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I absolutely recommend using Something Borrowed Blooms. The flowers themselves are gorgeous and look shockingly real. There are so many on-trend designs to choose from I almost couldn't choose a collection for my wedding. And the rumors are true - they smell fabulous. I got so many compliments on my flowers and literally no one knew they weren't real if that's something you're worried about. I couldn't justify spending thousands of dollars on something that would literally get thrown away right after the wedding. I'm so glad Something Borrowed Blooms was available to me. Lauren was an absolute dream to work with from the time I ordered my sample to after the wedding. She put up with my 1000 emails and was so happy and supportive every time I spoke with her. She even called me to ask which card I wanted charged before the wedding - which I just thought was really thoughtful when there's money flying every which way out of your account in the days leading up the wedding. In short, if you're on the fence - do it. SBB is a fabulous team with a fabulous product!

August 27, 2018

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