutions or unknowns associated with fresh flowers! Want to take it a step further? You can even preview our blooms in person before the wedding date by placing an order for a preview pack. With a preview pack, you can sample two arrangements for four days and receive $20 in rewards points to put towards your wedding order. Once you’ve fallen in love, add your wanted items to the cart and continue through the checkout process. You have the freedom to make edits to your order in your customer portal (Psst. you can’t do that with a fresh florist!).


Today’s couples are more conscious than ever about our planet and the way we care for it. This means they take into consideration every aspect of their wedding and how it affects our environment. For any couple keeping sustainability in mind, renting your wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms is the obvious choice!

We have over sixteen collections of beautiful silk wedding flowers that are recycled and refreshed after each use to ensure the highest quality. Flowers are passed on from one wedding to the next, providing one of the most sustainable wedding flower options on the market. And these eco-friendly florals also include many other benefits, including full price transparency; our prices are the same all year long, so you don’t have to pay a premium during holidays, and unlimited availability; our flowers are always in season no matter where or when you tie the knot!

So why are modern couples renting their wedding flowers? Because today's couple keeps cost-savings, convenience, and sustainability in mind when planning for the most important day of their lives. 

Tell us in the comments below, why you chose to rent your wedding flowers.

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