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Something Borrowed Blooms were fantastic! Simple ordering and shipping process. Customer service was a pleasure to work with. People could not believe these flowers were fake! They looked absolutely beautiful. I would recommend to any bride looking for beautiful flowers on a budget without sacrificing quality!

My florals were gorgeous. I loved everything about them. My husband decided to keep his bout, and they let us keep it free of charge! Returning is so easy! Your box comes with everything you need! The flowers even smelled incredible. Everyone was convinced they were real!

Absolutely loved going with SBBlooms for my bridal/bridesmaids bouquets! The process was very easy, and I got the flowers in plenty of time before the wedding! The flowers were beautiful - and lightly scented too! Would definitely recommend for someone who’s on a budget!

I loved the flowers from Something Borrowed Blooms that we used for our wedding! They were realistic and so much cheaper! I would highly recommend Something Borrowed Blooms to other brides looking for florals!

What an amazing company! The flowers were perfect, the shipping was on time, the customer service was amazing, all around a great company. If you’re concerned about the flowers looking fake don’t be, they look absolutely perfect!

I absolutely loved using something borrowed blooms for my wedding! I did not want to spend a ton of money on real flowers that would die shortly after the wedding. SBB was so easy to use and saved me so much money. Their flowers look so real and are just simply beautiful! I 100% recommend this alternative flower option!

I was so nervous to commit to renting. As a type A person, I like to be organized and get things together as early as possible. My order was delivered 3 days prior to my wedding and everything came in perfect condition and smelled AMAZING. Everyone was so impressed not only at the amount I saved by renting but the sheer quality! I can't recommend this company enough! Whether you are on a budget or , like us, want to be a little more eco-friendly, you will not be disappointed. Their customer service team is so helpful and their preview boxes were so helpful in trying to decide a style. We adored the Taylor Collection and can't wait to see the rest of our photos!

I absolutely LOVED my experience with SBB. They made everything so easy. We got so many compliments about the flowers. My bridesmaids wore cabernet dresses and they matched with the flowers so well!

All my guests thought the bouquets were real, that’s how amazing the quality is and for an affordable. Easy process to mail the bouquets back, customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I absolutely loved Something Borrowed Blooms. I was able to have everything I wanted on my budget. I could not have afforded everything I got if I had used real florals. All my quotes were above $3K. And what’s even better? No one could tell they were fake. They looked amazing in our photos and I wanted peonies so bad and was able to get that out of the Stella collection! Love this idea and this company!

This was the perfect option for us! I couldn't see spending all of that money on flowers for just one day. They looked great!

For fake flowers these are bomb! They photograph super well and were so pretty!

My bouquets looked amazing in person and in pictures. The few people who knew they were silk flowers, couldn't believe they weren't real! I used the Jane collection for bouquets and the Millie collection for centerpieces and garland to go down a long farm table. I would 10/10 recommend using SBBlooms for your wedding! Flowers looked amazing, it was so easy receiving them in the mail and dropping them back off at FedEx after the wedding, and they are so much more affordable than real flowers. If you're unsure, order a sample box and check them out!

Would highly recommend SBBlooms to any brides looking to save on their florals (and who want an eco-friendly alternative to single-use artificial flowers). They looked beautiful, smelled beautiful, were delivered at the perfect time, and were easy to return. So many people have complimented our flowers and are shocked when they hear that they were not fresh!

You can get BETTER-looking flowers for LESS money? And they're sustainable? To make it even better, the SBBlooms team is so responsive and helpful whenever you need to make changes or have a question, etc. I'd make the same decision a hundred times! The NINA collection was stunning, unique and so realistic. My photographer and coordinator couldn't believe it when I said they were silk!

I just couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on live flowers that would be tossed after the ceremony/day. I think these looked gorgeous and natural. Customer service was awesome. I had to reschedule multiple times due to COVID and they made it easy and were so understanding. I was able to easily add to my order when I realized I wanted to add garlands as well. Our wedding was in July, so the heat and potential wilting of real flowers was a concern. Also, the other weddings I was in that used real flowers, everyone ended up with weird wet spots on their dress from the flowers. No water here. Lastly, I loved that I was able to purchase my bouquet. It makes for a special and lovely keepsake.

This was one of the easiest and budget-friendly decisions for my wedding! If you are not picky about florals and want something that will photograph beautifully, choose SBBLooms! They are always coming out with new collections and they are designed with a modern eye! Thank you SBBlooms for your services and for modernizing the floral industry in an eco-friendly way!

I can’t tell you how much I loved these flowers and am SO happy I did not go with real flowers. A fraction of the price, no hassle, and so beautiful! Spend your money elsewhere and save here - you’ll get the same stunning pictures you’re wanting!

We used Something Borrowed Blooms, the Olivia Collection, for our wedding day this past April and could not have been happier! The flowers were packaged so well upon arrival and looked better than we could have hoped for. We used bouquets, garlands, centerpieces, aisle markers, and added in the cake clusters to help tie everything together. We had so many people who were shocked that the flowers were not real! I would highly recommend Something Borrowed Blooms to anyone planning their big day!

I cannot say enough good things about something borrowed blooms! We saved SO much money and the flowers looked real- they were also so much lighter than regular flowers allowing for a ton of pictures where I have them lifted up! We ordered the Jane collection and had a HUGE order. They were all in one medium/large box that was so easy to deliver to my destination wedding and were super easy to fed ex back!

Renting our florals/decor was one of the best decisions I made! The customer service is amazing, the quality is exceptional, and you can't beat the price compared to real florals. We got married in FL so the heat was a big worry with flowers wilting and that quickly faded when I decided on fake flowers. I did the preview to decide on the color I wanted, the only thing I did not like was the scent so I was able to request no scent for the florals for the actual wedding which was great. Receiving and sending the flowers back was also very easy. Thank you for an amazing experience!

SBBlooms provides a much-needed solution to modern brides. Their flowers are absolutely gorgeous and we got compliments all night! They look absolutely beautiful in person and I was so happy we went this direction. The best part is that it’s sustainable, and you’re not sacrificing anything in the process. Their prices are also unmatched, and their customer service is phenomenal. It was so easy to receive and send back as well! Highly recommend and will be telling all the future brides I know to use your services!

This was so easy & convenient! I’m so thankful I found SBBlooms instead of going to a local florist for the bouquets for my wedding. Saved me SO much money and I even got to buy my bouquet so I have it forever! These fake florals look BETTER than real flowers! Received so many compliments & would highly recommend them. The receiving and returning process were so easy as well.

I chose to go with the Gemma collection for my flowers and I could not have been happier about my choice! The quality of these flowers quite frankly blew me away. They looked so real and the potpourri paper that they come wrapped in made them smell like real flowers too! So beautiful and literally cost half of what I would have spent on real flowers for my big day. Ladies, if you are considering going a different route for your flowers, this is it!!

We used the Nina collection for our wedding and they turned out gorgeous!

I cannot say enough good things about this company! The florals were beautiful and everyone loved them! Using Something Borrowed Blooms is definitely one of the best decisions I made while wedding planning!

Absolutely LOVED my bridal bouquets from SBB! they smelled amazing and looked so real. we received so many compliments!! Mailing everything was so easy, they provide the labels, everything's neat in the box, and at half the price of any florist! I also had a little trouble ordering but their customer service was amazing and so helpful. This is the Jane collection. We also rented corsages & boutonnieres for our parents & they were beautiful as well. I would recommend to anyone!

I used Something Borrowed Blooms for my wedding in September and I could not recommend more! The process was so easy and the communication was outstanding. Because I was a COVID bride my plans changed a lot and SBB was with me every step of the way and so supportive. I got my bridal bouquet, my bridesmaid's bouquets, the boutonnières, the mother of the bride/mother of the groom's posies, and the dog collar! I used the Taylor collection and got so many beautiful compliments. The collection was simply gorgeous!

Something Borrowed Blooms was above and beyond what I expected. After reading the reviews, I knew this company was the real deal. I chose the Jane collection and the flowers were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Looked and smelled so real. Everyone was impressed and said how smart of an idea this was. Our photos turned out amazing and Something Borrowed Blooms played a big part in that. Thank you!

Something Borrowed Blooms is one of the luckiest finds of our wedding planning. We were looking at a lot of florists but we kept running into the same issues. Traditional florists were very expensive, the colors and selections were limited, and ultimately we had no guarantee of what our flowers would like the day of. We would be told, "the flowers will be similar to this", which isn't very reassuring when you're spending thousands of dollars. SBB, on the other hand, was amazing! We were complimented over and over about how beautiful our flowers looked. No one thought they were fake until we told them. Our photographs looked gorgeous with them. Would recommend them to anyone!

I absolutely loved the flowers I got for my wedding! They actually arrived earlier than expected which was great. It was very easy to get them ready for the big day and even easier to send them back. It took so much stress off my shoulders! I got so many compliments. I would recommend to anyone!

I am so glad I went with SBBlooms. They were helpful in the ordering process, timely, and all I had to do was drop the florals back in the box and take to FedEx. The flowers were beautiful and I am so glad I went with them!

For a simple bride like me these florals were just perfect! They arrived right on time. Everyone was so impressed with how full and beautiful the bouquets were. Absolutely perfect! Highly recommend if you don’t want to break the bank but also not skimp on quality and beauty.

I used Something Borrowed Blooms for both my elopement in May of 2020, and will use them again for our big reception May, 2021. The best decision I could have made! Changing up our order and changing dates due COVID was a breeze. Flowers photographed beautifully and I’m so excited to use them again. .

Greatest experience for my bridals and wedding day! I would, and do recommend sbb any chance I can. Not only do they look real, but they smell great and are easy to send back!

110% recommend this company. Just a month and half before my wedding I ordered 6 bouquets and they arrived a few days before the wedding. This is a stress free option, so convenient and easy and so much cheaper than buy from a florist! The bouquets were so beautiful and looked real!

I had second thoughts on my bouquets last minute about 3 weeks before my wedding. Something Borrowed came through for me! They were so beautiful. Easy to return. Couldn’t have asked for more!

STELLA took the spotlight for our March 27th wedding! I don't even know where to begin! Through my 1,000,000 questions, 5,000 changes in my order, and 3 postponements of our wedding, the SBB team was there and so insanely supportive every single step of the way (probably more so than some of my family)! And the flowers! OMG THE FLOWERS! They were everything I had hoped and then some! We used the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets, boutonnieres, posies, garlands, centerpieces, wreaths and aisle markers and I'm probably missing some other pieces! Everything arrived on time and looked amazing! Everyone was very impressed!

Received our photos from our Valentine's Day wedding. We used almost everything from the Gemma collection. It's really stunning in person and in photos. The Customer Service is fantastic and the boxed florals are packaged so nicely. We gave our garlands to the rental company in advance so they can zip tie them to the arch and they commented that they were really impressed that there was a sustainable company like this considering how much floral waste is in the wedding industry. I think for my petite frame I would have preferred the bridesmaid size bouquet over the bridal but that would have been my only change. I know most brides prefer the soft white bouquets but if you are a bride seeking something bold or colorful you cant go wrong with the Gemma.

I loved the entire experience with Something Borrowed Blooms! I changed my mind after my initial order as to what collection I wanted to use, and even expanded my order SEVERAL times, and they were always highly responsive to every single inquiry and change. I got exactly the look I wanted for a fraction of what I would have paid a florist, and I did all the decorating myself the day before my wedding (and didn't have to worry about anything wilting or being out of place the next day). The return process was exceptionally easy, I just dropped off the FedEx boxes at the Walgreens drop-off location around the corner from my house. Cannot recommend SBB highly enough -- best decision I made (aside from saying yes to my lovely husband)!

This hands down was one of the easiest vendors I booked for my wedding. The flowers turned out so beautiful and looked very real! We got so many compliments on them and it was much easier on the budget. I would order these again 1000 times over!! The customer service was also amazing. Thank you SBBlooms!!

Something borrowed blooms was the best decision. It was a fraction of the cost of real flowers and they look unbelievably real! For 5 bouquets, 10 boutonnieres, and 4 corsages it was less than $300!

I absolutely loved Something Borrowed Blooms! The flowers were perfect for my wedding and affordable! I loved that there were numerous collections to choose from, but I fell in love with the Cameron Collection! I loved everything about the flowers for myself, my bridesmaids, flower girls, and the guys! They were stunning in person! The customer service was amazing! They answered all of my questions & helped to make the process super easy! I definitely recommend them to any bride in need of amazing flowers, without spending a lot of money! They photographed well!!

Couldn't be happier! Something borrowed blooms far exceeded my expectations! The flowers looked (and smelled) gorgeous and I got so many compliments on them. They arrived early, and the whole process of ordering / returning was seamless. I highly recommend SBBlooms to anyone who wants high quality bouquets at a fraction of the price of real flowers.

SBBlooms was so amazing! We got the "Olivia" collection and the flowers were so lifelike, people were shocked when I told them they weren't real. They even smelled real! We had nine bridesmaids, nine groomsmen, parents/grandparents, plus ourselves and got all of our gorgeous flowers for less than $700. Customer service was awesome too! Run, don't walk to SBB! They are incredible!

I love telling everyone about Something Borrowed Blooms, and that I rented flowers for my entire bridal party and immediate family. I always get this look of confusion. Everyone was in awe how beautiful the flowers looked and smelled. People were shocked when they saw the photos and how amazing they looked. I highly recommend SBBlooms because the value is incredible, and they make the return process so easy. Most bridal bouquets cost $300+. I spent around the same amount for our entire bridal party and both sets of parents. You also get a complimentary toss bouquet if you rent their bridal one. I decided to keep the toss bouquet for myself because it was so pretty.

These flowers were perfect! No worries about flowers weeping, when to fit in pick up/ delivery, and you can rent a sample bouquet so you know exactly what to expect. I used the Jane collection, but they offer a collection for your style. Everyone loved these flowers, couldn't even tell they weren't real! The team was also very flexible- my wedding was on a holiday on a Wednesday, they were willing to ship out my flowers the Friday before because I was leaving that weekend for the destination. They were also willing to ship to my hotel. We used the boutonnieres, bridal bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, and mother corsage. Everything went so smoothly I would recommend these to anyone. Thanks, SBBlooms!!

My order was arriving later than originally expected, and SBBlooms was on the phone with FedEx multiple times working to find a solution. I ending up getting my flowers in plenty of time thanks to their attentiveness to my problem. The flowers were beautiful and nobody could tell they were fake!

Beautiful flowers, and such an easy process! I love that I could choose to keep my bridal bouquet forever. They smelled nice and were high quality. You couldn't tell they weren't real. My wedding was on a hot August day, and we didn't need to worry about wilting or keeping them in water. We made a great choice with something borrowed blooms!

Two of the greatest decisions ever: no uniform bridesmaid dresses and RENTING our spectacular flowers!

I can't say thank you enough!!! Brides-if you're looking for a way to cut costs on wedding flowers, do yourself a favor and rent them from SBB!!! Everyone at my wedding thought they were real!! They photographed so beautifully!! The entire team is so professional, emailed me back quickly when I needed help, even put up with me as I was constantly changing my mind about what I needed!! Such a sweet team!! Easiest/best decision I made for the wedding was renting the flowers!! Half the price, came in the mail exactly when they said, completely easy sending/receiving the flowers. Thank you, thank you!!!

I could not see myself spending this outrageous amount on flowers for my wedding. And I'm so glad I didn't. When I found SBB, I fell in love. They are beautiful, great for the budget, and SO easy. The Jane collection was exactly what I was looking for. The customer service was amazing also. SBB is hands down, the best way to go!

If you're reading this and not sure about renting your flowers, DO IT NOW! Something Borrowed Blooms was one of my best planning decisions for our wedding and I couldn't be happier. First, the customer service is unmatched in the responsiveness and willingness to help, change, add, etc. Second, the concept is genius! Obviously, flowers add so much to wedding decor, but it was not where I wanted to spend a huge chunk of my budget - enter SBB! It was the best solution. Our flowers were beautiful and even after telling a few people at the wedding the were silk, my guests couldn't believe it. The process was so simple and easy and I would make the same decision to use SBB. Thank you for providing this alternative option to brides and for being so amazing to work with!

Stunning and stress-free aren't words you hear too often in the wedding world, but Something Borrowed Blooms definitely fits that bill. I cannot recommend this company enough. Their customer service is top notch and their bouquets are stunning. Make them part of your day! You won't regret it!

SBB was the best decision I could have made! The owners are very easy to talk with and are willing to answer all your questions! It made this part of wedding planning very stress free! I LOVED our flowers and couldn't believe how real they looked! I will definitely recommend to any future brides! Thank You!

I had such a wonderful experience working with Something Borrowed Blooms! The flowers photographed beautifully and I received SO many compliments on the day of my wedding. It is so reassuring to be able to see exactly what your flowers will look like before you receive them. You don't get the guessing or disappointment that comes along with showing your florist a Pinterest picture and being underwhelmed. No surprises--except pleasant ones--with SBB! If you have any reservations, don't hesitate to contact the SBB team. They are so incredibly helpful and will calm any fears that come along with receiving flowers only 2-3 days before one of the most important days of your life! I cannot recommend SBB enough!

I was skeptical about the idea of renting flowers for my wedding day, but Something Borrowed seriously exceeded my expectations! Starting from my first phone call, Something Borrowed was incredibly helpful, kind, and professional. They answered all my questions and concerns. My flowers arrived early, as promised and looked absolutely beautiful. They look perfect in my wedding photos and sending them back couldn't have been easier. Best of all, I didn't have to spend a fortune on flowers for my wedding! I was actually WAY UNDER budget! What a great and innovative business this is, I highly recommend them. Something Borrowed did not let me down and I am so glad I used them.

I wish I could give them more than 5 stars!!!!! I used SBB for all my floral needs for my November wedding. They promptly answered my emails and questions and fulfilled every wish I had for my arrangements. Seriously, why pay oodles and oodles of money for flowers that you'll never see again when you can RENT your silk flowers for such an affordable cost! I cannot say enough good things about this company.

This was the best find for flowers! I wasn't sold on spending a ton of money on flowers because you couldn't keep them after the wedding. I used Something Borrowed Blooms only for the bridal party bouquets and boutonnieres, but I wish I had used them for the centerpieces and other decor as well! I highly recommend going this route. I got so many compliments on my flowers!

Working with Something Borrowed Blooms was simple and fantastic! I was one of the first customers from Canada and Lauren was quick to respond to any questions I had and worked with me to ensure everything would be delivered perfectly and on time for my wedding. The flowers were absolutely beautiful and, as someone who didn't want any surprises the day of, I loved having the option to have flowers I knew wouldn't die or fall apart on the big day but that also didn't cost as much as other faux bouquets from Etsy, etc. We received a ton of compliments from guests and I would absolutely recommend Something Borrowed Blooms to anyone looking for an alternative to fresh flowers.

Working with Something Borrowed Blooms was a hassle free and wonderful experience! There were a couple times I had questions and emailed Lauren. She responded within the same day within a short amount of time. They were more than accommodating. Their new line‚ Jane had just come out but was advertised to be ready after my wedding date. I emailed Lauren and they were able to accommodate Jane in time for my wedding! I also wanted to make a change to my order a couple weeks before the wedding. They were able to accommodate that too with no questions asked! What a wonderful, easy experience. What's better than affordable flowers that look beautiful and real!

My florist fell through a week before my wedding. Luckily, I saw an ad for Something Borrowed Blooms on Instagram. Thanks to them I had flowers that looked amazing and they made the process super simple!

I recently used Something Borrowed Blooms for my wedding and I was very happy with the flowers. The flowers look very real and very pretty.

What an awesome business and great idea! I chose the Olivia collection for my wedding and it was gorgeous! I would recommend SBB to any bride who is looking for beautiful flowers and a great company to work with.

I got so many compliments on my wedding flowers and bouquets. Very affordable and convenient.

I absolutely recommend using Something Borrowed Blooms. The flowers themselves are gorgeous and look shockingly real. There are so many on-trend designs to choose from I almost couldn't choose a collection for my wedding. And the rumors are true - they smell fabulous. I got so many compliments on my flowers and literally no one knew they weren't real if that's something you're worried about. I couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars on something that would literally get thrown away right after the wedding. I'm so glad Something Borrowed Blooms was available to me. Lauren was an absolute dream to work with from the time I ordered my sample to after the wedding. She put up with my 1000 emails and was so happy and supportive every time I spoke with her. She even called me to ask which card I wanted charged before the wedding - which I just thought was really thoughtful when there's money flying every which way out of your account in the days leading up the wedding. In short, if you're on the fence - do it. SBB is a fabulous team with a fabulous product!

I had such a great experience with Something Borrowed Blooms. The flowers are beautiful, they even smell really nice and are worth it for the price paid. I was originally thinking about real flowers but it's so expensive and the flowers and arrangements I picked from Something Borrowed Blooms made it easy, affordable and effortless. Thank you so much for your help and always responding quickly to emails and phone calls.

Thanks for the amazing flowers! We loved them and they were SO easy! Also, everyone thought they were real and asked who our florist was!

Absolutely the best thing I did for our wedding. The flowers were beautiful and guests at the wedding were shocked when they found out they were not real. I recommend going this route to any bride who is looking to have beautiful flowers and no stress.

Absolutely would use over and over again!! So easy to work with! I am so glad I choose y'all! Thank you again for being so wonderful! You cannot go wrong with Something Borrowed Blooms! The flowers were beautiful and smelled so good! Packaged beautifully!

Something Borrowed Blooms is seriously the greatest thing ever! The flowers look amazing, they make it so easy for you to receive them and ship them back, and the prices are even better. We had so many compliments on our flowers this past weekend, and they smell so good! I tell everyone I know about Something Borrowed Blooms!

We had a great experience with SBB this past October for our wedding! They photographed beautifully and even smelled amazing when you open the box. Working with the team with any questions we had was so easy and responses were very quick and friendly.Mary

Using SBB helped me cut costs on flowers without sacrificing style! Flowers looked awesome! Super easy process for delivery and returns! I picked the Charlotte collection and couldn't have been happier!

I had the absolute best experience with Something Borrowed Blooms! This company really cares about their brides and wants to make sure their day is perfect!! Would definitely recommend to brides looking to save some $$ or just brides who want to take an easier route for flowers.

I got married on April 1, 2017. I didn't want to spend a fortune on flowers but I also wanted my wedding to look beautiful. Something borrowed blooms was not only financially reasonable but the product quality was above and beyond my expectations. Everyone was raving about how gorgeous my flowers were. Thank you!

I cannot thank Something Borrowed Blooms enough! My flowers were gorgeous! I got so many compliments. Some people even had no idea that the flowers were not real! The process was so simple and the customer service was great! I highly recommend this to any bride who is torn on what to do about their wedding flowers! Thank you again!

I rented my wedding flowers through SBB and it was one of the best decisions I made in planning! No issues with waiting for them to open up, or needing to store them in the fridge, and if I needed to set my bouquet down for photos, I wasn't worried about a stem breaking. Absolutely NO ONE could tell they were fake, including our photographers. Sending them back was super easy as well, though I do recommend asking a family member/your DOC to be in charge of collecting them before the party gets too crazy. Also worth mentioning, there was an issue with my package being addressed to an incorrect street name, and Lauren picked up my call and fixed the issue within an hour, if not even faster. I can't recommend this company enough!

Something Borrowed Blooms was by far one of the best decisions we made while planning for our wedding. The flowers were stunning and everyone thought they were real! I had dozens of compliments on them & the centerpieces were perfect. So happy with our decision!

Again, thank you so much for the beautiful flower arrangements! Flowers were the thing I put off last on my list because I didn't want to spend the money for real flower arrangements, I was so lucky I found your site! It was just what I needed, was super simple, and was cost effective! Thank you for providing this service!!

Probably one of the smartest and easiest decisions I made while wedding planning was renting my flowers from this company. She has an option for local pickup so I didn't have to pay for shipping charges and the flowers were very reasonably priced compared to spending a fortune on real flowers. I ordered the Stella bouquets for me and my bridesmaids and they were breathtakingly beautiful. 100% recommend to any bride.

This was a God-send! We used the garlands from SBB along with lanterns as centerpieces and to decorate mantels and lighting fixtures at our wedding in Malvern, PA. I also got boutonnieres for my groom and the groomsmen, as well as bouquets for myself and my bridesmaids from SBB. Flowers can be SOOO expensive and they only last for a few hours. I was shocked at how expensive flowers were and I did not want to blow my budget on something that would only be used for a few hours but I still wanted to have beautiful flowers and decor. SBB made it so easy because you can mix and match and get exactly what you want and need! I got white bouquets for my bridesmaids and a burgundy one for myself which looked great with my white dress and their burgundy dresses. No one could tell that the flowers weren't real. Not to mention how great it was to not have to worry about whether or not I would get flowers that were brown or wilted. Do yourself a favor and save yourself time, money and stress by getting your flowers from SBB It is so easy and you will not regret it. I have gorgeous pictures to prove it!

I can't say enough great things about this company. Renting my wedding flowers was the best decision I made while planning my wedding. The team at SBB are wonderful to work with and made the whole process so easy. They shipped everything right to the venue and you just pack it up and send it back. We loved that they had whole collections so everything from the bouquets to the centerpieces matched perfectly. Do yourself a favor and rent from SBB!

Using Something Borrowed Blooms for my wedding flowers was easily the best decision I made! So budget friendly and the flowers were absolutely beautiful. All of the staff at SBB were super helpful and easy to work with! So happy I decided to use this company for my big day!

They were perfect, I'm glad I went with Something Borrowed Blooms!

I can't say it enough: RENT YOUR FLOWERS. They had the exact look I wanted and had I gone with real flowers it would have cost me thousands! They looked beautiful and felt real and even SMELLED good. I had people in the wedding not even realize they were fake. Everyone I came in contact with at the company and all their personal touches throughout the process was so sweet and helpful. I was able to add and remove items right before the wedding. I loved that it was a local company that started right here in Louisiana but I'm telling you, this is going to be HUGE. Why wouldn't you just rent your flowers?! The process was SO convenient and they do a great job educating you about how to best use the service. But one thing I will say: Listen to the tips they send you! I wish I had had the guys give their boutonnieres to a designated person before the night got too wild like SBB suggested. It was the last thing on my mind and I spent the next day rounding them up off of strewn-about suit jackets! But even then, their replacement policy for lost flowers was super reasonable and STILL cheaper then doing real ones! One of the best wedding decisions I made and the easiest way to save some money in your budget.

For my wedding, I decided to save some money and "borrow" my flower arrangements and bouquets. I'll admit I was a little hesitant at first, but the team at Something Borrowed Blooms was very quick to respond to my request and any questions I had. The process was super easy, they send you an invoice and you pay online. The quality and recommendations they provided for my wedding flowers turned out so amazing! They notified me once the flowers had shipped and once they arrived. When my mom opened the box she literally starting crying, because they were so beautiful. They even smelled real! The flowers come perfectly packaged with return shipping labels to send back so you don't have to worry about shipping fees, etc. If you are a bride on a budget, and are looking for gorgeous flowers for your wedding - you can't beat Something Borrowed Blooms quality and price. I would highly recommend contacting them!

Something Borrowed Blooms is an awesome concept for weddings. Taking care of my wedding flowers was literally done a month before my wedding. I was in between using a florist and making all the arrangements myself. Then I found out about them through a friend who was just in a wedding that had flowers by Something Borrowed Blooms. She has amazing taste so I trusted her referral. I was even more pleased when I saw their collections online. My wedding flower budget was cut in half and the stress of picking flowers and arrangements was gone. They came out looking beautiful in my pictures and they were exactly what I had in mind for what I wanted my flowers to look like! They were so accommodating so close to my wedding day, I wish I had found out about them sooner!