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"You know how much we love beautiful blooms around here. (Hands forever raised!) But you know what we love even more? When you can pull off the look *and* save thousands of dollars in your wedding budget. Right?!? That’s the idea behind Something Borrowed Blooms, an online floral boutique offering a rent + return service for beautiful wedding flowers. "
Rent and return your wedding flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms + giveaway
100 Layer Cake - April 16, 2019
"Our guest on this episode of Discover Lafayette is Lauren Bercier, co-founder and CEO of Something Borrowed Blooms, a rent and return floral boutique in Upper Lafayette located at 102 Max Drive. Created with her cousin and co-founder Laken Swan in 2015, Something Borrowed Blooms’ design team creates wedding flower collections using premium silk flowers."
Lauren Bercier of Something Borrowed Blooms Providing Stress-Free, Cost Effective Floral Options for Today’s Bride
Discover Lafayette - April 12, 2019
"We’re always on the lookout for movers, shakers, and rule-breakers in the wedding world, so it’s no surprise that we were immediately obsessed upon discovering Something Borrowed Blooms. The first Rent and Return Floral Boutique of its kind, Something Borrowed Blooms is here to help you balance wanting beautiful flowers on your wedding day with not breaking the bank in the process. Something Borrowed Blooms provides an alternative to traditional wedding flowers (and traditional wedding flower prices) with gorgeous silk flowers. At a fraction of the cost you’d spend on fresh blooms for your day, you can receive the highest quality silk floral arrangements with just a few clicks."
Something Borrowed Blooms is Changing the Wedding Flower Game with Gorgeous Silk Flowers for Rent
Junebug Weddings - September 05, 2018
"Your wedding flowers comprise a large chunk of your budget, which is why many modern couples are turning towards a faux alternative. Lauren Bercier and Laken Swan, co-founders of Something Borrowed Blooms, are catering to these duos by offering up high-quality, on-trend silk florals (like peonies!) that fall within your budget. "
Experts Weigh In on Your Most-Pressing Wedding Planning Dilemmas
Martha Stewart Weddings - July 17, 2018
"If silk flowers haven’t come up in your wedding planning discussions yet, don’t worry. We hadn’t considered them either until we were introduced to Something Borrowed Blooms, but it’s safe to say we’re completely obsessed! Bringing the Rent the Runway model of the quality you love for a fraction of the price to the wedding industry, Something Borrowed Blooms provides couples with an alternative to expensive wedding florals – and your budget isn’t the only thing that’s going to be happy about it! "
3 Reasons You Should Consider Silk Flowers for Your Wedding
Junebug Weddings - July 24, 2018
"I worked with Something Borrowed Blooms, a company that rents silk flowers, and it was the best decision I made the entire wedding. Every quote I got from a florist made me break out in hives, so having an alternative that was affordable and just as beautiful was more than I could have asked for."
(Real, True) Wedding Planning Advice From Everybody’s Instagram BFF, Jessie Kuruc
Beaumade - June 28, 2018
"Something Borrowed Blooms has been chosen as Startup of the Year by Junior Achievement of Acadiana 21st Business Hall of Fame."
Something Borrowed Blooms, Junior Achievement's 2018 Start Up of the Year
Daily Advertiser - April 30, 2018
"It sounds crazy, but look into renting silk flowers (seriously). As a bride, you are able to get the expensive peonies, delicate ranunculus, anemones that are out of season, and the ever impossible to find magnolia at a fraction of the cost. One site to try is Something Borrowed Blooms, which hand selects high-quality silk flowers based on wedding trends and delivers them right to your doorstep."
7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Eco-Friendly
PopSugar. - April 05, 2018
"We understand that the decision to get married comes with a hefty price tag. Flowers for your wedding can be one of the most expensive items on your list. According to a survey conducted by in 2017, the national average cost of a wedding is now $33,391, and that doesn't include your honeymoon! Many couples are looking for ways to save money and we've found the perfect way to save on your wedding flowers, which is often a pricey item which the survey suggests can run you over $2,000! Introducing Something Borrowed Blooms, which offers premium silk wedding flowers for a fraction of the cost of a traditional florist, while offering the convenience of being able to select, order and pay for your flowers straight from your mobile device. "
Rent Your Wedding Flowers with Something Borrowed Blooms
Black Bride - March 01, 2018
"With business growing and about to make a global leap, Bercier and Swan are glad they had the confidence to make that trip to New York that put them in motion with their own business."
HHS Grads’ Unique Flower Business Goes International
St. Charles Herald Guide - March 05, 2018
""Brides (or their family) spent an average of $2,534 on flowers. So, how do you get “Wow”-factor flowers without spending crazy money? A two-woman company in Lafayette is offering a unique solution to keep wedding flower costs low and still offering elegant arrangements that is capturing the attention of women across the country.""
Saying "I Do" To Silk Flowers
Acadiana LifeStyle - February 09, 2018
"Something Borrowed Blooms offers brides a different option for florals through high quality silks. They seek out flowers and design collections that follow the trends and have them delivered all across the country."
Something Borrowed Blooms: Growing a Product-Based Business
Mistakes Make Magic - December 26, 2017
"Silk flowers?! Need we say more about the Something Borrowed Blooms booth!"
NYC Tassels and Tastemakers Event
Loverly - January 09, 2018
"Can you believe these flowers are silk? We were in love with Something Borrowed Blooms booth!"
NYC Tassels & Tastemakers Event
Inspired By This - November 10, 2017
"Fall is all about moody, unexpected floral arrangements. Something Borrowed Blooms, a premium silk-flower Rent & Return floral boutique, mixed deep hues, soft pale colors and textured succulents like red hen to create an interesting and unexpected centerpiece."
Details Your Fall Wedding *NEEDS* - October 31, 2017
" We especially love using dark, moody succulents like red hen and chicks to add interest through texture."—Lauren and Laken, Something Borrowed Blooms."
8 Chic Fall Floral Trends to Inspire Your Wedding Centerpieces - October 11, 2017
" Then, during some late night Facebook binge, I saw a post in a wedding group about something called Something Borrowed Blooms where you RENT your wedding flowers. I went through their website and fell in love. IN. LOVE."
My Wedding Secret Weapon! - August 03, 2017
As Featured On Martha Stewart Weddings - July 17, 2018
WeddingWire Couples' Choice Award - January 10, 2018
As Seen on The - January 01, 2018
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